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Animation Services

Experience the real power of animation with us. We tell great stories, simplify your business messaging and inspire your audience through captivating animated solutions.

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Video Animation Services

Video Animation Production Services & BuzzFlick

Animation encompasses the incredible power to tap into a wider audience due to its universally visual nature and BuzzFlick is all set to deliver beautiful and outstanding video animation services to all the marketers who are looking for a new and interactive way to communicate with their audience.

We are a one-stop-shop video animation service provider with 7 years of experience under our belt. Our prime focus is to produce customized animations and carves them in a way that brings the desired results.

Whether you need a 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, or an explainer – we make use of all the latest tools and techniques and employ advanced strategies to deliver a final product that allows you to stand out in the crowded digital market.

Video Animation Projects, Done Right!

Types of Animation Services We Offer at BuzzFlick

As top-tier animation services providers, our goal is to produce animated videos that empower your brands and tell great stories about your business.

Our team of animators creates animations that simplify complex ideas, concepts, and messages and help you connect and communicate with your prospects and clients in a whole new way.

Here are some video animation production services we offer:

Additional Animation Services We Provide

Apart from 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, and Whiteboard animation, we also offer a handful of other animation services, these are some of them:

Rotoscoping Services

Our animators ensure to delivery of highly engaging and striking videos. As a video animation production company use provide rotoscoping animation services that takes your cinematography to next level.

Character Animation

To provide uncompromising quality services with short turnaround times, our skilled animators carry out the character animation process in a methodical way.

Frame by Frame

BuzzFlick uses its outstanding artistic abilities to produce an animation that is frame-by-frame. We animate one frame at a time and combine it all together with the right fluidity.

Architectural Animation Services

To assist our architects, realtors, and property developers present their architecture in the best possible way, we build cutting-edge, interactive 2D and 3D animations.

Product Animation Services

In search of a 3D product animation services provider to promote your products in a compelling way? We provide you with high-caliber product animations to assist you in doing that.

3D Animation Rendering Services

Our 3D animation rendering services are extremely effective and precise. We support both individuals and businesses in bringing their models and animations to life.

Our Transparent Video Animation Process

Maybe you just took a plunge, or maybe be thinking about starting a video project, and are wondering, “what will happen at each stage of the project?” Here’s a detailed overview of our video animation process that we have prepared to give a better understanding of how it works and what to expect at each stage.

Here’s how an animated video comes together at BuzzFlick:


We welcome projects with or without a script and write them to reflect all of your objectives. Our scriptwriters gather your raw ideas and create a narration that not just delivers the message properly but also helps them to connect with it.


Once we have the script, we begin with storyboarding to define how the story will unfold scene by scene for better and clear visualization.


The Animator draws the art and illustrates it according to the scene and story. After a detailed illustration of the assets, we begin the animation and bring your ideas to life.


We believe in delivering your message in an effective way that hooks your audience. From the humorous to the dramatic, our voiceover artist recites the script in a manner that evokes the emotion of the audience and helps to connect with the message.

Sound DesignSound Design

Sound is the main element of a video. We offer you licensed soundtracks to choose from or compose them separately to match the vibe of your video. We also apply sound effects to the finalized track.


We compile the audio and video together and send them to the post-production phase for final touch-ups and polishing.


After the completion of the project, we deliver the video to you in HD 1080p MOV or MP4 format file that is ready to download and all set to be uploaded.

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Technologies We Use

Unlock the True Potential of Our Animation Services

BuzzFlick is a video animation company that has a bevy of accomplished creators who are engaged with our mission to do something exceptional out of the ordinary.

An as expansive outsourcing animation services provider, we aim to empower your brand by offering first-rate video animation services that help you in leaving a lasting impression on your competitors.

With years of experience and vetted talent, BuzzFlick creates stunning animated videos with the best navigators of narratives available in the video animation industry.

Approach Towards 2D Animation Videos

Our Clients

Why Choose BuzzFlick as Your Video Animation Partner

BuzzFlick is one of the par-excellent animation companies offering thriving, inclusive video animation production services since 2016.

Our creative team brings visionary thinking, tremendous experience, and a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and creativity to the company's day-to-day operations.

We see every project as a unique and challenging opportunity to produce visually engaging video content that enables businesses to stand out among their competitors

team of experts

Team of Experts

We are a well-known animation services company, and our animations stand out because of our deep pool of knowledgeable experts and cutting-edge technologies.

video industry experience

Diverse Industry Experience

We have a great deal of experience working with clients from various industries and time zones. Fortune 1000 organizations, individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, private firms, and governmental entities are among our clients who choose us to handle their animation design needs.

video time

Lightning-fast TATs

We take pride to state that we deliver animation design services within the promised time. The turnaround time we give to each client is 12-24 hours. But, the turnaround time may vary depending on the project's scope, size, and complexity.

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

The best thing about BuzzFlick is we offer the best quality animation services at affordable prices. We don’t have fixed pricing plans. We provide quotes to each client after analyzing their project in detail. We quote rates that fall under everyone’s budget.

What Makes Our Explainer Videos Buzz?

Frequently Asked Questions

The secret behind our success is the level of commitment to our customers. BuzzFlick gives a lot of thought to you and your reputation. Our company develops original concepts and methods to wow your target market. Every time, we go above and beyond to provide a distinctive animated video.

As a premier animation company, we comprehend your objectives, specifications, spending limit, and timeline which facilitates us in the delivery of a top-notch video that generates results quickly. In other words, wherever our video animation company goes, we leave a trail of happy and satisfied customers behind us.

If you’re looking for animated video production service providers then you must be thinking about cost as well.

When it comes to the cost of animation, there’s no definite answer. Various factors such as animation styles, number of characters, video length, sound effects/music, services requested, and number of edits and revisions can influence the cost.

However, BuzzFlick is one of those video animation companies that promise to deliver fine-quality, interactive and captivating animations at an affordable price.

There are numerous benefits of animations. Businesses use them to spruce up their sales, enhance conversions, and promote engagement. They can assist you in reaching your target audience by effectively communicating your message through skilled animation services.

Additionally, by using attention-grabbing content like text, icons, and characters, animation can assist to capture the audience's attention and hold it throughout the video.

Hiring us as your animated video production partner will be a fruitful force for your business. When you work with our animation company, you will receive excellent video content and professional animation supported by safe animation technology and process.

The animation style we choose for you is based on project demands and the concept we create. Amp up your brand’s image across the industry with BuzzFlick.

BuzzFlick understands the value of streamlining the whole animated video production process as an animation supplier. We are a video animation company that strives to produce the greatest outcomes. Pre-production, production, and post-production are the three primary phases of our straightforward but efficient methodology.

Pre-production is the time when everything is planned, including the script and the approach. The entire video is filmed on this set. In the post-production phase, BuzzFlick perfectly reworks and edits your video.

When you have a certain vision in mind, working with a video animation agency is considerably easier.

Bring your ideas to BuzzFlick and discover how we can make them a reality. We don't leap to conclusions or focus just on the end result. Instead, we allow you use your creativity while we put in the time and effort necessary to get the greatest results.

Simply put, we're one of the top outsourcing companies for animation that makes sure every customer is completely delighted.

To create quality animation, here at BuzzFlick we make use of top-of-the-class animation software. Some of the software we use are:

  • AutoDesk 3DS Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Anim8or
  • AutoDesk Maya
  • Draw Plus

When you have a certain vision in mind, working with a video animation agency is considerably easier. Bring your ideas to BuzzFlick and discover how we can make them a reality. We don't leap to conclusions or focus just on the end result.

Instead, we allow you use your creativity while we put in the time and effort necessary to get the greatest results. Simply put, we're one of the top outsourcing firms for animation that makes sure every customer is completely delighted.

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