How can 2D Animation Help Your Business Grow?

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2D animation is helping brands drive engagement, website traffic, and more conversions – giving brands a positive ROI. Achieve the same today with 2D animation.

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Ask yourself this, “how much video content do you consume every month, across various channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Websites, and Ads?”

For most people out there, the amount of video content they consume severely outweigh the amount of textual content they consume.

This is true because of specific reasons that make video content more consumable than text-based content. These reasons are as such:

  • 2D animation-based video content is much more engaging.
  • 2D animated videos are much more entertaining to watch.
  • 2D animation styles, such as explainer videos can provide dense information in a digestible way.
  • It is easier to watch things than to read words.

As a result of this, businesses today are leveraging 2D animation services and video content as a tool within their marketing strategy.

A medium that is easy to consume and share, 2d animated videos are everywhere on social media, with brands making use of it for various purposes. These include:

But the rise of 2D animation as a marketing strategy is a result of more than just its various applications. These videos drive engagement, website traffic, and more conversions – giving brands an ROI that makes investing in 2D animation an excellent business decision.

According to Animatio, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing strategy and come in 2022. It is predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos. Based on these statistics, the future of businesses in the digital ecosystem looks to be in favor of 2D animation and video-based marketing.

As such, we’re presenting 5 ways through which 2D animation and video marketing can help your business grow if used correctly in its various functions.

Answering Consumer Demand on Social Media

Social Media Comsumer Demand

The consumer demand from brands on social media is to generate more video content. Based on the findings of Hubspot’s research, 54% of consumers are demanding video content from the brands they associate with.

Since social media has now become the primary channel for interaction with a brand’s target audience, businesses today should be responding to this shift in demand by implementing video marketing strategies.

If you don’t have in-house animators and video specialists, then you can always hire a 2D animation studio to help you execute this social media marketing strategy.

For brands, it’s essential to recognize that video content is the most preferred content type on social media these days, and according to Animoto with social media video posting, 93% of marketers converted their leads into sales.

Any business owner would understand why it is vital to respond to consumer demand, and in the age of globalization where consumers have unlimited choices and alternatives, businesses that respond the quickest to these trends can make the most out of them.

As a business operating in the digital world, from a standalone business point of view, this can help you increase your social media penetration, engagement, and conversions.

The game on social media is all about how much noise your content makes, and video content is much more shareable and is much more optimized to make the buzz that takes your business towards growth.

Useful Resource: How Animated Posts Galvanize Your Social Media Marketing

Making Your Website SEO-Friendly

Seo Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential strategies that businesses today leverage to attract organic traffic and activity on their websites.

But Search Engine Optimization is more than just placing keywords in the right place and creating backlinks to establish authority.

If you look at how Google explains its SEO metrics, it becomes increasingly apparent that content that is “human-first” is likelier to rank in SERPs.

So what does that mean for video content?

Well, video content is much more human-centric than text-based content. This is because of its various qualities of being easier to understand and more engaging.

According to a report, websites with video content generates 41% more web traffic from searches on Google, when compared to sites that don’t have Video content on them.

But If you look at just the growth numbers, they are even more staggering. Conversion XL research suggests that video content is driving a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs for businesses.

As businesses look to increase their profits, video content has risen as a behemoth in the marketing world, and companies should be aligning their marketing strategy to accommodate this trend.

What does that mean for your business?

Video Content

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This means that based on your industry’s most searched queries and keywords, Google will push your website to its top page, helping your website increase its traffic. The more traffic comes to your website, the higher the chances of you generating revenue from it.

According to Unbounce, video content on a website or landing page can increase a brand’s conversion rate by 80%.

As a result of that, your web pages become much more shareable and can generate a lot more inbounds links than they would if they were only text-based.

To understand the magnitude of difference 2D animation can have on your website’s performance, take a look at this stat from advanced web ranking.  Videos are 45 times more likely to rank on the top SERP when compared to text results.

This is because the more inbound links you have, the more authoritative your site appears to Google. It helps establish your website as an expert and trustworthy platform within your industry and as a result, Google prefers your website to be ranked higher for relevant search queries.

Therefore, your business generates more traffic, engages more potential clients, and increases your conversion rate drastically for increased revenue and profit.

Increasing Your Website’s Consumer Engagement

Getting more traffic on your website is one thing, but 2D animation and videos on sites are also helping brands increase the time consumers spend on their websites.

According to (Wistia) on average, viewers would spend 2.6x more time on a webpage that has a video than on a page without one.

This helps brand reduce their bounce rate and increase their brand engagement. The longer the user spends on your website, the more information they are gathering, and this means that your “hook” strategy is working.

But what kind of videos help to increase brand engagement?

Well, there are a few options you can choose from. Here are some of them.

  • Infotainment videos to answer potential consumer questions.
  • Explainer videos that outline your products and services.
  • Product demo video to exhibit your unique solutions.

These videos help not just introduce your company to your visitors but also showcase your branding, and unique selling point, and establish a brand persona.

If your target audience is everyday consumers from a variety of backgrounds, adding an element of humor can improve your engagement. This engagement establishes a strong relationship between a brand and its consumers.

As a hook, this strategy can improve your client retention rate, conversion rate, and overall number of sales.

Creating a More Informed Consumer Base

Brands today have to focus on creating an informed consumer base. This means that the information you provide has to stick with your target audience.

This information has to be memorable and understandable, but most importantly, it has to be consumable. If your consumers don’t understand your services or products and their unique benefits, then convincing them to spend money becomes an excruciating task.

This is where 2D animated videos come into the mix. If we look at data from a user’s point of view, the human brain can process visual data about 60,000 times faster than it processes text-based data.

The amount of information you can extend to your target audience in one minute using a video is significantly more than what you would be able to extend if they were to read for one minute.

This means that in the eyes of a viewer who usually didn’t come to your website to read, a video helps solve both their problem of not wanting to put in a lot of energy to reading, and it helps your problem of not having consumers understand what your services or products do.

At the end of the day, all viewers, users, and visitors are humans. The way we use the internet is incredibly casual and videos help aid the process of casual internet surfing by condensing the information into a video that is both enjoyable and easy to watch.

By creating a more informed consumer base, you can improve your brand’s financial performance and increase your engagement substantially.

Looking for a Top-Rated 2D Animation Studio? – Talk to us

Now that we have reached here, you must have realized how 2D animation has changed the digital marketing landscape and how commonly brands employ this fresh, innovative technique to give an oomph to their business.

But unfortunately, not every organization owns a full-fledged animation video production team. If you’re one of those, we have just the right solution for you. You can simply outsource your 2D animation video project to any 2D animation company.

If you’re looking for a credible one that can offer you 2D animation services without breaking your budget, then hire BuzzFlick. We are one of the best video animation companies offering various video animation services, including 2D, 3D, and Motion Graphics services.


For businesses to succeed in 2022 and beyond, optimizing their marketing strategy to answer consumer demand and improve their visibility and engagement on digital platforms such as social media and websites is vital.

At the end of the day, if you’re a business owner, then your aspiration should be to be a part of the 85% of small business owners who are happy with the ROI on their 2D animation videos. There is enormous potential within video content, and you have to make sure you’re not too late to join this bandwagon towards digital success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is 2D animation?

2D animation or two-dimensional animation is produced when two-dimensional images are sequenced together to produce the illusion of realistic motion, as in cel animation, hand-drawn animation, or computer-generated vector graphics.

  1. What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

In 2D animation, also known as Two-dimensional animation, every object and character is hand-drawn. Whereas, in 3D animation, the objects and characters are animated in a 3D environment by using good-quality 3D animation software.

  1. How much does it cost to make a 2D animation?

The cost of a one-minute 2D animated animation can range from $8,000 up to $50,000. The price of a single minute of 3D animation can range from $10,000 to $200,000 or more.

The number of characters and sophisticated features determines the pricing range. When it comes to the expense of making an animated film, most studios do not post their prices online.

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