7 Benefits of an Explainer Video

Explainer video benefits
Learn about the 7 benefits of an explainer video. Use them in your marketing plan to accelerate your sales and create a visual appearance on the internet.

Animation is an effective way to tell stories, communicate thoughts, and deliver emotions through an inventive approach. Animated videos let people understand complicated ideas in an easy-to-perceive manner. Instead of reading the concept, you present your idea in an animated formation that attracts the audience more.

In this blog, you’ll find 7 Benefits of an Explainer Video to boost your marketing and increase your sales. You will know What is An Explainer Video? and how much explainer video will help you reach your marketing goals.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are 60-90 seconds short marketing or sales videos to promote the brand, features, product, service, or concept. Organizations use them to communicate with their targeted audience.

As its name says: “Explainer” videos are made to easily explain some crucial, technical, complex topics to the viewers. The explainer video is the best approach to engage and connect more people to your content.

Explainer videos have various types that can be used to make videos according to your topic, product, or message for relevant viewers.

Content that Reshapes Your Sales Game

When you think of educating and entertaining together, then an explainer video is the best choice. The animated video helps your business to target new leads and amuse the customers simultaneously.

Video marketing is easy but a little tricky. You need to understand your audience, design a marketing strategy, hire a good video production studio, implement your sales ideas with creativity, and baam!

Place your explainer video as a funnel under your marketing pipeline so that your typical business ideas will be filtrate in a simple, easy, and entertaining way.

Use animated video to generate more traffic on your web page, prevent bounce-back ratio, and increase conversion rate. So, grab this shot and build a strong marketing profile of your business using an explainer video.

Get Higher Rank on Google

Videos play an influential role in generating traffic and gathering audiences. According to the 2017-2022 Global IP Traffic Forecasts by Cisco, till 2022, the videos will be generating up to 82% internet traffic; this means that video content will be the marketing power source in the coming years to engage the audience and become the hub of content marketing.

Many companies use 2D animated explainer videos as an effective sales pitch to inform customers and spread awareness about products and services. The animation holds the viewers’ sight to stay longer on the web page, which is one of the most important benefits of using an explainer video. It also helps them in SEO ranking on Google, which means higher ranking proportional to higher sales.

A website with explainer video content increases the chance of ranking on the first page of the search engine up to 53%. Just imagine how much the explainer video will work for your business goal.

A Perfect Sales Video without Being Salesy

While creating an explainer video, every company aims to deliver the sales pitch, create an understanding of the subject, and entertain with creative visualization. But sometimes company need video content to do marketing without being noticed.

Consider the following approach:

  • Don’t strike them with how much your product or service is fruitful to them.
  • Create an animated video that explains what your service can do for them.
  • Tell them how much their problems mean to you.
  • Try to elaborate how complex their life is and how the product can simplify their life.
  • Teach them to achieve their particular goal by consuming your services.
  • Create a talking scenario for your audience: “talk them THE sale pitch.”

Showcase your whole idea in a creative way that promotes your idea without being salesy to your audience. People love to know how important their problems are to the company more than how much they think about their product.

It is the best strategy to make more customers and grow your business efficiently.

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Represent Complex Concepts into Simplex Ideas

Human anatomy, applied physics, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence are sometimes difficult to explain through textual content. Here animated explainer video helps you out to make learning easy and entertaining.

You can explain complicated topics and breakdown into digestible chunks of information. Animation can turn the problematic concept into movable visuals that create a sense of learning and entertainment. Explainer videos can be short and informative altogether.

Nielsen Norman Group stated that only 10% of the people remember the heard information and only remember high-lightened ones only, but Frieze’s Perception of Vision says that human visual perception is 80% memory and 20% visualized input. The theory proves that visual representation of information delivers more insight than readable content.

Video content will help people remember your aim and cause for a long time.

Explainer Video Connect Audience to Your Subject

You must have seen that how animated movies can make people emotional. Now think of imply this approach to your business video and connecting to the audience through animation.

You can hire a video animation agency to create video content for you that will convey emotion more efficiently. Visual and sound are important to blend your message into an emotional package that gives the viewer an emotional and aesthetic attraction.

Some best companies are providing animation services that will help you to strengthen your marketing plan and strategy.

Take a look at the 15 best video animation companies that are best in the animation business and create an animation that fits your business requirements and budget.

Easy to Share and Fast to Spread

Sharing is the quickest trend on social media platforms; people see something and share it with others on social media. Interesting content catches the eye of the people more than a dull long written text.

Let’s consider Facebook, they share animated video clips for advertising and awareness. Instead of bulky text or documentation, Facebook believes that video can grab more attention of users.

Spreading the content on the internet is as quick as the snap of a finger. Explainer brand marketing video can help you spread on the internet and grow your business all around the globe. You can get attention from the foreigners and make customers in different regions of the world.

Animated Explainer Video Add More Value to Your Business

Some questions come into mind that how can animation help your business grow? Good animation and powerful content can shoot your sales up high.

An explainer video can help you give a perfect representation of your company, brand, product, business, and service. Things you can show through the explainer video:

  • The uniqueness of your product.
  • Your work culture.
  • Business style.
  • Awareness toward a subject and more.

Known enterprises and even rising businesses like start-ups use video animation to increase their visual appearance on websites. The animation is helping them to create a trustable image of the business and generate brand loyalty.

Change your marketing strategy and add video animation to it. You will see a notable change in your business growth and popularity. Communicate with your audience and build the foundation of your company among the competitors.

Hopefully, you have found this blog helpful for your business and marketing strategy, and you will consider the mentioned benefits before you create your explainer video.

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