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We make the smoothest motion graphics that increase your business value.

Make Your Ideas Dance With Motion Graphics

BuzzFlick has a team of passionate motion graphics designers that give movement to your graphic design. We create designs that tell your business’s story to your targeted audience and help them bond with your brand.

BuzzFlick gives your business a prominent visual appearance in the market and distinguishes your brand from its competitors. You can gather viewers’ attention toward your product, service, and brand.

BuzzFlick lets your complex business idea talk to your audience in a comprehensive way.

motion graphics services

Motion Graphics Videos That Buzz

Different Types of Motion Graphics Animation Videos

Primarily, there are two different types of motion graphics animation services that studios are offering:

2D Motion Graphics Animation Videos

Videos with 2D motion graphics animation use basic forms and visuals to communicate meaning. When making motion graphics videos, artists start off the project with flat, simplistic drawings that are subsequently animated. Simple, linear concepts, such as those presented in explainer videos, are best conveyed through videos using 2D motion graphics design.

3D Motion Graphics Animation Videos

As opposed to 2D animation videos, 3D motion graphics animation videos have a greater degree of complexity. They need more time and technical expertise to make. Such representations excel in explaining intricate processes, such as those involved in operating a piece of machinery.

When Should You Use Motion Graphics Animation

For your motion design needs, go no farther than BuzzFlick. We stand among the top motion graphics animation companies. . Here are a few common scenarios in which these videos really shine, in case you're debating whether or not to use them.

Brand Videos

If you've ever seen a logo with motion design or animation, you've seen a basic example of motion graphics. . This type of videos is ideal for use in branding since they provide an engaging and easy-to-remember visual experience.

Explainer Videos

Both explainer videos and educational videos use a combination of visual and text-based content to effectively convey information to their audience. These videos provide step-by-step instructions and explanations in a clear and visually appealing way, making them highly effective for engaging and educating viewers.


Motion graphics videos are an effective form of storytelling because they combine text and visuals. If you need assistance telling your narrative, a motion designer can create a compelling motion design videos for you.

Concept Breakdown

Words often fall short when attempting to describe something as intricate as the mechanism behind a new creation. Both 2D and 3D motion graphics videos excel at breaking down complicated ideas into easily digestible chunks of visual information.

Product Videos

Marketing a product effectively requires more demonstration than explanation. Product videos provide a rapid method of conveying a product's features and benefits to the end user. Conversion rates and revenue can both benefit from a professionally produced marketing video.

Data Visualization

In depicting complex concepts, words can be insufficient. Opting for visually compelling images and text is a superior approach. Such videos capture the essence of the data and excel at simplifying intricate subjects.

how to make motiongraphics video

How to Make Motion Graphics Videos

Depending on the style and purpose of the video you're attempting to create, motion graphics videos can be simple to create or incredibly difficult. Contrary to whiteboard animation, motion graphics have many more moving components. It depends on the message or notion being communicated. If you wish to produce a video using motion design, you must do the following steps:

Create the Graphics

To create engaging motion design videos, you can use a variety of tools. Some of the common tools that artists often make use of are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. When creating 2D animated motion graphics videos, these tools are enough. However, if you're going with 3D, you'll need tools that have features like 3D modeling and animation.

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Motion Graphics For Business Marketing

Motion graphics services have been widespread among business marketing.

You can make 2D & 3D explainer videos, 2D whiteboard animation, social media video, corporate video, and commercial video for business. BuzzFlick has expertise in 3D motion graphics logo animation, which is ideal for your company representation.

BuzzFlick creates high-quality videos that will be a killer marketing weapon you can use on social media platforms and websites.

The B2B companies use motion graphics for cartoons, animated characters, and graphical icons to promote brands. They are also used to create company mascots for individuality and identification.

Motion graphics Business
2D 3D motion graphics

2D And 3D Motion Graphics Explainer Video For Company

BuzzFlick creates 2D & 3D explainer videos that elucidate complex business or educational concepts to your viewers in simple and easy language. You can use explainer videos for brand awareness, promotion, and educational goals.

We create 120-160 seconds of 2D & 3D explainer videos to demonstrate your business values. BuzzFlick provides quality and mind-blowing graphical designs to make explainer videos more attractive to watch.

Motion Graphics For Your Corporate Purposes

BuzzFlick believes in encouraging and empowering all sorts of businesses and making them compete with successful business criteria. We have created numerous motion graphics corporate videos and stand among the top motion graphic video service providers. Our clients come from all industries, and we facilitate them with a motion graphics videos playlist.

Motion graphics corporate
Work with the best motion graphics company

Work With The Best Motion Graphics Video Production Studio

BuzzFlick has worked with more than 800 clients from almost 40 different work industries and has completed 900 plus projects. We have excellent packages for custom pricing that are pretty much affordable.

We welcome companies to discuss requirements and love to suggest a creative solution to them. You can contact our sales representatives and discuss your ideas to get a service quote.

2D Whiteboard Motion Graphics Service

BuzzFlick creates whiteboard motion graphics training and instructional videos for companies. The skilled team of creator elaborate training goal of the company to the trainee in a simple and easy way, so the learning period become memorable and interesting.

Whoever you are and whatever cause you serve, BuzzFlick is here to accelerate your sale and convey your message to your viewer. You can provide us your concepts, and we will deliver you the spectacular visual representation through a 2D whiteboard motion graphic video.

2D Whiteboard Motion graphics
Motion Design

Our Motion Design Production Process

In a motion design production process, a couple of steps are included, such as concept creation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, voiceover, illustration, animation, and editing.

Our competent in-house motion graphics artists team consists of extremely brilliant designers with years of experience in the animation industry. Choose our team to create dynamic content and other prominent animation styles.

Why Choose BuzzFlick As Your Motion Graphics Project Partner?

BuzzFlick is an all-in-one creative enablement platform and the only creative services firm that allows you to communicate with your designer in real time using Teamwork. BuzzFlick creatives come from all over the world and have a diverse skill set, guaranteeing that you are paired with the proper creatives - quality control included.

We are proud to state that BuzzFlick stands among the top motion graphics studios in the USA. Based out of Houston, our primary goal is to help businesses find innovative ways to create animated videos.

From our years of experience following are a couple of factors you should consider before choosing one:

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BuzzFlick As Your Motion Graphics Services Partner
motion graphics solutions

What's Next?

Motion graphics are an excellent alternative for communicating your message in a clear, colorful, and memorable manner. BuzzFlick provides innovative motion design services that can successfully convey your message.

Schedule a free consultation with us right away to learn how motion graphics video can positively affect your business.

Do you want to level up your marketing with animation? Elevate your creative content with the most affordable motion graphics solution on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motion graphics, also known as motion design, is a style of animation that revolves around the text. In this animation style, we see graphics in movements. They are animated pictures or designs that provide the appearance of movement, allowing for a more impactful approach with the audience.

Yes, motion graphic videos are incredibly effective since they keep the audience's attention. We excel at explaining the biggest amount of content in the quickest period of time via effective videos.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for animated motion graphic videos. Many video production businesses feel that the shorter the video, the better for the brand. However, the duration of the video will vary depending on what you are attempting to say. However, the opening 5-6 seconds of the video are critical since they result in a greater engagement rate.

BuzzFlick costs a very reasonable fee to create videos. The pricing for a motion graphics animation start at $4,000 USD for 60 seconds of video time.

An animated motion graphics video might take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Motion Design artists use a couple of software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Red Giant Software, and Mocha AE, to name a few.

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