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best video production companies
Are you looking for a video production company? Read our blog to find out the best video production companies for your video project.

Video production is basically the process of creating and producing videos for the internet, television, or other digital platforms.

Video production differs from filmmaking in that it is intended to be broadcast on digital platforms such as TVs, YouTube, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Creating a video showcasing a company’s mission, personnel, and culture is one example of video production.

You might not know, but most companies now incorporate videos in their marketing strategy as it’s a 1200% more effective type of content.

Before hiring a video production company, it’s highly essential to take a look at their portfolio and brief the video production firm with a clear idea of what they are expected to produce.

To help you out in choosing the best video production agency, we have listed the 15 most reputable and professional video production firms.

But before we jump to the list, let’s first have a brief overview of the following:

  • What are video production companies?
  • How to choose the best video production company
  • What are the benefits of hiring video production experts?
  • How much does it cost to hire a video production firm?

You must be wondering why we are discussing all the above things. Well, there is a reason behind it. Hiring video production and marketing experts is a challenging task. You might end up losing all your hard-earned money if you don’t make the right choice.

To make the right choice, you need to know everything related to video production in detail.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Are Video Production Companies?

By recording and editing videos, video production businesses create video content. To qualify as a video production firm, the creator of the content must be involved in all three phases of production, which include the following:

Pre-production: It includes all parts of arranging the video’s creation prior to filming, including concept generation, scriptwriting, location scouting, and scheduling. It’s the most critical phase and has a major impact on the whole process.

Production: It includes recording the individuals, products, services, or concepts discussed in the video.

Post-production: It is the last stage of the process in which the video is transformed into a final product, which includes adding subtitles, mixing sound, creating accompanying visuals, and correcting color.

Additionally, some video production firms assist with the distribution and broadcasting of the completed video or other marketing efforts.

The majority of businesses specialize in one or more fields, including arts and entertainment, retail, business services, education, health care, and/or charitable organizations.

You might be surprised to know that there are various types of video production, and the majority of firms offer multiple services. Some of the most common types which you find most of the video production agencies offering are:

  • Live-action video
  • Animated videos
  • Television and film productions
  • Web and television commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Music videos
  • Training videos
  • Product demo videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Documentaries

How To Choose The Top-Notch Video Production Company

Video production companies are routinely hired by businesses to produce award-winning commercials and other marketing videos.

You can rely on video production businesses to produce high-quality videos that get your business recognized.

With so many companies vying for your business, it might be tough to pick the perfect one to shoot your promotional video.

In order to compile our list of the finest video production businesses, we looked at factors such as the firm sizes, service lines, and the industry emphasis of the company.

Firm size

There are several pros and drawbacks of collaborating with a large or small organization, including the number of employees participating in the production and the impact on expenses.

While smaller enterprises may give more personalized service than bigger firms, larger firms may complete projects more quickly, resulting in a shorter wait time to begin production. We made a point of selecting video production firms of diverse sizes to satisfy the demands of a variety of enterprises.

Multiple kinds of services

A video production company’s primary job is to produce videos that educate people about a certain product, service, event, or other offerings. However, each business has unique requirements.

We identified organizations that provided a breadth of services. Apart from video creation, a number of these firms also provide broadcast video, graphic design, branding, and social media marketing.

Industry Focus

Oftentimes, video production businesses specialize in particular areas. We picked enterprises that serve a variety of sectors in order to meet the requirements of as many small businesses as feasible. The majority of businesses operate in many industries.

Marketing and advertising, businesses services, arts and entertainment, products and services, medical and health care, financial services, education, eCommerce, information technology, and non-profits are all common industries represented in our choices.

Benefits Of Video Production Companies

When your business needs high-quality video content to demonstrate its professionalism, hiring a video production firm gives you the directorial and technical skills that your in-house personnel is unlikely to possess.

Video production businesses already own the necessary video, audio, and lighting equipment for producing high-quality video and sound, which eliminates the need for your organization to rent or purchase all equipment.

Additionally, they have video production and marketing experts who have spent their careers establishing creative strategies, writing screenplays, finding locations, adding voice-overs, controlling lighting, producing animations and graphics, and editing raw footage, among other things.

What to Look for in a Video Production Company

Before hiring a video production company, ensure that it is capable of producing the sort of video content you desire. Obviously, you won’t hire an animated video production firm if your objective is a live-action shoot of your business in action.

Additionally, you want to ensure they specialize in your niche since many businesses prefer to deal with clients in specific fields. A production studio that specializes in action-packed sporting goods advertisements may struggle to shoot how-to videos for an IT company.

Choose a video production agency with the appropriate level of experience, which does not always translate into years in business. New businesses frequently produce higher-quality work than established businesses that have lost their edge. Additionally, review their client list to see whether national businesses trust them with their business.

As this is a creative venture, request to see the company’s professional portfolio of past work. When it comes to video creation, quality trumps quantity. You want the firm that routinely wins prizes for generating outstanding videos that captivate audiences, not the one that makes the most videos each year.

The Cost of Video Production Companies

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it does enter into the decision to choose a video production business. The scale of your business frequently has an effect on the entire cost of your production, with expenses growing as the number of specialists working on your project grows.

Small-scaled businesses are less expensive since their employees often do many activities, reducing personnel expenses. However, this may affect quality if the individual does not succeed at all they do.

The fees charged by a video production firm vary between businesses and even between projects completed by the same business. Numerous elements affect the price, but one of the most significant is the length of time required to execute the job. All of our choices charge per hour, with an average of between $100 and $149. Three firms charge somewhat more per hour, between $150 and $199, while two charge less.

While cost is always a consideration when funding any project involving your business, it should not be the sole factor. Quality outcomes and selecting a video production firm that you trust is capable of meeting your unique demands should take precedence over cost.

Top-Notch Video Production Companies You Can Consider For Your Video Project

1. BuzzFlick – Houston, USA

BuzzFlick is a pioneering video animation agency that can add color to your brand and deliver your brand message in a more engaging and distinctive way. From corporate to explainer video production, they produce all types of animation videos.

They have a unique vision to empower the brand by providing par-excellent 2D animation services that help their clients to stand out in the highly competitive digital space.

The team BuzzFlick collaborated with Air Taxi, a travel app that aims to offer a personalized trip with eco-friendly and luxurious aircraft, to produce a short demo video that explains how to use their application for booking flights. From impactful script to animated characters, the voice-over, and sound effects, each element in the video is done with delicacy and perfection.

Some of their other notable clients include M’s Guphynn, CNBC, and Earth Link.

2. The DVI Group – ATLANTA, GA

The DVI Group tackles business difficulties for brands such as UPS, Delta, and Kaiser-Permanente with specialized video solutions. Their primary offering is video creation for clients in the information technology, healthcare, and consumer products and services industries.

One of their more impressive portfolio items was their collaboration with Care Logistics to demonstrate how their solution might help hospitals rethink their approach to care. The DVI team illustrated this tale using a 3D animation video that employed basic characters to demonstrate how the product may assist leaders in developing a patient care strategy.

3. Spark House – Irvine, CA

Sparkhouse’s team combines digital strategy and artistic vision to create videos for clients such as Forever 21, YouTube, and Honda. They make commercial and corporate videos that are bold in their storyline, cinematic in their production value, and innovative in their approach.

The Sparkhouse team collaborated with Bord, a manufacturer of standup paddleboards, to create a short video capturing the sport’s lifestyle. From surfing waves to lounging in the sun with pals, the work represented the SUP lifestyle and inspired outdoor enthusiasts to hop on a board and embark on their own journey.

4. Epipheo – Cincinnati, OH

Epipheo is trusted by Google as a video production and marketing specialist, which explains the company’s extensive popularity. With years of expertise in their field, this agency situated in the United States of America is guaranteed to create an impression.

Epson is a worldwide acknowledged leader in their field, and Epipheo has given the firm targeted and comprehensive services throughout the duration of their working partnership. This encompasses user experience design, user interface design, overall brand presence and aesthetics, and more.

5. Umault – Chicago, IL

Umault / Guy Bauer’s full-service production team uses exceptional video content to help companies like Deloitte, Dell, and Weebly stand out and win more customers. Its agency has its own creative, design, and post-production teams.

Warby Parker teamed with the Guy Bauer team to help spread the word about their new connection with Vision for Baltimore, which aims to deliver free spectacles to children in need. They produced a video that highlighted the tale of Adam, a student, and his vision for the future.

6. VeracityColab – Walnut, CA

Recognized businesses from around the world have partnered with VeracityColab to elevate their video production needs. VeracityColab was formed in California with the goal of assisting companies in being their finest, most user-friendly selves.

When their client required a more effective and impactful approach to achieving national goals, VeracityColab supplied a targeted service that has lasted to this day. Their plan included honing their client’s individual voice and visual image in order to increase their effectiveness in a congested digital market.

7. Signature Video Group – Toronto, Canada

Signature Video Group is a Toronto-based production company that turns its customers’ tales into video. They specialize in video creation and content marketing, creating commercials, documentaries, and branded films, among other types of videos.

Signature Video Group collaborated on a project with Cushman & Wakefields, a commercial real estate firm. Signature Film Group created a brand video showcasing the company’s numerous areas.

8. RIP Media Group – Los Angeles, CA

Rip Media Group produces videos that enhance promotional, training, and presentation content for clients such as Cisco and Comcast. They spend most of their time advising mid-market and enterprise customers in the information technology and healthcare industries.

When Kaiser Permanente needed assistance developing a video highlighting their business culture, they turned to Rip Media Group. Their teams collaborated to produce a script and concept for an animated video that brought the tale to life—Kaiser was ecstatic with the result and instantly shared it with the rest of the company.

9. ALCHEMYCreative – San Francisco, CA

ALCHEMYcreative’s clientele includes Adobe, and they are known for their design-centric approach to video creation. ALCHEMYcreative was created in California on forward-thinking concepts with the goal of accentuating the most critical parts of brand marketing.

When Pure Storage required a thorough rebranding, they contacted ALCHEMYcreative. The agency conducted an end-to-end review of how they might improve the targeting, effect, and success of their strategy.

10. Covalent – Pittsburgh, PA

Covalent is a video production business established in the United States that specializes in assisting brands in telling their story via video. With TechStars as a client and a lengthy number of successful projects across various sectors, Covalent has already established a reputation as a go-to source for competent video creation.

When 412 Food Rescue sought to communicate the organization’s strength, Covalent utilized its industry knowledge to generate a targeted video that met its aim to create emotionally resonant material on the critical need for food security for children and families.

As a consequence, we received excellent customer feedback and completed a successful engagement that resulted in further business.

11. Studio Pigeon – Krakow, Poland

For world-renowned companies such as Ikea, Microsoft, Ikea, and FOX Networks, Studio Pigeon produces compelling video storytelling for cinema, television, and digital channels. They are a video production company specializing in 2D animation explainer videos for midmarket and business clients.

They collaborated with, a sales software business, to make introductory explainer videos that would pique people’s interest in the product and persuade them to contact them. The final videos spoke sales directors’ language, including features of efficiency, precision, and clean design.

12.  BX Films – Walnut Creek, CA

Cisco and PayPal have something in common. Both have entrusted BX Films with their video production needs. This California-based business has already made a significant impact with work for both enterprise and startup customers.

When Trov launched a platform aimed at its unique audience, BX Films studied every aspect of its strategy to develop important features and a plan that tied together all aspects of the client’s brand. The outcome was a smashing success, and it continues to propel the brand forward to this day.

13. mfh Creative – Luton, United Kingdom

mhf creative is a video production agency specializing in creating video content for corporations, agencies, and brands, such as Universal, Coca-Cola, and Expedia.

Along with video production, they offer corporate photography services to a predominantly midmarket and small business customer. Their clients come from various industries, including advertising & marketing, business services, and financial services.

mhf creative was hired by a digital marketing agency to help them enhance their brand identity and highlight internal resources. mhf creative led a collaborative process that resulted in creating a storyboard and multiple videos of varying lengths. Not only did the final selection enhance website traffic, but it also increased brand exposure and engagement.

14. WebDew – Seattle, WA

Webdew’s clients include Uber, and they specialize in offering their clients a design-centric approach to video production. WebDew was developed in Seattle on forward-thinking concepts with the goal of accentuating the most critical parts of brand marketing.

When Aignyte required an explainer video to demonstrate how their AI-driven platform works, they went to WebDew. They produced a top-notch, engaging, and creative animated video that explains the product in an innovative way.

15. Darvideo Animation Studio – Kyiv, Ukraine

Many corporate clients rely on Darvideo as their video production professionals, so it’s not surprising that the firm has achieved such extensive success in a couple of years. With a few years of expertise in its business, this Ukraine-based organization is surely here to make an effect.

Microbiogen is a worldwide known leader in their area, and Darvideo has offered targeted and wide-reaching services for the firm throughout the course of their working relationship. This involves UX and UI design, brand visuals and presence, etc.

Looking For The Best Video Production Company? – Consult Us

All these video production companies are the top-rated ones in the industry. However, each company brings its own set of pros and cons to the table. And I still believe most of you are still confused about which one you should hire among all these.

Well, we have a suggestion for you. If you’re looking for a video production expert that offers exceptional services in the promised time frame without compromising on quality and breaking your budget, then hire BuzzFlick. We are a video animation studio in Houston offering preeminent animation and video production services without burning a hole in your pocket.

We have a highly professional and creative team of video producers and animation artists who aim to deliver top-notch products to help your brand get a competitive edge.

It’s A Wrap

Videos have become an imperative part of digital marketing. 85% of marketers believe videos are the most effective and engaging method for grabbing the audience’s attention online.

But a simple video cannot do wonders. You need a first-rate and stellar video produced by a professional. It’s the only way to excel in the digital space with your video content.

Now that we have reached the end, we hope this blog will greatly help you. Good luck with your video project!

Video Production Companies – FAQs

  1. What is a video production company?

A video production company produces all types of content, including commercial, corporate, animated, explainer, demo, documentaries, and music videos, to name a few.

  1. Which are the best video production companies?

Some of the best video production are listed below:

  • BuzzFlick
  • VeracityColab
  • WebDew
  • BX Films
  • Pigeon Studio
  • mfh Creative
  • Darvideo Animation Studio
  • ALCHEMYCreative
  • Covalent
  1. How much does it cost to produce a video?

Generally, a professionally produced 60 seconds video will cost you around $1000 to $5000. However, the cost can vary depending on the project’s nature, type, and size.

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