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Explainer Video Production Company

We are simplifying complexity in a minute or two through our incredible animated explainer videos for businesses.

Explainer Video Production Company For Awesome Creativity

While you may get a simple animated video through other explainer video production companies to define your business, BuzzFlick focuses on explainer videos without sacrificing creativity, innovation, awesomeness, and engagement-centric solutions. We take a balanced approach to ensure that you meet your business goals through the creation of an effective explainer video.

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 Explainer Video Production

The Buzzing Explainer Video Production Company

We are an explainer video company making it loud and clear that videos don't have to be too complicated or too catchy to pull the audience. A simple explainer video with a creative edge can do a lot. Here are some exemplary work we have done.

Explainer Video Production

Why BuzzFlick For Explainer Video Production?

Well, creating an explainer video is not as simple as it seems. In the digital landscape of current times, explainer videos are not only meant for simple business processing explanations, they are used to engage audiences and convert them into real customers. BuzzFlick understanding of this dynamic is vast hence we create explainer videos for all stages of your marketing funnels. Need reasons to hire BuzzFlick for Animated Explainer Video Production? Here they are:

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Explainer Video Production Company That Is Simplifying Complex Concepts

Have you ever come across animated videos that explain confusing concepts with simplicity in a few minutes? They’re catchy and they help you understand the crux of the complex subjects like corporate jargon. That’s what BuzzFlick’s explainer videos are all about.

As an explainer video production company, we are all about telling brand stories. The basic idea behind our videos is to get the message out loud and clear about your brand, services, or products. We include all the fun and engaging content that is easy to digest.

Our explainer videos are not just content but they are memorable with visual experience that sticks in a viewer’s memory. This helps in pushing your story out in the real world for better awareness and better returns.

Explainer Video
What Makes An Explainer Videos Work?

What Are The Boons OF Explainer Videos For Businesses?

Well, videos are on the boom in the content realm, and explainer videos are proven to be most effective for businesses when it comes to brand awareness and audience engagement. Here are some perks you get when you opt for animated explainer video production:

Simplify Concepts For Audience

Animated Explainer Videos package complex business concepts in a creative manner for easier consumption. They are adept at providing value to your customers and driving up awareness and traffic.

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What Kind Of Explainer Video Production Services We Provide?

As we all know explainer video helps transform complex ideas into digestible information, there are various types and formats of it. We use different techniques to create an explainer video for you to help simplify concepts that are technical. They are as follows:

2D Animated Explainer Videos2D Animated Explainer Videos

We use simple, straightforward 2D line drawings and convert them into stunning visuals, and compelling illustrations to make your explainer video perfectly match the aesthetics of your brand.

3D Animated Explainer Videos3D Animated Explainer Videos

We have a team of animators who include the wow factor in your explainer videos through 3D animation and make your audience’s jaws drop. From a 360 view of your product to incredible visuals we do it all.

Mixed Media Explainer VideosMixed Media Explainer Videos

We seamlessly combine motion graphics, stop motion, whiteboard animation, and other different media types into one amazing footage to stun your audience.

Live Action Explainer VideosLive Action Explainer Videos

Lights. Camera. Explanation. Live-action explainer videos are all about real people and real locations, and they are “really effective”. These videos are perfect when it comes to developing audience connections on a human level.

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From explaining products to exhibiting how your solution solves a specific problem, we as an explainer video production company are a great resource for user engagement. We help you create impact through the visual representation of concepts. Or else you can ignore how quickly your users would otherwise skip the boring content.

Want to bring change and disruption? Let's work together to create the magic your business needs in this digital landscape.

Our Explainer Video Production Process

Our process for producing explainer videos is as simple yet effective as you can imagine. Our seamless explainer video production process transforms your complex ideas into digestible information that is visually impactful as well. The process includes:

Content and Script

Our clients give us a concept brief that guides our creative team to create a compelling script to drive home your 2D animation video’s message.


Storyboarding helps our 2D video animators design the structure, flow, and sequence of your video with the help of visual elements that we create.


Animation involves the binding together of different visual elements, adding motion graphics to them, and adding the voice-over to bring your video to life.

Generate a Buzz

Final touch-ups and quality assurances are now in order. Once our team has completed the QA, your video is ready to make a buzz for your brand.

What Makes Our Explainer Videos Buzz?

Explainer Video Production Frequently Asked Questions

A short video that uses a simple and engaging way to explain or communicate how a brand business or service works is called an explainer video. These kinds of videos are used as marketing video content typically to demonstrate the products or service benefits that eventually boost conversions.

Yes, explainer videos are in high demand. Let's see some stats:

  • 97% of marketers believe that users understand their products or services better through explainer videos.
  • To learn about any product or service, 95% of people prefer to watch an explainer video.
  • Instead of reading an article or blog or going on a demo/sales call, 73% of people prefer to watch a short explainer video.
  • 39% of consumers desire to watch more explainer videos.

These stats are enough to describe how much explainer video production is in demand.

The cost for an explainer video for most of the projects starts from $2,500 and can go up to $20,000. It all depends on the type of explainer video you want, 2D or 3D animation styles, the length of the video, etc.

Well, there are many businesses across various industries using explainer videos. However, some of the businesses that are using explainer videos are:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Educational institutes
  • Financial firms
  • Healthcare sector
  • Startups and tech companies
  • Real estate
  • eCommerce setups
  • Fintech companies
  • Insurance industry

The cost of a 30-second explainer video can vary depending on factors like complexity, quality, and the production company. On average, A high-quality, 30-second animated explainer video production costs from $2000 to $4500. Keep in mind that this cost is varied according to the video style and revisions.

Do explainer videos have to be animated?

No, explainer videos don't have to be animated. While animation is a common approach, explainer videos can also be live-action, a combination of live-action and animation, or even slideshow-style presentations. The choice of animation or other styles depends on the content, target audience, and desired aesthetic.

2D animation and 3D animated videos both are trending for explainer videos in 2023. Nevertheless, hybrid explainer videos with 2D and 3D animation are expected to take video marketing to the next level in upcoming years.

BuzzFlick is a trusted choice for explainer video production due to several reasons. They offer professional and high-quality videos tailored to the client's needs and objectives. Their team of experts ensures a seamless production process and a final product that effectively engages the target audience.

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