Animation Tips – Do’ and Don’ts

Animation Tips Dos And Donts
Learn about animation tips that can help your company develop successful marketing strategies. Find Do’s and Don’ts of animating that can improve outreach.

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Animations are the creation of digital art, borne out of dedication, skill, and creative imagination. The corporate world has embraced the revolutionizing power of digital animations.

Many companies, content creators, and other organizations are relying on animation to convey the message effectively.

As animation has become more widespread, many corporations and businesses are taking interest in getting animation for their marketing goal. There are benefits of using animation for your business.

Animations are especially good at catching the attention of audiences. The internet and social media have emerged as major platforms where most of the marketing and outreach take place.

Animations, either still or moving, are one way that companies can distinguish their online campaigns from competitors and attract more audiences.

Animations are better than traditional mediums as they break complex information into small and palatable bits that can be easily consumed in an entertaining way.

Boring presentations, newsletters, posters, and other mediums can have an elegant touch if an animation is added to them.

But the field of marketing is best suited to benefit from animations. Marketing depends on sharing content with the widest possible audiences in ways that are simple but leave an imprint in the minds of the viewers.

Animations are interactive and fun especially if done right. Creative animations can leave a good impression about your company on those that come across them.

But it is vital to understand that animations for the sake of animations is not the answer. Companies should not try to force animations into their marketing strategies if they cannot execute them in an ideal way.

This article will provide the do’s and don’ts of animations to help your business figure out how to use this innovative strategy to boost engagement with users. After careful research, we have provided tips about how businesses can integrate innovation into their marketing tactics and tips for animators also.


Animation Tip 1: Story Telling

Animations are a cool and innovative medium in marketing and outreach. But one way this medium can be used effectively is when firms and animators use it to convey a story about their business or products.

People are hardwired to enjoy stories, especially with visual elements. Storytelling through animations will intrigue and interest audiences into watching your company’s online campaign.

Animation Tip 2: Keep it Short

Animations are highly useful but there is no need to get carried away with them. A good piece of advice for marketing professionals and tip for animators is to keep the animation short and sweet.

People have short attention spans and many will not be okay with watching a long animated video.

Animation Tip 3: Be Selective

Animations are useful and effective. But a crucial tip about animation is that creators need to be selective about what they animate. You don’t have to animate everything. Comparing animated content with its present form might help one decide whether to go ahead with the animation.

See if it comes along naturally and makes sense.

Tip 4: Diversity

Animations can be very powerful if creators deploy them with craft in their marketing strategies. One way to use animations is to try and incorporate different types of animations. Don’t go for shots that look similar but try to experiment with different types of animations.

Tip 5: Subtle Animation Effects

Some creators are getting crafty with how they use animations. Moving an object from one end of the screen to the opposite end is the most common type of animation. But creators can also go for subtle effects that add more character to your content.

Tip 6: Choose the Right Aesthetics

It is also important for animators to choose the right aesthetic for your animations. It might help to use vibrant colors like pastels to attract the attention of viewers. At other times, using the color schemes of your brand and products might also be an effective tip for animations.

Tip 7: Review and Criticism

Animations are works of art and creators often get attached to their animated videos and content. But a major trip that we want to share is that constructive criticism is a good thing. Show your animation to your boss, co-workers, and friends.

Ask them how they feel when they look at it and how it can be improved. Most importantly, preview your work and make edits and adjustments accordingly.

These 7 tips are highly effective in creating works of animations. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to 2D animations, there are many resources available online that can guide you.

Useful Resource: What Is 2D Animation – A Comprehensive Guide


Tip 1: Don’t animate every object

Animations are innovative but creators need to be mindful not to animate everything on the screen. For example:

  1. The background can be left stationary.
  • You can design the background aesthetically and artistically but it does not need to be moving.
  1. Just animate the main characters. to think about this is that animate the main characters only.
  • Do not add motion to everything, it will make it impossible for the audience to focus on the main characters.

Tip 2: Don’t Animate First but Position the Object on the Stage First

A helpful tip for getting better at animations is that you should not animate first. Instead, try to create the stage and the background. Once the stage is set, then apply or add your animation to it. If you animate first then your animations will have rough edges, weird angles and will not fit neatly into the background.

Tip 3: Don’t Miss Out on Adding Dialogue

A creative way to make your animations more interactive and engaging is to add dialogues. Your main characters can have a few lines that leave a mark and are memorable for the audience. If there is music in the background make sure it is not too loud that it overpowers the dialogue.

Tip 4: Don’t Start with the Features of your Products

The whole point about integrating animations is to make the marketing for your product more effective and reach larger audiences. But it is important that the audiences don’t feel that this is merely another ad.

We are bombarded by ads on all online platforms and one way you can distinguish your brand is by not discussing your product and its features at the start. It might be more useful to grab the attention of the audience and then build on to discussing your products.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget your Audience

Tailor your animations to the targeted audience or consumers. If your marketing and product are directed at children or young people then jolly, jumpy and fast animations will keep them excited but an older audience might find it unattractive. To target them, more sober or slower animations might be more effective.

So think about who is going to see your marketing content.

Tip 6: Don’t Make Animations the Main Point

Animations are all the hype in the marketing world right now. But make sure that you don’t lose sight of why you are developing animations in the first place. It is best to think of animations as a way to support your content. What we mean is to make sure that the content itself is good and all animation does is improve the presentation of your content and product.


Animations are an innovative and useful strategy that is revolutionizing how marketing and outreach are taking place online. Firms are increasingly using animations but since it is an upcoming marketing strategy, no one has the right formula.

This article has tried to provide the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to animations to help your business boost engagement and start conversations. You can find animating tips that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy and improve as an animator.

These tips will bring change in your animation development and help you to create better, innovative, interactive, thoughtful, and enjoyable animation. From focusing audience to the quality of the animation is the key to a successful and delightful animation.

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