Top 10 Websites to Download Anime Subtitles for Free

Free Website To Download Anime Subtitle
check list of top 10 websites where you can download the subtitles of your favorite anime in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Swedish.

True fans of anime know that the only way to watch anime is in original Japanese. The creative styles of art and the expressive and intense story lines are best experienced in the language of its creators and the culture from which it originated.

Watching dubbed versions cannot compete with viewing anime in the Japanese language. The passion, delivery, and poetry of the dialogues are lost in translation.

But watching anime in Japanese might not be as easy because many of the fans, especially those in the United States, cannot comprehend or speak the language. Therefore, fans require subtitles to enjoy their favorite anime. Another issue is that dubbed versions of many anime are not available. Lack of quality dubbed versions does not only affect the obscure anime. Often the latest anime do not have quality dubbed versions available.

Without a doubt, subtitles are difficult to find. Many websites offering free anime subtitles are either slow and sluggish or require signups. Other websites that market free subtitles pose the risk of downloading viruses along with subtitles.

Sometimes users are unable to find subtitles for their favorite anime because they are either obscure or too recent. Worse of all, after extensive surfing you might land on a website that has free subtitles for anime. But many users are let down because of their inadequate quality.

But the struggle in finding subtitles is over. This article will list the top 10 websites to download anime subtitles for free. These websites have been included in the list after extensive research and user reviews so you can take our word on it.


Kitsunekho tops our list for a number of reasons. The website offers subtitles in different languages and has an easy to use interface. The landing page lists the languages in which subtitles are available.

These languages include English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Once you select a language, the website leads you to a list of all the anime for which it has subtitles in that language.

You may scroll down the list to find subtitles for your favorite anime and with one click you can begin downloading them. The quality of the subtitles is assured as this is a Japanese website.


OpenSubtitles is a fan favorite website for downloading subtitles and is a close second to The website offers subtitles for free download for an extensive range of anime.

The interface is convenient as the landing page has a search bar at the top of the page that you can use to find your favorite anime subtitles for free downloading.

It also gives users the option to make requests if they cannot find subtitles to download for their favorite anime. But most users do not need to make requests as the website boasts listings of both old and new, obscure and recent anime series and users can download these subtitles for free.

The only reason this website comes in second place is that it might bother some users as it has ads. The only way to avoid ads is to become a VIP member.

#3) is another fan favorite website that is user friendly and offers a wide range of anime subtitles for free download. The landing page lists anime subtitles for free downloading from the most recent to the oldest. But if you are not looking to scroll, looking for a hidden gem anime or an older one, you can use the search bar.

The search bar also offers users the option to apply filters or pick categories to ease the process. With one click you can begin the process of downloading subtitles and enjoy your favorite anime.

#4) Subscene

Subscene is a leading website to download anime subtitles for free. The landing page has a search bar that allows you to search for any anime and quickly download it by clicking on it. The website also has listings of the most popular subtitles that users can navigate.

Its comparative advantage lies in its offering of subtitles for anime shows as well as movies. These subtitles are available in many languages meaning that audiences from different cultures can find subtitles for their favorite anime and download for free.


isubtitles offers an extensive collection of anime subtitles for free downloading. Its major perk is that it offers anime subtitles in many different languages including Turkish, Arabic, Czech, Persian, English, Malay and Japanese.

Its search bar makes it easy to search for your favorite anime and when you find it you can click on it to view the language options and begin downloading. The only catch is ads but if you can work with that, you are likely to find your favorite anime subtitles for free downloading in many languages.

#6) SubDb

SubDb is a renowned website for downloading anime subtitles for free. Its unique selling point is that it is a peer to peer network, what we generally refer to as open source, run entirely by users. In others words, the files are uploaded by users and downloaded by users.

Its algorithm looks for the most efficient file and users can find subtitles for a vast range of anime. Another perk for SubDb is that it offers many different languages such as Italian, Spanish, and English. Its disadvantage is that there is no search bar and its open source nature makes it difficult to navigate.

#7) Addic7ed

Addic7ed is another fantastic website to find and download anime subtitles for free. It offers a vast range of anime subtitles and a search bar to help you find your desired show. The landing page also offers useful lists such as new releases, the latest new versions, and others that can make finding good quality anime subtitles very easy.

No wonder this website is named Addic7ed since its features will readily have users coming back to find more subtitles. Subtitles are also available in many European languages including English, Swedish, French, German, and others depending on the anime.  The only issue is ads and sometimes every other click opens another tab with an ad.

#8) is another prominent site that offers free downloading of anime subtitles. Users can download subtitles about Hollywood movies, workout videos as well but the website is also known for its collection of anime subtitles that are available for free.

The search bar can help you look for the desired anime subtitles and with one click you can begin downloading for free. The website offers anime subtitles, depending on the title, in many different languages. These languages include European ones such as English, German, Swedish but also in Asian languages including Hindi, Vietnamese and Chinese.

#9) Animetosho

Animetosho is another prominent website where users can find anime subtitles for free downloading. The interface of the website is not the prettiest but it is very user friendly. The search bar can help you search for the anime subtitles that you need.

Users can also apply filters and the landing page lists the anime in the website’s vast library from latest to oldest. Another advantage of this Animetosho is that users can download the anime itself and all related subtitles from it with one click. The website does not have an issue of disturbing ads.

#10) CDJapan

CDJapan is a website that offers many products of the Japanese cultural heritage including anime, anime subtitles but also music, films, and clothing. But since the website offers content and products across different niches, users might struggle to navigate.

To make things easier, the website offers a search bar to help you find Nike subtitles for free downloading. It also has the anime subtitles option in the menu that leads you to a landing page about anime subtitles. The anime subtitles are available in many different languages and without ads. The only weakness of this website is that many subtitles are free.


Anime is best enjoyed in the original language as it captures the essence and the feelings in its original form, things that can be lost in translation. If you are not a part of the subbed beas dubbed crowd, then you might still have an issue in finding good quality dubbed versions of your favorite anime, especially for free.

This article provides a comprehensive list of the top 10 websites that allow users to download anime subtitles for free. These websites have huge libraries and together, all of them likely have any anime that you can think of covered. These websites also have subtitles in an array of different languages, catering to the needs of anime’s growing global fan base.

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