Video Testimonials: The Definitive Guide 2024

video testimonial guide
Win with Social Proof: Testimonial Videos Learn how testimonial videos can be the magic trick to convince even the most skeptical of prospects, and swoop them in as loyal, high-paying customers.

A testimonial video could be fruitful in garnering attention of your newest prospects. While some may be skeptical, a testimonial when done right will surely bust all myths around your brand.

Plus, it will help you gain more social proof, while building rapport with your viewers.

Video testimonials on websites have been touted for offering great value to marketing campaigns as they humanize your brand in the most natural, and profitable way by showing real people, happy customers. People who are just like your prospects.

It could either be a journey through challenges, and wins that unlocked success in ways unimaginable. Or it could be your customer narrating their story, and telling the world how you uplift their brand with your heroic service.

Welcome to the world of testimonial videos where the power of social proof is sure to persuade your audience, and bring you even more sign ups, and conversions in return.

This blog will be a walkthrough of the following:

  • Why invest in video testimonials?
  • How exactly do testimonials convince even the most skeptical of customers?
  • Dos and Don’ts of getting your video testimonial right
  • 5 Essential tips to record the best testimonial
  • 7 Polished Video Testimonial Inspirations

Excited? Let’s dive right in!

Why should you invest time in organizing customer testimonials?

What’s important to know here is that even though you’ve lots of reviews on platforms like Yelp and TrustPilot, quite often customers are in a rush, and the feedback may even though read all nice and sweet, it just doesn’t catch the crux of the message.

Moreover, if you’re relying on text reviews alone, you already know that often customers make grammatical mistakes. Reviews are even though concise they might not be as fruitful as a video testimonial.

Here’s why you should be investing more time in getting video testimonials from your customers.

People in general watch more videos than reading texts. A pop of your testimonial on your potential customer’s social feed is likely to trigger a stop scroll moment, than a written testimonial that will typically be skimmed by everyone.

Essentially, a video testimonial presents an actual person speaking directly to your prospects.

A customer who has the same pain points, and craves the same wins, and tackles the same challenges everyday as many of your prospects. It’s like your happy customers (speaking directly to your ideal customer profiles), and convincing them of your service.

There’s no better way to build credibility and score an uptick in qualifying high-interest leads than using a video testimonial of your happy customer. Happy costumes sing praises of a brand.

And, there can’t be a better way than giving them a camera to connect with your target audience.

Effects of Video Testimonials on your Marketing

Your prospects want to connect with people, and would be more convinced, if they could hear out the problem, and solution from someone just like them. Video testimonials speak louder than words. Your customers want authenticity. And a testimonial video can deliver that at no cost.

Here’s another big reason to invest in a video testimonial. We’ll know that in business, you can’t practically keep all customers satisfied. Like it or not, that’s the bitter reality. Even if you’re at your 100% best, everyday, you’ll have a bunch of negative experiences.

While you’ve some reviews that put a question mark on your credibility, and quality, you can always invite video feedback from satisfied customers. These positive video reviews will surely filter out the negative written testimonials, gaining you authority, and a favorable perception.

Let’s look at what Research says about Testimonial Videos

Here are findings from an exciting study conducted by Vocal Video in 2020. The study gathered data from more than 450 marketing teams, and inquired about the impact they’re able to witness from the inclusion of a testimonial video in their campaigns.

Guess what?

88% of marketing teams reported at least a 10% increase in their conversion rate. Besides, a proportion of 20% of marketers revealed a spike in conversions by a jaw-dropping 50%. That’s really impressive.

It was also interesting to see that among the entire sample size, there was only 10% of teams who didn’t use a testimonial video. And they didn’t even land close to 10% when it came to conversion rate.

video testimonial conversion stats

Credits: Vocal Video

Dos and Don’ts of getting the best video testimonial?

Here’s a small guide on getting your video testimonials right. I’ve organized it into dos and don’ts, so you don’t miss out on anything. Know that this one is applicable when you’ve the customer record a testimonial by themselves.

Don’t make them uncomfortable with your brand

If your customer is new to the club, then it’s best to not ask for it. It will only make the process a whole lot more difficult for them. And, frankly they won’t like giving you feedback.

Wait for a positive review

Your job is to get a natural testimonial that has the customer singing praises of your service. However, you also want to keep it natural, and unbiased at the same time. One better way to do it is to wait until the customer has given you positive feedback, and is delighted with the experience.

Do provide them enough details

When it comes to asking for a review, just keep it professional, and send a polite request via an email. Also, make sure to give them all the details of the testimonial.

Don’t incentivize

Incentives may sound accurate for the law of reciprocity, but you’re at best to not do it. Do not incentivize. Keep it natural. It would be even better if the customer mentions you facing challenges, and how you overcame them to a mutual benefit.

Do pick the right questions

It’s always good to have some level of preparation. Here are a few questions we use for our testimonial videos:

How was the quality of the service?

How did you find the overall experience with the project team?

Specifically mention about communication, quality, and timely resolution of issues

5 Tips for Recording the Best Testimonial Video

Here are five tips for you to record the best testimonial with an authentic customer. Know that if you don’t have in-house support for video production, you can always count on us. We provide professional testimonial video production.

1.     Send questions in advance

Now you’ve to start off with recording an interview. To keep it all interesting, and natural in flow, give the interviewee time to prep. Editing for fluff words might be easier with AI, but nothing’s going to save a bad, and confused presenter.

2.     Let the camera roll

Let the camera roll so that your interviewee can be at ease at all times. Let them realize that the camera is not staring at them, and they’ll feel more confident, and get more expressive as they start speaking.

3.     Make the interviewee feel comfortable

Your job is to make them feel comfortable. It’s always nice to empathize with them, and make them feel that what you’re doing is pure teamwork, and they’re part of the same great team.

4.     Experiment with camera angles

Don’t stick to one angle. You can keep on swapping angles. Swapping helps you to retain the attention of your viewers, while also keeping the video experience nice and smooth. Make sure you’ve got the microphone in the right place. Cut out the background noise, and ensure that the background environment is clear.

5.     Edit for quality

The last thing you need to do before you wrap up your project is to edit the video for supreme quality. A handful of edits may be good. Invite feedback both from the interviewee and the video production team.

7 Exceptional Customer Testimonial video examples

While the above process does simplify creating video testimonials, executing the process in its entirety without making any error is not always a cake. Testimonial videos require you to connect with your customer, and fetch the most natural feedback from them.

You don’t want them to sound too fancy, or biased. Singing praises is good, but make sure your video doesn’t overdo that.

Testimonials should come out as natural, and smooth, even if it’s given with a critical insight. To help you execute the best testimonial video, here are seven exceptional customer video testimonials to inspire you.

1. Expert Video Testimonial: SwellChat for BuzzFlick

This one’s a warm testimonial given to BuzzFlick by a SaaS startup SwellChat. The short clip has the Marketing Manager sharing his experience with BuzzFlick’s animation project team, and how we helped him produce explainer creatives for his products, SwellChat, and SwellSpace.

The testimonial is more detailed on the service features, and the overall experience the customer got from our entire team. Make sure to check this one out.

2. Google for Startups: Two Desperados

Time for animated explainer-style testimonials. This one comes from Google, and unpacks that story of a women-owned startup that dived in the gaming industry, and shocked the world by launching games that climbed to top ranks in no time.

The 3D animated style is perfect to unveil a story in the most captivating way. Same happens in this testimonial by Google. It shows how the team of the gaming studio benefited from Google’s A-lister Startup Accelerator Program.

With a switch of characters and their settings, we’re walked through how Google’s program helped the gaming team build the essential leadership skills, and scale the business on a global level. Since this one’s animated, it gives out a more premium feel to the viewer.

However, animated testimonials won’t break the bank for you. In fact, it’s a safer and much more cost-effective option against live-action testimonials where you need to follow your customer to multiple locations, with all your best, and expensive video equipment.

So, if you’re on a budget, having an animated testimonial can turn out to be a fine choice. Check out how Creative Animation Services can take your corporate branding to the next level.

3. Slack: SXSW Testimonial

The third best example on this list belongs to Slack. This testimonial is like no other as it features one of the most renowned creative teams, South by Southwest. It’s also a fine example of video production testimonials.

Now, we all are very familiar with Slack as a medium to connect with team mates, and keep the conversation moving.

But, how about a peek into the routine of a top-class creative agency, who’re using Slack for literally everything?

The video shows the team’s members sharing their own insights, and experiences with the tool from different locations. That shows that Slack can keep you connected even if your colleagues are working from different locations around the world.

What impressed me is that the customer herself walks you through the different channels they use to keep everyone connected. Now, that’s a stellar testimonial!

4. HubSpot Testimonial: Handled

This testimonial video comes from an E-commerce company, Handled. Video shows the team navigating through uncertainties looming over the business economy during the pandemic. The video features some of the top leaders from the company, who had no clue where the business was going, until they stumbled upon HubSpot.

The video has taken a storytelling approach. The team of Handled found Hubspot as a powerful analytics tool to reap useful customer insights, and integrate the feature client correspondence for greater efficiency in addressing, and resolving queries, and complaints. It all appears very natural as the founders of Handled tell you how data can turn fortunes for your business.

In my opinion, it’s a 10 among the best product video testimonials.

5. Yoga Therapist & Sleep Coach: Client Testimonial

Here’s a warm, personal testimonial coming from a customer who’s over the moon with our animation services. This ones from Lauren, who’s a sleep coach and a professional yoga therapist. He mentions our project team, and goes on to applaud our dedication to deliver her quality work.

Lauren also mentions using animated motion graphics for her YouTube channel. This graphic was created by BuzzFlick. She seems delighted with the experience, and would love to reach our team back for similar gigs of the future. It’s an amazing client testimonial video in which she recommended us for animation service without any reservation.

6. Class Pass: HubSpot Story

This testimonial is pretty delightful considering the visuals, editing, and the upbeat music playing in the background. HubSpot has got this testimonial from the team of a fitness brand, Class Pass.

The video further shows a few team mates who speak about their experience with HubSpot CMS, and CRM, and how exactly the solution turned out to be the best investment they made in their business.

It walks us through the data analytics tool provided by HubSpot, and how the business is reaping meaningful insights to gain more business, and scale it across countries.

7. Toyota: Testimonial from Doctor Clients

The thumbnail shows two doctors, but don’t mistake those patient video testimonials..

It’s from Toyota.

This one’s a wonderful testimonial video especially if you check out how the story is narrated. In my opinion Toyota has proved itself as an ideal family car maker.

This one specifically mentions Toyota Yaris, and gains feedback from a couple of two doctors, who have a two-year old by their side, and have to travel long distances everyday.

The testimonial captures family emotion in just a matter of seconds. The couple endorses Toyota Yaris as one of the most comfortable sedans for long haul, keeping their child asleep, and at peace with the soundproof built quality of the car.

In my opinion it’s not just a testimonial, but  a very enticing creation that will make even more parents consider Yaris as their next car.

Testimonials are not just limited to customers, you can even widen their scope, and use them for employer branding. That’s where you’ll find how corporations use employee video testimonials to convince candidates of a company’s collaborative culture, and how it may foster their career aspirations for the long-term.


Let’s wrap this one up. In this insightful article we gave you a detailed overview on why you should start creating high-quality testimonial videos.

Besides, to guide you on creating an authentic video, and build more social proof around your brand, there’s an easy-peasy 10-step guide that walks you through the entire process of producing video testimonials, making it all appear seamless for your team.

Next, to help you get a better understanding of high-quality video testimonials, we’ve also shared seven exceptional testimonials that are bound to fill your mind with creative inspiration.

So, make sure to give this blog post a read, and feel free to bookmark this webpage. So, you can return to the quality info.

Hope you liked it.

Video Testimonials: Frequently Asked Questions

How long are video testimonials?

When it comes to duration, don’t exceed 90 seconds with a testimonial. Ideally, you should keep it between 60 and 90 seconds. Make sure you’re able to communicate the overall customer experience, keeping it well-organized.

What is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial is a short-clip, ideally 90 seconds long that features the experience of your customer, in their own words. It’s an endorsement to your brand, or product, and you may use it for your marketing campaigns to gain more social proof.

What is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial is a short-clip, ideally 90 seconds long that features the experience of your customer, in their own words. It’s an endorsement to your brand, or product, and you may use it for your marketing campaigns to gain more social proof.

What Makes a Great Testimonial Video?

Here are a few things that make a great testimonial video: It’s specific, and has a real customer whose needs align with your current IDP. It mentions how you’re better than others in the same industry, it’s conversational, and flows naturally. Plus, it’s a real story.

What Are the Benefits of Testimonial Videos?

Here are some superb benefits for creating a testimonial video for your business campaign:

  1. You get to build more credibility and trust
  2. Real people are easier to resonate with
  3. Testimonial videos humanize your brand content
  4. Quality videos can gain your content astounding reach
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