Pro Tips to Create An Excellent Whiteboard Animation Video

pro tips to create an excellent whiteboard animation video
Check out the 11 techniques you can incorporate into your production process and learn how to make creative whiteboard animation videos for your business.

Do you know how to create a compelling whiteboard animation video, which is a total success? Then this is the right read for you.

We will tell you 11 tips that can change your way of thinking and animation.  The whiteboard animation is a hand-drawn animation that communicates a story, idea, or concept to the audience.

An artist speaks while drawing on the whiteboard, and the camera captures it all; this whole process is known as whiteboard video.

With technological advancement, the process could efficiently be conducted using digital techniques, but how can you make it attractive and impactful? You can use animation!

The evolution of technology has made the process lot easier, and with some 2D animation and special effects, you can make the whole video production process cleaner.

Animated whiteboard videos can tell a story and also connect the audience emotionally with the content, but if you don’t make them correctly, it will be the backfire on you, and what you aim to achieve with the video will be impossible to achieve.

To avoid some significant mistakes in whiteboard animation video production, you must know the pro techniques or hire the best whiteboard animation company for the project.

P.S: If you prefer a professional hand for your project, check out the top whiteboard video animation companies.

If you are going for a DIY approach, these 11 tips will help you create captivating whiteboard animation videos and achieve the goal you have set.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Tip No# 1: The Power of Storytelling

From toddlers to adults, everyone loves stories. It keeps things, thoughts, and ideas alive in people for a long. If you are a company and what to be remembered by your targeted audience, start telling stories through your videos.

P.S: not every video genre revolves around storytelling, but most videos need storytelling to connect with their audience.

It’s a fact that a powerful story is irresistible for all, and automatically the people get attracted toward it. To incorporate the storytelling in your whiteboard animation videos, keep this approaches:

  • If you are a brand, the story must be revolving around the audience’s pain points.
  • How your business, product, or service can help your audience with their problems.
  • Try to avoid keeping your videos sales-oriented. If your audience catches the idea that it’s more about the product than them, they will lose interest.
  • Try to gain empathy with your audience, show how you are feeling the pain of your beloved audience.

So, tell a customer-oriented story to your audience, and capture their attention by showing your concern about their issues.

Tip No# 2: The Animated Characters

To create a powerful story, characters are important. They are the thread that keeps the story together and maintains its flow.

While creating the character, make sure that the characters must resonate with your audience and reflect their story.

Animated characters make videos attractive to watch and represent the ideal buyer’s persona to your viewers. It casts out a sense of relatability for your audience.

Tip No# 3: The Conventional Way

Animation makes video production a lot easier and less time-consuming, but some traditional steps cannot be eliminated from the process.

In whiteboard animation, there are some basic things that make it different from other explainer videos: a whiteboard (background) and a drawing hand.

Being creative is good, but follow the conventional whiteboard animation method. Keep the movement of the drawing hand smooth on the white background.

P.S: you can add variation to your video. Whiteboard animation is conventionally a black and white drawing, but you can add color to the scene, characters, objects, and elements with a white background.

Whiteboard animation is also known as hand-drawn animation, and if you want to seek some inspirational ideas for your project, check out the guide on what is hand-drawn animation with movie examples.

Tip No# 4: The Personalized Details

Whiteboard animations usually are made black and white, but you can be innovative. You can add colors to highlight some features and parts of the video.

Adding color to your animation can attract your audience and help them focus on the highlighted visuals.

You can use color in your whiteboard animation video to deliver a message or capture your audience’s attention on specific points.

P.S: if you are a company, try to use your brand’s colors to reflect the relativity to the video with your brand.

Take a look at this YDraw’s whiteboard animation video, where the animator is illustrating the story with colorful animation on a white background – truly beautiful!

Tip No# 5: The Drawing Hands

The main feature of the whiteboard animation video, except for the white background, is the drawing hand.

You can do this in the traditional way or use some tool to show it looks like it’s being drawn, but the one thing that cannot be changed throughout the video is the drawing hand.

If there is no drawing hand in the video, it is not a whiteboard video. The thing that makes the video look like a whiteboard is the drawing hand itself.

So, the drawing hand must appear in the video to keep the whiteboard video separate from the other explainer video styles.

Tip No# 6: The Emotional Reference

Whiteboard animation videos aim to deliver complex ideas and concepts to the audience in an understandable way. It can smoothly be created and mold any emotion easily, whether it’s happy, sad, emotional, furious, or any other.

You can use your audience’s emotions in the video to help them connect with your goal effectively. For example, if your audience expresses excitement and enthusiasm by hearing a patriotic story, then evoke their patriotic emotion through your story.

To make your video memorable for your audience, appeal to their emotions and generate relatability identification.

Tip No# 7: The Interconnected Drawings

A perfect whiteboard video keeps your audience connected throughout the video and bonds them with interest.

The interconnected drawing can do this for you and keep your audience wondering what is next. Watching the story being drawn creates a sense of excitement for the audience and sparks out the interest in exploring more.

Note: Don’t use the interconnected drawing often, as it breaks the story chain for some audience. Your ultimate goal is to gather more eyes than lose viewers.

If you think of incorporating interconnected drawing in your video, use animation tools for better display and clear visuals. There are some bad-ass whiteboard animation software you can consider using while making a whiteboard animation project.

Tip No# 8: The Educational Aspect

Have you seen how fast a kid learns from interesting videos? This process is the same for all ages. Exciting topic, stories, characters, and drawings, makes the video gripping and entertaining.

Whiteboard animated videos are the perfect tool to educate the audience effectively. It has everything that makes it interesting to watch and learn.

If we say the excellent example of educational whiteboard animation is what, we mention AsapSCIENCE, where the animator illustrates learning topics with captivating drawings and animation.

Take a look at this whiteboard video, where the animator demonstrates what will happen if all humans disappear.

Tip No# 9: The Tone of Your Sprint

Think about what you want to tell your audience, but you don’t know how to communicate it – write a script!

The script covers all the points you want to make or raise through your video. Whether it is a commercial or animated whiteboard video, the script is essential for all types of videos.

If you know nothing about scriptwriting, hire a professional scriptwriter to get it done for you or for a DIY preference; with a comprehensive scriptwriting guide, learn how to write an animation script for your video.

Once you are done with the script, what next should you do? Read it out loud to your audience through your videos.

The role of a script in whiteboard animation video is to sound talking directly to the audience. Make sure to keep the tone natural. If your script sounds like “A text block” more than a “one-on-one communication”, they will lose interest in the video.

Note: Reading out loud means delivering your core message to your audience clearly.

Tip No# 10: The Storyboarding

Just like a script, a storyboard is also vital in the whiteboard animation video. Once you have finished scriptwriting, it’s time to start making a storyboard.

Make sure that the storyboard shows all the essential steps and scenes of your story, so the animators, voice-over artists, illustrators, and editors get a clear idea of the processes and the steps they have to follow in order to give life to it.

Tip No# 11: The Whiteboard Animation Video Services

There are many animation agencies out in the market that can create whiteboard animation videos for your business, but how can you ensure that this agency is the right choice?

Here are some points that you should cover while hunting an animation agency for your marketing:

  • Check out their portfolio.
  • Look for their client’s review.
  • Ask for their video reel. (special for those services your want to avail for your project.)
  • Evaluate the quality of their animation.
  • Compare their plan and work quality with at least two more agencies.
  • Match their price plan with your budget. (don’t spend too much but don’t lose a good animation agency on a little high price.)
  • Most important: look for the specialty of the studio. What services it provides the best.
  • Check what services the studio is experts in.
  • Look for the companies or clients it has worked with.

Ready for An Action!

Whiteboard animation is the best way to engage and educate your audience. You can communicate your company’s vision, business goal, creative ideas, innovative concepts, and brand awareness through whiteboard animation.

You can follow the mentioned tips in making your videos and see how effective they turned out for your objectives.

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  • What is a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation video is a hand-drawn art that narrates a story to the audience. It is a type of explainer video that efficiently delivers the core message to the viewers.

It is a famous explainer video style that communicates complex ideas into digestible content and makes the viewer’s understanding easier.

  • What is whiteboard animation is used for?

Whiteboard animation videos are used by companies who want to sell a product, explain the working of the service, or describe the construction of a system. It helps to raise the attention and retention of the audience.

  • How long will it take to create a whiteboard animation video?

Storyboarding requires 5-10 days, and 4 to 6 days are needed to produce a whiteboard animation video of 60-seconds.

But the completion times depend upon the requirements and the revision of the project.

  • What are the best whiteboard animation apps?

Here are the top whiteboard animation apps that professional animators and studios prefer while creating a project. Take a look:

  • Explain Everything.
  • FlipAClip.
  • Educreations.
  • Whiteboard.
  • LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Squigl.
  • Whiteboard-Draw Paint Doodle.

Check out the top whiteboard animation apps if you want to learn more about these applications.

  • What will be the cost of creating a whiteboard animation video?

The cost of a whiteboard animation video starts from $2,900 to $3400 per 60 seconds, but it can vary according to your project requirements and the revision. The cost also depends upon the additional requirements.

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