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A Storytelling 2D Animation Company

Buzzflick stands as an intuitive 2D animation company with an itch for creativity and innovation. Our 2D animation services believe in bringing the most mesmerizing and aesthetically appealing characters, visuals, and animations to life.

Let it be a professional level animation or leveraging the latest tools and technologies to create lushly animated realistic figures – Buzzflick covers all the aspects of an engagement-driven 2D video animation company to help your business stand out.

Storytelling 2D Animation Company

2D Animation Projects, Done Right!


Delight Your Audience With Our 2D Animation Services

Our 2D animation company aims to provide you with the most revolutionary 2D animation services hardwired to perform amazingly well for your business. Our 2D animation services are refined and restructured every day to stay on par with other 2D video production animation companies.

What is our edge, you may ask? We understand and analyze the latest market trends, styles, strategies, formats, and we guarantee a seamless experience for you while you’re availing our animation services. When you hire our 2D animation studio, you choose a result-obsessed company that ensures your business’s success by harnessing the power of 2D animations.

Moreover, our experience of handling tough 2D animation projects adds to our already reliable and advanced 2D animation firm.

Building Awe-Inspiring 2D Animation Characters

When you hire our 2D animation agency, you ensure the creation of an intriguing 2D animation video for your brand that also has an inspirational 2D animated character. This character makes your video more meaningful and impactful as per your 2D animation project requirements.

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Striking 2D Animated Environments

Your 2D animated video is incomplete without a visually compelling 2D animated environment, which is why our 2D animation experts create a striking animated environment for your 2D animation project. This addition makes the end product modern, futuristic, and attractive.

Relevant Animated Props

When you hire our 2D animation studio, we make sure that we integrate the most relevant and best-fit elements to surround your 2D characters. These animated props add more attraction to your animated characters and make them the center of attention after your brand’s message. With great details, captivating visuals, and unique aspects – the outcome is always mesmerizing.

The State Of The Art Technologies We Use

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The Team Responsible For Bringing Your 2D Animation To Life

Our 2D video animation studio is home to some of the industry’s top animation experts and skilled professionals. Our teams know how to reflect your brand’s essence within your 2D animation video, and we create something that becomes memorable down the lane. Here’s an overview of what our teams consist of:

Team Manager

The manager is yet another individual in our animation production company to ensure quality-oriented 2D animation outsourcing services. This individual keeps a record of all the keynotes, details, and customer requirements. He/she conducts research, extracts the most relevant and essential aspects that your video should have, and helps the team understand the core of the video while keeping the customer’s vision in mind. This streamlined and collaborative approach leads to the timely delivery of your animated video and ensures quality.

2D Animation Experts

The 2D animation experts in our animation production company are super creative, innovative, and critical thinkers. They know what goes into a 2D animation video to make it compelling and engaging hence, they leverage their extensive experience and expertise to create amazing videos for your brand/business. And when sometimes 2D animation projects return with minor revisions or revamp, they know it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Creative Lead

The creative lead heads the team with years of experience in the 2D animation industry. Although the ideation and iteration process is collaborative at Buzzflick, your 2D animated video’s approval is in this person’s control. As the leader in our 2D animation production company, this person ensures that the visuals, graphics, detailing, and overall representation of your 2D animated video is vivid and dynamic. From the first stage of your video development to the last, he/she constantly gives his feedback to the team to ensure zero revisions and 100% client satisfaction.

2D Artists

These individuals have the power to animate anything, which is why we call them the “2D Artists”. We have a team a 2D artists who create characters, environment, elements, and components for your 2D animation project from scratch. The conceptualization of your 2D animated video is in the mind of this innovative individual. Over the years, these 2D artists of ours have never failed to amaze our clients and us. Our 2D artists have a myriad of experience working with several industries, i.e., digital marketing, storytelling, cartoonish, and gaming

QA Specialists

At Buzzflick, we are hyper-focused on the quality of our productions. In a nutshell, we are an animation production company that ensures the quality and keeps the quality in check even after delivering the product. Here is exactly where our Q/A teams come into play to perform checks and necessary corrections before delivering the finalized video. This team is solely here at BuzzFlick to ensure a seamless and excellent experience for our clients.

Our Clients

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Our Approach Towards 2D Animation Videos

Our 2D animation services are initiated while keeping the approach transparent. We want you to know your video’s current progress, the key quality metrics that we’re following, and how long it will take for the finalized polished product to be delivered.

We also believe in understanding your 2D animation project continually by being in constant communication with you. Our planning and strategies are based on understanding your brand, audience, and requirements.

Moreover, as the pioneer animation service provider, Buzzflick considers customer feedback vital in improving our organization’s integral processes and quality. So, when you hire us as your 2D animation company, you’ll observe that we care about your opinion, which guarantees your satisfaction in the long term.

Approach Towards 2D Animation Videos

Why Choose Buzzflick’s 2D Animation Outsourcing Services?

Our 2D animation company is home to several talented and innovative animators who collaborate with you and go the extra mile to deliver more than promised.

In the fewest words, we simplify your animated videos while ensuring maximum value and engagement. Here are a few simple reasons why you should hire us for our 2D animation services:

Successful 2D Animation Project Completion Ratio

Our 2D animation company stands tall by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to ensure a 100% timely project completion ratio. We adapt to the latest technologies and trends and constantly upgrade our game to satisfy our customers. We do all of this because we have a passion for animation.

Our Commendable Portfolio of Success Stories

We have collaborated with clients worldwide and have created numerous marketing, sci-fi, conceptual, and fantasy 2D animated videos for businesses. Our portfolio tells our success story and builds credibility in the digital world.

Quality Oriented 2D Animation Company

We have made a career by delivering the most quality-oriented products in the 2D animation world. Our customer-centric approach always resonates with our services and helps us stay on par in delivering quality products and an excellent customer experience.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Our 2D animation studio distinguishes itself from the competition by developing a moral code of doing business with our clients. At BuzzFlick, we deliver what is promised and understand our client’s requirements before starting their projects. For us, reputation and trust are an integral part of a business’s success, which is why we value it more than we value money.

The Conceptualization & Iteration

The conceptualizations and iterations here at our 2D animation company are considered some of the most important aspects of creating your 2D animation video. We take the long route to create your video, and after constantly researching, learning, and understanding your brand and its audience, we create amazing 2D animations for your business.

These 2D animation videos ensure maximum effectiveness and become memorable. In a nutshell, we convert your 2D animation vision to a visually manifested video on a screen set to create a buzz in the market.

Expert 2D Animators

Our passionate and productive 2D Animation team is never short on ideas and innovations, making our services highly competitive in the market. Additionally, our success is measured through client satisfaction, making us the perfect choice for your 2D animation project.

Frequently Asked Questions

2D animation is the best way to entice your audience. These videos are just immersive and super-engaging. The vibrant, dynamic, and vivid colors combined with stunning visuals and characters create a mesmerizing representation of a product, service, or brand. When used for marketing purposes, 2D animations can persuade customers and influence buying decisions.

The process of creating a 2D animation revolves around some general stages. When creating a 2D animation video, it is recommended to follow these stages to ensure the creation of a perfect 2D animation video:


This is the stage where you conceptualize the process. You ideate and iterate after understanding your brand's or your client's requirements and their audience. This process can include the formats, visual effects, characters, and other essential details required to create a stunning 2D animation video.

Initial Production

This stage is where you'll start implementing the planning. You'll be communicating a lot with your client to understand the motive/purpose of this 2D animation video to make sure that it does fulfill its goal. You may come across sketching, designing, and implementation techniques.

Creation of Animation

This is the longest and the most iterative part of the process where you have to create the video's animations. Here you'll be covering the backgrounds, layouts, music, frames, and several other design collaterals of the 2D animation projects.


After the 2D animation video is created, you'll have to revamp and revise it to bring up a clearer version of the video. Here, you would have to go back to the drawing board to ensure that the video is all set to complete its purpose. You can also fix lighting and composition and add more to the video if something is missing.

2D animations are still in high demand. These videos are perfect for marketers because they keep the audience engaged while delivering the message. You can use 2D animation videos for marketing, commercials, TV series, products, or any other purpose.

The cost of 2D animation per hour or video depends on the quality, requirements, animation, and various other video factors. However, BuzzFlick estimates that your 2D animation video would cost you somewhere between $2000 to $40,000. Note that the amount mentioned is just an estimate, and the cost may be higher as you choose different packages for your 2D animation video.

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