Motion Graphics Videos: How They Can Help To Boost Your Business

how motion graphics video can help businesses grow
Brands are now commonly using video content to boost their sales. Learn how motion graphics videos can help your business to grow.

Watching a video with motion graphics engages your emotions and mind on a deep level.

In order to keep viewers engaged and entice them to take the right action, motion graphics combine many content forms (Text, Numbers, Voiceover, Sounds, Animation) into a single visual presentation.

Today, video accounts for 80% of material viewed. Businesses that take advantage of video marketing can stand out from the competition with appealing and engaging content that increases sales. 46% of buyers made a purchase choice after seeing an internet video about the product.

Various techniques and technologies are employed when creating motion graphics videos, including 2D and 3D animation, 360-degree videos, VR and AR experiences, and conventional hand sketching approaches.

How Using Motion Graphics Videos Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

Using motion graphics is only limited by your imagination and the abilities and expertise you have to develop excellent motion graphics content that is appropriate for the campaign goals, chosen platforms, and the intended audience.

The primary reasons why employing motion graphics videos can help your business:

Streamlining complex topics

In comparison to writing a lengthy blog post that takes up important time, employing motion graphics videos may help you clarify complicated concepts and themes for readers and offer the necessary value with captivating visuals.

It is possible to teach difficult and uninteresting topics to viewers in a short amount of time since the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times quicker than content in a textual format.

Our client “Room Speculator” asked us to show how their new traveling solution can meet the demands of their target audience, “prospective consumers,” and we were happy to oblige.

Competent branding solution

With good branding solutions, you can develop a positive impression in the minds of your target audience regarding your brand and its connected products and services.

Motion graphics videos have shown their effectiveness as a branding solution since they catch audiences’ attention in a world with a short attention span and engage them emotionally and cognitively with your brand message.

Motion graphics content is the winning card with engaging visual and audio material that illustrates your brand message quickly.

Whether you’re growing brand recognition, launching new products or services, targeting new client segments, or improving your company’s reputation.

As a result of the targeted audience’s real-time input and the ability to readily share content, businesses may better gauge how they are performing in the market and adjust better compete.

Effortlessly consumed content

When it comes to social media, video marketing content generates 12x the amount of comments and shares compared to other content produced online, independent of the demographics and interests of active social media users.

Using motion graphics video to deliver your company’s message can become viral in a matter of seconds, requiring minimal effort or time on the part of the audience to absorb a condensed message with an excellent presentation that incorporates many content pieces.

Cost-effective and less time-consuming

In order to acquire the intended results from a target audience, graphic designs and drawings can be used as efficient marketing solutions.

Motion graphics videos combine designs, drawings, and audio to create engaging videos with a greater ROI and a higher conversion rate than other content marketing formats.

Even though people spend 6 hours at least weekly viewing videos, the available time for your business to attract and engage them with your content is limited and shrinking every day, with millions of video content pieces published every day.

The limited-time viewers have to watch and engage with your content on various devices responsively and across various conventional and online channels is effectively utilized.

Multi-sensory experience

It is important to note that the target audience’s preferred content format and how they want to receive information differ depending on the information they are looking for.

Motion graphics videos are a “multi-sensory experience” that enables you to target diverse audiences and enhance engagement and added value with their favorite content type integrated, as we have previously stated.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next video project, do check out the top animated motion graphics video examples.

The Takeaway

In order to get the most out of motion graphics videos, you need to know your business goals and target audience demographics, interests, and suitable targeting platforms, and then select a professional video animation agency that specializes in providing motion graphics services to produce the appropriate content for your business.

If you’re looking for top-rated motion graphics studios, hire BuzzFlick – an animation agency offering video animation and production services, including motion graphics services.

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