8 Best Explainer Video Trends (2022)

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Explainer video trends are on the high rise and here is a blog from BuzzFlick that has all the explainer video trends in 2021 compiled for you.

Explainer Videos are considered as one of the best mediums for explaining the product or services. That is why marketers prefer using video marketing strategies and work on the latest trends going on.

If you are an explainer video production company then you must check for the latest trends available. Using technology like augmented reality, 3D and 4D animation, and modernized digital illustrations so you can create trendy explainer videos.

As an animated explainer video production company, we keep up with the latest trends in Explainer Videos, so you don’t have to. With technologies like augmented reality, 3D and 4D animation, and modernized digital illustrations, you can easily and more effectively create trendy explainer videos.

With the intro out of the way, let’s start discussing the modern and awe-inspiring Explainer video trends that you should adapt to in 2022. But first, let’s understand what exactly are explainer videos in the fewest possible words.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are marketing videos that companies and marketers use to explain their products or service. According to a case study, 77% of the viewers watch a 2-minute explainer video. This stat alone is enough to explain the importance of an explainer video.

Moreover, explainer videos are often placed strategically on homepages, product pages, or service pages because they’re known to increase conversion rates. A statistic report by Invodo tells us that videos such as explainer videos tend to increase conversion rates by 114%.

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#1) Educational Videos Trend

The learning video trend is guaranteed in 2022 because if there’s one thing that Coronavirus has taught us is that in order thrive in a highly unpredictable world today, businesses need to have an online presence. Also, since several countries were under complete lockdown, digital classes, lectures, and training sessions were the best way for students and employees to learn.

This year, Explainer videos will be used more often to summarize complex information, training, and lectures. They’ll be used to explain more sophisticated subjects in a comprehensible and clear way.

#2) Mobile Optimized Video Trend

Optimizing your explainer videos for mobile will be yet another new explainer video trend in 2022. In a global report collected by eMarketer, nearly 2.16 billion people watched videos on their mobile phones in 2019. This number is expected to increase up to 2.72 billion in 2023.

So, it is obvious that the digital realm is becoming more common as we speak; hence, optimizing videos for mobiles will be the new norm in 2022.

Also, considering the massive number of smartphone video watchers mentioned above, we pretty much assume that optimizing your explainer or animated videos for smartphones will indeed be a smart move.

#3) Augmented Reality Video Trend

The Augmented realities videos are gaining immense popularity and will surely be a new video trend in 2022. The growing popularity of technology has led marketers to develop an innovative way to get an audience connected with the product or services.

With realistic surroundings and computer-generated real-world footage, the Augmented reality video trend will certainly prove to be amazingly successful for video marketers.

Combining the realistic features of the trendy AR technology with explainer videos, brands will be able to deliver a more immersive and interactive experience to their customers. AR videos may cost you a bit, but the results may be outstanding, which would eventually make money spent worthwhile.

Moreover, the digital visuals and remarkable experience will make a brand, product, or service unforgettable, making a brand accomplish its marketing objectives.

#4) Ephemeral Explainer Videos Trend

This video trend reminds me of a time when nearly every 1980s Hollywood spy movie would have a bomb set to self-destruct in 5 seconds. The Ephemeral video trend is pretty similar to the 5 seconds self-destruct bomb.

No, this doesn’t mean that companies can blast viewer’s laptops. But this means that you can instantly attract your users’ attention using the FOMO (fear of missing out) methodology.

Moreover, this explainer video trend is super-effective for marketing on social media channels such as Instagram or Snapchat.

Generally, the short Ephemeral videos can be used to build brand excitement by releasing short trailers of your product or service. Also, the idea of keeping a video available for 24 hours attracts people through the FOMO effect.

#5) Grainy Texture Video Trend

The grainy texture explainer video trend adds a nostalgic warmth to your digital advertisement. It makes your explainer videos more engaging and attractive.

When leveraging this trending video style, you can add a grainy texture to your digital animations or illustrations, which would make your presentations look more authentic and realistic.

Several video production companies leverage this video trend to create real-world and dynamic shapes that look more original and keep the audience engaged for a longer time.

#6) Whiteboard Video Trend

Some classics just won’t simply fade out. The whiteboard explainer videos trend has been around for more than a decade now. It is the simplicity, low cost, and high result yielding persona that never lets this type of video trend die.

Moreover, these videos are amazing when it comes to explaining a product or service.

From the hand that draws and writes to the whiteboard that feels exciting and intriguing, this explainer video trend is all set to boost your sales by engaging and converting your customers in 2022.

#7) Liquid Motion Video Trend

The animation world’s ultra-modern marvel and entering as a video trend in 2022 is the liquid motion explainer video trend. From smooth and sleek visuals to the objects’ liquified presentation, these videos are amazing and super engaging.

The continual movement within the video keeps the viewers engaged and wondering what’s next to come. Also, the effects motivate a person to watch the video until the end because of the satisfying animations.

While seeing a Liquid Motion video, you’ll see that the scenes morph into each other and minimize the need to cut the video to move the story forward.

However, Liquid Motion animations can be costly and time-consuming to produce than several other video trends mentioned on this list. Also, Liquid Motion requires relevant expertise to make changes and edits to the graphics.

#8) Storytelling Video Trend

Video Storytelling is perhaps the most viral trend of all time. It was there since the beginning of video animations, and it is still here, and quite honestly, who doesn’t love a good story.

Storytelling explainer video trend aims to make your marketing video more effective by leveraging a storytelling approach to deliver your brand’s message. It has become one of the most popular video trends. Big companies like Google and Unilever are utilizing it to create memorable and awe-inspiring explainer videos.

Moreover, you can simplify sophisticated concepts, add an impressive look to your videos, grab your audience’s attention and create a memorable brand image by utilizing the Storytelling trend.

An exciting and enticing story always sparks an urge in the audience to learn more about your brand. And when your audience is willing to learn more about your brand, ensure that you have a credible and trustworthy presence in the digital world.


Now you know the 8 explainer video trends that are booming in 2022. Being among the top animated explainer video companies, we keep an eye on the trends and innovations happening in the animation world.

We aim to adapt to the latest video trend, analyze it, test it and finally guide our audience regarding the viability of the trend and whether adapting to it would yield positive results or not.

This testing and implementing approach also enable us to have rich knowledge regarding video trends. We’re sure that leveraging these video formats will make you stand out from the crowd by being the early adopter of revolutionary animation technology.

Moreover, the comprehensive details of the video trends mentioned in this list are all you need to know for now. These trends will enable you to creatively and efficiently entice your audience with amazing visuals.

So, what do you think about our video trends list? Are there some trends that we missed? Let us know by reaching out.

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