The Right Type Of Videos To Use In Each Stage of the Buyers Funnel

the right type of videos to use in each stage of the buyers funnel
The sales funnel is constantly evolving and as brands want to optimize them, videos are proving to be the perfect collateral that leads to more conversions.

In the effort to attract customers, video marketing and sales funnels are both well-known as effective strategies. But what if you could use both at the same time to maximize the benefits of video marketing?

These three elements work together to assist your customers in recognizing an issue, creating trust in your brand and viewing your product or service as the answer.

Instead of just sprinkling your existing efforts throughout each stage of your sales funnel, consider matching different video styles with each stage.

A successful marriage of these two marketing techniques necessitates highly personalized content for each stage of the funnel. A normal sales funnel will be reviewed first, and we’ll then recommend a few video choices for you to employ to improve your sales funnel using video.

An Overview: What is a Sales Funnel?

Before jumping into further details, let’s first do a review of a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a defined path or an experience you create for business prospects.

However, with increasing digitalization, companies are intelligently using the creative services of explainer video production companies to convert their business prospects into leads and then into repetitive customers.

The different types of marketing videos and animation techniques have created a unique space for brands to create a synergy between video strategy and buyer funnel to create awareness, engage, nurture and enable the decision-making process by influencing and delivering unique value at every stage.

The right and informed choice at the right time can completely shift the course of your brand’s future. Make sure you optimize your result with a buyers’ journey that only makes brilliant stops.

The ability to construct a sales funnel that is both effective and efficient is a talent that can only be learned through practice and careful preparation.

In order to be successful, you must know and be able to communicate with your target audience at each level of the sales funnel.

An actual funnel represents the number of customers you’re dealing with as they progress through your sales funnel, from the large audience that views your initial video advertising at the top to those who continue on and complete a purchase.

The Three Stages of Sales Funnel

The sales funnel can be divided into three primary stages:

  • The top of the sales funnel (TOFU)
  • The middle of the sales funnel (MOFU)
  • The bottom of the sales funnel (BOFU)

Let’s discuss each of them in a bit more detail to understand the significance and role each stage plays in the sales funnel.

The top of the sales funnel: Discovery & Awareness

Your brand is introduced to potential customers at the beginning of the sales funnel. Since they haven’t recognized an issue or challenge yet, they’re probably simply “browsing” subjects of interest. They’re inquisitive.

Therefore, they’re doing their best to learn as much as possible and narrow down the questions they have.

As soon as you meet a potential customer, you should be able to answer the question, “Why should I do this?” by providing them with relevant information. Writing “did you know?” type blogs and videos feed their curiosity and focus their attention on the subject at hand more effectively than other forms of content marketing do.

Bring their attention to a problem, provide sound advice, and create your company’s reputation as a reliable source of information.

The middle of the sales funnel: Drive user-engagement

A customer has clearly identified their specific problem or challenge when they reach the center of your sales funnel, and they’re actively looking for answers.

You may begin to construct a solid case for your brand when your prospects become genuine leads. Because they’ve narrowed down their problem, you’re in a better position to answer their inquiries and show them the benefits of doing business with you.

Offer free trials, enticing promotions, in-depth instructions, or practical checklists now if you have the resources to do so. Prospects may not be ready to make a choice just yet, so take advantage of their curiosity by offering them something for which they have to make little or no financial commitment of their own on your end.

The bottom of the sales funnel: Lead decision making

If everything goes according to plan, your leads will pick your brand as their preferred option. In other words, you’ll need to provide them with instructional resources to enable them to use your ground-breaking solution on a regular basis.

Providing your lead with this final push of information will help them make a decision that is tailored to their individual wants and tackles their specific difficulties.

Content such as FAQs, product feature and demonstration videos, bundled packages, insider tips or follow-up email campaigns can be used in this last stage of the sales funnel to persuade the customer to buy.

Now that we have explored each of the stages in the funnel in-depth let’s find out what types of videos are suitable for which part of the sales funnel.

Top of the Sales Funnel – Create Awareness

It is crucial that you start interacting with your buyers from the very beginning. And it all begins with the realization of a specific problem. How you engage the lead here will change the entire course of your buyer funnel.

This is where you define the effectiveness of the opportunity by creating awareness and adopting the problem-solving approach.

Understand how time-sensitive the matter is for your audience and how they prioritize this challenge in their everyday life.

Next, understand where your buyer looks for information; would they go for a Google search or lookup on Facebook. The more you know your buyers, the better you can cater to their quirks, content consumption patterns, and online behavior.

You might be astounded to know that if a webpage has textual and visual content, 72% of viewers will prefer watching the video to understand a product or service.

Moreover, approximately 50% of viewers search for a product and service-related video online before they decide to purchase.

To put it in simple words, at this stage of the funnel to need to pave a road to bring the right customers to you and using the right type of video can help.

To create awareness and educate your audience, try using the following types of videos:

Explainer Videos

With a higher inclination of people toward consuming video content, a 2D explainer video has become an excellent tool for businesses to attract audiences.

Explainer videos help you break down a complex concept and describe it in an easier to follow and exciting manner.

Generally, companies use 2D explainer videos to engage buyers and, within 1 to 2 minutes, address their queries with videos about how a product or service solves a problem in a very understandable way. You can use explainer videos on the business website and YouTube and share them on your social accounts.

Take a look at the explainer video we created for WeFeel. This child support organization came to us with the magnificent idea of helping the children of broken families.

Since the idea was new, we suggested them to go for an explainer video as it will help to spread awareness of this fresh and unique idea among the audience.

Useful Resources:

Educational Videos

As the technology is massively progressing, you can use the 2D animation techniques to take any topic or aspect of your business and make an engaging, as well as educational video about it.

A lot of times, enterprises struggle trying to deliver complicated information to buyers. However, creating educational videos is a great way to inform buyers about how effective a particular product is at solving their problems.

At times you have to make these videos less brand-centric to highlight the significance of the valuable information you are providing about the industry, the company, or the problem.

The mission of the LaunchPad Academy is to provide businesses and educators with the information and tools they need to be successful in today’s fast-paced business environment. Take a look at their educational video for inspiration:

Solution-oriented Videos

With some creativity and intelligence, you can make 2D animation videos about anything. Besides, at the first stage of the buyer funnel, people are single-mindedly looking for the solution to their problem.

Products and services that solve an issue the consumers didn’t even realize they had or improve a part of their life in a way they’d never imagined are frequently the ones that win over new clients.

Your product or service’s unique selling proposition may be highlighted in videos at the very top of the sales funnel.

Using strategic messaging can enable you to ensure that your consumers understand the problem and are motivated to solve it.

3sixfive is a social media agency operating in the UK offering specialized services in Review Management, Community Management, and other popular social media services. Take a look at the solution-oriented video we created for the brand:

Middle of the Sales Funnel: Drive User-engagement

88% of video marketers say that video brings them a positive ROI. This stat signifies you have to position your product as the ultimate solution to the problems you helped your customers uncover at the beginning of the funnel.

Focus on delivering thorough information on what your product does, how it solves an issue, and why it’s a better choice than your rivals while they have their full attention.

Try the following video kinds to keep your leads in the funnel till the end:

How-To and Tutorial Videos

To drive a decision in your favor doesn’t just require a promise of a functional product, but it’s more about the experience it will provide users. This is why the middle of the funnel is the best time to give buyers glimpses of an outstanding brand experience waiting for them with how it works and tutorial videos.

Use this opportunity to tell your prospects that your values make you unique, build brand equity expertise, and promise the exceptional experience that makes you an obvious choice.

Demo Videos

Your audience is strongly feeling the challenges at hand, and they are ready to see up-close how your product fixes their problem efficiently and effectively.

At this point, they are proactively looking for a solution, so go ahead and deliver an impactful yet simple animated product demo video. This video will help you stand uniquely from the crowd, and it makes your product more real for the buyers as they understand the actual benefits of using the solution you are providing.

Besides, make sure your 2D animation studio understands to make the product the hero of the video and clearly shows how it is the best option to get the job done.

Air Taxi is a newly introduced traveling solution offering luxury traveling services. To help their audience understand how their app works, we created a demo video for them:

End of the Sale Funnel – Lead Decision Making

Do you know, based on a study, 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video?

If you have been able to make your lead follow you this far, it means you have done a good job at creating awareness and then engaging the buyers. And finally, your prospects are ready to make their final decision.

At the final stage of the buyer funnel, you have to be smart and quality-orientated with the content you produce. There are several ways to do this, show them happy customers, provide clients incentives, or you can go back and point out benefits and value in using your product or services.

Whatever you do, make sure to drive the prospect to the checkout.

Customer Testimonial Videos

People generally believe in trying out the guaranteed option, and watching a group of your customers who are happily associated with the brand gives them peace of mind to go ahead.

Watching testimonial videos of customers with inspiring success stories, talking about how your product was the solution that changed everything for them to increase your prospects’ liking of the brand.

It develops hope in them, believing the brand will be the solution they have been looking for, just like it was for others. This is a great way to give your leads the final push they need to make the decision.

Relevant Resources:


If your prospects have come this far, it means they are interested, which is why you need to provide highly appealing video content with more direct messaging. As you have their proper attention, you can pull off conducting webinars or interviews that enable buyers to more deeply engage with the product and its features and address their queries and FAQs.

This is the time to produce more corporate video content that eliminates any lingering doubts and builds up confidence in the brand. It will define you as the industry leader and show customers how invested you are in providing them with an exceptional solution and experience.

Influencer Videos

The purpose of the final stage in the buyer funnel is to give your potential clients the final nudge in the right direction. However, it falls on you to understand your buyers and analyze what would work the best for them.

In this era of digitalization, several brands are adopting a collaborative approach with industry influencers to affect the decision of buyers.

With a few animation tips and partnerships with the right influencer, you can use this opportunity to showcase your product and features through community and opinion leaders who will make buyers fall your product or service a little more.

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No matter which video type you choose, all it comes down to is the quality of your video and the content coverage.

If you have an in-house video production team, that’s awesome, but if you don’t, that’s totally okay. You can outsource your video project to a video production company.

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Get Your Sales Funnel Ready

Now you understand how you can use different types of 2D animation videos in different ways, styles, purposes, and messaging to nurture and develop business leads at each stage of the buyer’s funnel.

The right 2D animation company can help you produce informative, engaging, and hard-to-miss videos that will strengthen your prospects, increase brand association and chances of purchase with every video.

To make the best of your buyer’s funnel video strategy, first, create your plan. Based on how your customers react to your different content, put together a series of videos that map out your messages, matching the need and situations of each stage in the funnel.

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Stages of Sales Funnel: FAQs

  1. What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the path a potential customer takes to convert into a customer. The customer moves closer to making a purchase at each level of the funnel. In order to move prospects along in the sales process, you need a well-thought-out sales funnel.

  1. What are the three stages of the sales funnel?

Following are the three commonly known stages of the sales funnel:

  • TOFU – Lead generation
  • MOFU – Buyer engagement and lead nurturing
  • BOFU – Customer expansion acquisition

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