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Educate With A Demo Video

Demo Videos can help you drive home a point like nothing else. They are used widely by corporate, educational, and product-specific industries to clarify concepts or provide tutorials.

The best product demo videos are considered powerful tools that illustrate a very complex concept or usage pattern in an incredibly streamlined manner.

Product demo videos are much better than just plain text to illustrate what exactly that product does and what its features are.

Businesses also use them to tell their employees in detail about a new technology they are bringing into the firm and what it’s different service specifics are.

Demo Videos That Buzz

Defining A Demo Video

A demo video, which is also known as a product demonstration video, helps educate your audience on the way a product is supposed to work. This includes practically demonstrating the product being used on-screen by the medium of the demo video.

Examples of this can include simplifying a difficult-to-understand concept, a step-by-step explanation of installing new software or demonstrating the ways in which you can use a certain product.

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The Process We Use To Create A Product Demo Video

  • Ascertain the objective/goal of the product demo video
  • Know about the audience
  • Define a budget & set a timeline for production
  • Finalize agency details
  • Create the video’s structure
  • Select the video format (Animated or Live-Action)
  • Script writing and finalization
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Execute the video and send it over to the client

Where Can You Use Our Demo Videos?

Literally anywhere! Demo videos have wide-ranging applicability so you can use them to serve a lot of purposes. From video adverts, app demo videos, event guidance videos to even onboarding and training videos, Demo videos are one of the most important video formats that BuzzFlick creates and our clients love.

Icon-1Product Tutorial Video

Not all products are built using a one-click approach. Most of them have complex or wide-ranging features that require a more explanation to get started with. Our product demo video maker service is primed to provide you with exactly such demo videos that can perfectly complement your landing pages, tutorial pages, user manual pages, how to pages and much more.

Icon-2App Showcase Video

Are you planning on launching an app soon? But even if your app is extremely resourceful and targets the user’s needs, how will you teach them to use it?

You obviously cannot go door to door or call every one of your users and guide them through! This is exactly where you can create a demo video to act as an extension of your own expertise in training people on how to use the app! This can significantly help users to know how to use your app, resulting in more downloads and higher user engagement.

Icon-3Animated Demo Video

Animated demo videos are highly user-friendly as they follow a simplistic and sleek format to explain anything from a difficult topic to an installation process of a software. If you are planning a step-by-step type tutorial, then your best bet lies with getting an animated product demo video made from us at BuzzFlick.

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Product Demo Videos – Getting Started!

Everyone’s pretty hyped up these days about the power of video marketing, and demo videos are among the hottest trends in this niche. You can seriously jack up your conversions by letting a demo video work its magic on your users right away!

Our product demo video specialists will help you get the perfect demo video for your business that carries the latest animations, a powerful voiceover, and the power to engage your incoming audiences straightway!

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