The ASRC video project was to showcase ASRC Energy Services.


The objective of the ASRC video project was to showcase ASRC Energy Services' commitment to sustainability and its innovative soil remediation system designed to tackle the PFAS crisis.


The goal of the video was to inform and educate the audience about the environmental and health effects of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), highlight ASRC's award-winning soil remediation system, and emphasize their dedication to cleaning up contaminated sites for the betterment of future generations.

Initiatives Taken

To create the ASRC video, BuzzFlick undertook several initiatives:

  • Understanding the client's requirements

    BuzzFlick collaborated closely with ASRC Energy Services to gain a deep understanding of their mission, objectives, and the innovative soil remediation system they had developed.

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Steps Followed for Production

  • Initial consultation and understanding of the project requirements.

  • Script development, incorporating key messaging and highlighting the importance of PFAS contamination and soil remediation.

  • Professional voiceover recording to deliver a clear and impactful narration.

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Result and Client Benefit

The ASRC video produced by BuzzFlick effectively conveyed ASRC Energy Services' commitment to sustainability and showcased its innovative soil remediation system. By visually illustrating the complex processes and the effectiveness of the MRS-1 system, the video increased awareness about PFAS contamination and positioned ASRC as a leader in environmental solutions. The video not only educated viewers but also instilled confidence in ASRC's capabilities, potentially attracting new clients and partnerships.

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