10 Impactful Video Storytelling Strategies With Examples

Video storytelling significantly improves your brand's image. We've put together 10 impactful video strategies that you should know to achieve your marketing goals.

Video Storytelling

Everyone loves stories. They love them, even more, when they are made in video format.

Video storytelling makes us empathize and strike our emotional chord.

Not only that but also, it’s 60,000 times easier to understand visuals than text-based content. Moreover, the attention span of humans also declines from 12 seconds to eight seconds.

That makes all the more reason to include video storytelling as an integral part of your video marketing strategy.

However, there’s already too much content out there in the digital world. So, you need to bring something new to the table to stand out and thrive.

The only way to do that is to master the craft of engaging video storytelling. It will keep your audience at the edge of their seat, increase engagement and conversion.

In this blog, we have discussed the 10 most impactful video storytelling strategies that would keep up your game, making engaging and compelling video content.

Before we move on, but let’s get to know…

Why Leverage Video Storytelling Strategies?

Leverage Video Storytelling Strategies

Stories act as a learning experience or an information base for their viewers. It helps them understand and recall information faster and helps them distinguish between a good decision and a bad one.

Let’s explain this with an example.

Once there was a hungry monkey who went up the tree to find something to eat. He comes across a fruit that looks pretty sweet. But monkey remembers something awful. That his fellow monkey that ate the same fruit and the outcome was dreadful. Thus, it makes the hungry monkey went to look further and found something else to eat.

This is also how consumers respond to brands. A brand’s storytelling works as a force of conviction towards its audience for why choosing them is a good decision.

Based on that story, an individual consumer makes their decision of eating the proverbial fruit (engaging with the brand) or not eating it (like the second monkey.)

We Tell Stories When We Talk To Friends And Peers

We love to talk to our loved ones and tell them stories about how our day went and gossip about other people. It’s needless to say that we enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and books.

Our Dreams Also Have A Storyline

Most of what we do while awake makes us remember during our sleep. We also dream about becoming and living the life of someone else. Sometimes dreams get too real, making us awake in the middle of the night.

Videos Stimulate Our Senses

Video storytelling impacts all our senses, including sensory and emotions. When we watch visual stories, we tend to empathize with the characters and go through all the same emotions.

What Is Video Storytelling?

From a marketing perspective, video storytelling acts as a marketing tool to tell the story of a brand, product, or company to the target audience. Video storytelling generally leverages the narrative arc to address and empathize with all the potential customer’s pain points and provides a compelling solution.

The potential customers get hooked with an appealing visual, engaging background score, characters of the story, and creates a deeper connection.

Video storytelling doesn’t work like a pushy salesperson; its major focus on educating potential customers and making their buying decisions easier. When your promotional video starts to gain traction, it will easily cover the cost of animated video of your brand.

10 Impactful Video Storytelling Strategies

Now, let’s look at the 10 impactful video storytelling strategies to leverage to better connect with your target audience.

#1) Create A Hero’s Journey

A hero’s journey is one of the popular video storytelling strategies and most relatable to the target audience. It follows a basic pattern of a cheerful beginning, but as the story progresses, it gave rise to a conflict to builds up the tension, and at the end, it brings the resolution to the problem.

The target audience is more accustomed to this mode of storytelling. This is because it engages the audience from the start, keeps them hooked till the end.

#2) Humanize Your Brand

The most important element of video storytelling is to humanize your brand to your target audience. The best way to do that is to create an emotional connection with your brand.

An emotional appeal should be included in all the phases of making a video, including branding, video script, and soundtrack. That’s the perfect execution of video storytelling.

One of the best examples of video storytelling of a brand that truly touched the chord of its target audience is of John Lewis’ department store. The main purpose of making the video is to invigorate the sanctity of Christmas into the target audience utilizing the narrative arc technique.

#3) Conflict Is Good In Video Storytelling!

Although conflict may not be good in real life, but it can work wonders in video storytelling.

How? It’s simple, really. When you create a story, you can turn a negative outcome such as sadness or anger into a positive one, amusing and fun.

For instance, consider the commercial of KitKat.

Now, it started off scary and thrilling, making you think of all the horrifying outcomes for the protagonist. However, the commercial ended up on a fun note.

#4) Have A Compelling Voiceover

Finding the voice that resonates with your brand should be one of the top priorities in your pursuit of effective video storytelling. You can either utilize the right person or the right voiceover to pack a punch into your brand’s video.

One of the prime examples of compelling voiceover is legendary David Attenborough. He personified the art of storytelling with his natural documentaries.

His calmness and soothing voice make even the most distressing situations in the animal kingdom pleasant.

That’s why it’s crucial that you have an adequate voice over artist to narrate the story you want to tell and make a lasting impact on your target audience.

#5) Add Aesthetically Appealing Visuals

Visual elements play a critical role in keeping the audience hooked, especially in the social media domain. This is because most of the videos are mostly played without sound. So, the only way to get the target audiences’ attention is to include aesthetically appealing visuals to attract and keep the audience engaged.

Luckily, you don’t need words to tell your story. What you need are engaging visuals that emphasize the context of your message. The viewers need to be able to understand what is happening in the video with the sound off.

Even though words have their importance, but they shouldn’t be the prime factor in keeping your audience engaged. You can leverage visual elements to convey your brand’s message. Also, you can add subtitles to your videos; it will make a great tool in your video storytelling.

One such example is GoPro, which doesn’t need the use of voiceover or subtitles. The video makes the best use of visually appealing elements, creating an enthralling experience for the viewer.

#6) Remember To Prioritize Your Audience

Always remember one crucial aspect of storytelling, which is to prioritize your audience over everything else. This is because the success of all your effort in making a compelling video is based on how well your audience perceives your brand’s message.

So, you need to do thorough research on your target audience before writing a video script. In this way, you will be in a better position to attract and entice your audience and keep them hooked till the end.

When your target audience likes what they see, they will enter into the next sales funnel phase and hopefully convert into sales.

Useful Resource: How To Write An Explainer Video Script In 8 Easy Steps.

#7) Add Catchy Music

It’s no surprise that music is one of the best ways for effective video storytelling. Utilizing the power of music and jingles helps you set the mood of your video.

Now, you can either choose popular uplifting songs or even compose original music that aligns with the tone of your brand’s video.

Apple is known for utilizing video storytelling to showcase its features. In the video below, they exhibited their prowess in the most captivating manner. They add just the right soundtrack that goes with their video storytelling.

#8) Keep It Short And Sweet

Since the advent of Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram Stories, it’s now more important than ever to keep your videos short to get maximum engagement. If you’re making stories for social media, keep the video’s time length within two minutes.

#9) Change Your Approach

You may certainly have various aspects to cover in your brand’s video. However, the general perspective of your audience is mainly biased towards your approach. No matter at what capacity you’re working for your brand, at the end of the day, the audience knows that the main intent is to sell your product or service. That’s why it’s better to change your approach in order to effectively make a lasting impact on your potential customers.

The best way to do that is to write a video script from your audience’s perspective. This is because your potential customers will more likely trust someone who is an outsider instead of an employee or the company’s owner.

For instance, if you have an online marketplace platform, rather than including your company’s employees on the promotional video, create a video from buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives. Let them tell their story and how your platform helps them achieve their goals. This type of approach of storytelling will instill into the minds of potential customers for a longer period.

One such example is Airbnb, where the host shares their stories about how Airbnb helps them achieve their goals and provide living space to tourists.

#10) Try A Unique Way To Tell Your Story

Well, as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. In making a video storytelling strategy, there are several techniques to deliver your brand’s message.

Nowadays, many marketers utilize stats’ power to make compelling statements of why their brands are better than the others. Even though it’s one of the tried and test techniques in video storytelling, sometimes the information overwhelms the target audience. As a result, the audience didn’t get the brand’s message properly

The best example of taking a unique approach to storytelling is MG Hector. The famous car manufacturers didn’t mention the stats and technical features of the car. The brand harness the power of subtitles in their video storytelling strategies and delivered an exhilarating experience of driving an MG Hector.

Here’s the video below to get inspired.

Parting Words

Every brand has a story to tell.

So, when you want to make a dynamic impact on your target audience, you should leverage these video storytelling strategies. That includes appealing visuals, compelling voiceover, and an engaging soundtrack and creates an emotional connection.

These strategies will help you better convey your brand’s message, improve engagement, and hopefully, increase your conversions.

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