Corporate Videos: How They Can Help To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

corporate videos for ecommerce sales
85% of marketers believe video is effective content to attract customers online. Learn how using corporate videos can help your businesses to boost ROI.

The digital marketing space is continuously evolving, and with the arrival of video in the content marketing world, the whole marketing landscape has drastically changed.

More and more businesses are using videos as their prominent marketing strategy. It is believed video content is 1200% more effective when compared to other types of content.

Today in this blog, we’ll talk about how a professionally produced corporate video can be beneficial for your businesses. In the meantime, we’ll also talk about how corporate video production professionals can help to create spectacular corporate video solutions that can facilitate your brand to stand out in this highly-competitive eCommerce industry.

At the end of this blog, you’ll be able to understand why investing in a corporate video is mandatory for the growth of your business and from where you can get a professional-looking corporate video for your business.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need A Corporate Video For Your Business

Expand your consumer base

You may reach a wider audience with a professionally produced business video. Your products and services can benefit from a variety of corporate video solutions meant to captivate customers and clients by being uploaded to the internet or social media. High brand recognition is also possible, which may lead to increased profits for your company.

Pitch elevator

It’s a great way to communicate directly with your clients or consumers about your unique value offer. With these corporate videos, you can “create a tale” about your product or service while also promoting your company’s image and catering to your target audience.

In order to make a lasting impression of your product or service, these movies need to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Greater ROI

Let’s get to the bottom of this. That said, more than half of the business owners that utilize videos in their marketing plan claim they get the best return on investment of any marketing method they employ.

The Reusability

Even once you’ve created a finished piece of video content, the fun doesn’t have to end there. Using that finished film, you can break it down into smaller clips and distribute them over social media to keep your audience engaged.

The video footage can be re-edited to convey a completely different message from the one you originally intended.

Easy to grasp and comprehend

Video is a simple and effective approach to conveying information in a way that is both personal and memorable. Consumers have accepted this new method of receiving information entirely. It’s far easier to absorb information from a video than it is to read it. Another advantage is that this data is more memorable than plain text.

As a result, customers are more likely to think about the product after reading the page text.

Social media reward videos

With video, you can get an enormous amount of information in a short amount of time in a way that is both digestible and memorable.

As a result, it’s highly shareable, and social networks are the most popular places for material to be found and shared. After seeing a promoted social media video, 64% of customers make a purchase. A video generates more than a dozen times more shares on social media than by text and visuals alone.

This degree of sharing reaches a certain audience in a big way. On smartphones, video is the most important content. As anybody who has attempted to read anything on a mobile device or smartphone knows, it can be a pain in the neck.

Video is considerably more convenient to watch on a cellular device. Aside from the fact that 75% of internet activity occurs on mobile devices, this is a critical factor to consider.

Mobile devices are best suited for informative and entertaining videos but also have a short runtime.

Looking for some inspiration for your corporate video project? Do take a look at the best corporate videos examples of all time.

The Essential Takeaway

Now that we have reached the end, we hope this blog has convinced you to get a corporate video for your business. To put it in simple words, it will not only facilitate you to increase your brand awareness but will also boost your sales conversion rates.

But having a corporate video isn’t enough because to inspire your audience, you require a professional-looking, engaging, yet entertaining corporate video. If you’re in search of reputable corporate video production companies, then consider hiring BuzzFlick – a video animation agency offering plenty of animation and video production services at an affordable cost. From whiteboard animation videos to corporate video production, we do it all.

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