The 10 Best Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

top explainer videos for cryptocurrency and blockchain
For the last 10 years, an explainer video has overcome the video-making market. Use animated explainer videos to change your business game in the crypto world.

Since the last decade, explainer videos have been holding the ground in digital marketing. It used to be fancy having videos on websites, and now it’s significant for every business marketing strategy. Years back, making videos for promotion was a bit expensive, but prices have been reduced with time.

In the video production market, explainer videos have gained next-level popularity among companies and video production studios. People create a customized explainer video to promote and accelerate their business plan. It is used to elevate a company’s sales pitch and bring light to the product or service.

Like the explainer videos, cryptocurrency has also secured the spotlight in the last few years. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the most popular and expensive cryptocurrencies. 1 Bitcoin is worth 42 thousand dollars, and Ethereum is almost 3000 dollars.

Cryptocurrency and its services have a critical ratio in success, so how will you convince people to invest in this market, or how will you educate people about cryptocurrency and its benefits? You will need an explainer video to demonstrate the whole process in a simple, easy, and convincing way.

In 2011, Bitcoin released an explainer video about “What is Bitcoin?”, after watching this video, many people worldwide have landed in this business. Take a look at this video.

10 Fantastic Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

In this blog, you will watch some of the fine examples of explainer videos in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. These videos will help you understand the usage of this digital asset and how you can make one for mass conversion.

#1) Bitcoin – Blockchain Explainer video

Goodbit is the best source of everything in cryptocurrency and Blockchain you want to know about, and it is a free online resource.

The video down below excellently explains Bitcoin in a very comprehensive way. The storyboarding and scene are up to the mark that elaborates every single detail about crypto.

#2) Bitcoin: What is coming?

When we talk about cryptocurrency, the first name that pops into our mind is Bitcoin. Its current success and rise made it popular among people. If we talk about the new change in currency or finance, one out of ten people must talk about investing in Bitcoin.

The Bloomberg Business Week created this explainer video to enlighten the audience about how Bitcoin is rising and shifting the finance paradigm. The visualization of this explainer video is absolutely mind-blowing, and video storytelling keeps the viewer excited throughout the video.

#3) Dubai Real Estate Blockchain

The team at Custom Design Agency created an infographic animated explainer video to explain how Dubai Real Estate is changing the world using Blockchain technologies. The video illustrates about technologies in the form of beautiful animation, and the narration is on to the point that makes it more enjoyable.

Dubai Real Estate aims to remove the orthodox paperwork style and upgrade it with rising technologies. Blockchain is one of the right choices for a secure business environment for real estate.

#4) Mulechain – Blockchain Explainer Video

Mulechain provides a centralized platform to every user where the request, warehouse storage service, and deliveries are made on a peer-to-peer basis using Blockchain services.

The video illustrates the story of a father who has to do shopping, work and take care of two children (which is a common work arrangement due to the current situation around the globe). The color and theme schemes are very attractive.

#5) Earth Token

Earth token made an animated video to explain their amazing idea of healing the earth using Ethereum blockchain technology. The token gathers investors from different regions of the earth to make the earth green again.

People earn money by cutting trees; Earth Token pays people to preserve nature and trees. It is the best way to save the earth, environment, and climate. Token aims to make the earth breathable and beautiful.

#6) Salt Lending

Salt Lending provides loans using cryptocurrency using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more. They have a wide range of cryptocurrencies and valuable coins to support people for business and other activities. Salt Lending has five thousand dollars as their starting loan range.

Salt Lending has released an explainer video to explain all the loan processes using a combination of colors, 3D animation, and fluid transition.

#7) Airswap Coin – the simplest way to trade

AirSwap is a US-based startup for cryptocurrency exchange in the Decentralized finance (DeFi) domain. The platform works as an exchange of crypto coin and platform-native tokens, and It is peer-to-peer token trading fueled by Ethereum.

It is a platform for buying and selling crypto tokens in a very safe and secure way. This explainer video explains the whole concept in an unambiguous manner.

#8) Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is an online platform where traders, brokers, and managers access a wide range of assets using blockchain technologies. The following video demonstrates how the people will be working using Genesis Vision and how it will bring evolution in the financial market.

#9) Cloudbric

Cloudbric is a cloud network to protect cryptocurrency and other web activity from hackers. This 3D animated video shows the cryptocurrency and cloud-wallets in cubes, protected from hackers through a laser shield made by Cloudbric.

This animation gives the sci-fi look to the video like star trek or some sort of a matrix game.

#10) KeplerTek

Kelpertek is a tech company full of skilled engineers who develop AI and robotics. The companies and investors are investing with Kepertek to create a better and bright future.

The approach Kepertek used to make this explainer video is magnificent. The combination of colors and game theme is brilliant. They have used motion graphics to create a captive moment for the viewers.

AI and robots will be our future in the coming years, and Kelpertek is accelerating in production to make our lives easier.

Need an explainer video for your crypto business?

If you are interested in making an explainer video to boost your crypto business marketing, you need to check the top 12 animated explainer video companies. There are award-winning video production companies that can help you achieve your goal and portray your business ideas.

We also provide explainer video services and have worked with Blockchain related clients. Contact us, and we will discuss your video ideas. You can check our work on our website and contact us anytime.

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