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Customers Have an Attention Span of Only 8 Seconds

Our Videos Unlock Greater Attention

Videos we make our strategically edited to stop scroll, and keep your customers hooked till the very end. Connect with the best video production company today!

Customers have an attention span of only 8 seconds
As per Oberlo, there are 244.4 M users who actively watch videos

As Per Oberlo, There Are 244.4 M Users Who Actively Watch Videos

Videos Are the Main Ingredient of Any Content Mix

Take your brand to the next level by investing in a delightful video marketing experience for your customers.

78% of Marketers Say Videos Boosted Their Sales

High Traffic and Engagement Mean More Sales Potential

Short-form customer-focused videos resonate with customers perfectly, motivating them to take prompt action.

78% of Marketers say videos boosted their sales.
Turn your visitors into loyal fans

Turn Your Visitors Into Loyal Fans

Videos Can Instill Better Choices in the Mind of Customer

Our video marketing strategies can help you get there. Make the leap to boost your conversions today!

Explainer Videos Prepare Them to Buy

96% Buyers Say Explainer Videos Give Detailed Info About a Product.

Customers love watching videos and explainers are ideal to tell the story of your product. Watch Randy Biddle as he dissects how exactly an explainer video production company can help you achieve that.

Our Portfolio

Explore Our Captivating Creations

StarStake — NFT


Duration: 4:15
Industry: NFT

Christian Connection — Relationship & Dating (App)

Christian Connection

Duration: 0:48
Industry: Relationship & Dating (App)

Cambio Wall Systems — Architecture

Cambio Wall Systems

Duration: 1:34
Industry: Architecture

Kaizo's — Customer Support


Duration: 1:52
Industry: Customer Support

Room Speculator — Reservation Management (SaaS)

Room Speculator

Duration: 1:25
Industry: Reservation Management (SaaS)

SwellSpace — Insurance


Duration: 1:15
Industry: Insurance

Klevu — SaaS


Duration: 2:20
Industry: SaaS

Compt — SaaS


Duration: 1:11
Industry: SaaS

Inertial Labs — Tech

Inertial Labs

Duration: 5:33
Industry: Tech

Our Video Production Services
for Business Include:

Video Production Process:
the Definitive Guide

The video production process at Buzz Flick has no parallel. Our creatives have streamlined the process keeping in mind how it will ease content production as well as amplify the impact of your marketing endeavors. Here’s what BuzzFlick’s video production process looks like:


Creative Brief

Our creatives spearhead this aspect of the job, allowing you to collaborate and give your unique insights to elevate your brand.



Your branding team will be invited to speak and connect with our best scriptwriters. Together, we’ll narrate the story in your ideal tone of voice.



It’s time to turn our conception into captivating visuals. You’ll engage with our artists, and learn about unique ways to present your idea in a video.


Animation/Video Shoot

You’ll learn extensively about our animated video production cycle as our creatives will proactively engage with you.


High-quality Editing

Depending upon your choice, our creatives will make sure we’re able to have a delightful presentation for your video.


Content Promotion

Our strategy team will consult you on how to go about promoting your video. This can be a dedicated consultation on all your video marketing needs.

Additionally, BuzzFlick is among the top video production companies in LA. We have a diverse portfolio of clients We can help you produce all kinds of videos.

Some of these include;

Product Demo videos

Product Demo

Social ads

Social Ads

Business person interviews

Business Person

Animated Explainer videos

Animated Explainer

How-to videos




Testimonial videos



Over the years, BuzzFlick has delivered several quality projects.
Here’s what our beloved customers think about our video production service.

An Award-winning
Video Animation Company

We as a video animation company make videos as a potent tool for propelling your brands. The award and accolades we have won are as follow:

Top Video Production Company, Houston 2023

Top Video Production Company, Houston 2023

Recognized as the Top Video Production Company Houston 2023 by Clutch.

12th Best Logo Designer in NYC

12th Best Logo Designer in NYC

Recognized as the 12th Multimedia and animation studio by Visual Objects.

Most Reviewed Graphic Designed Companies

Most Reviewed Graphic Designed Companies

Recognized as one of the most reviewed Graphic Design Companies by The Manifest.

Top 100 Logo Designers In NYC

Top 100 Logo Designers In NYC

Recognized as one of the top 100 Logo design companies in NYC by Manifest.

Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023

Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023

Recognized as the Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023 by Clutch.

No. 1 Houston Graphic Designers

No. 1 Houston Graphic Designers

Recognized as the top graphic designer in Houston by the Manifest.

2nd Best Multimedia & Animation Services

2nd Best Multimedia & Animation Services

Recognized as the second-best Multimedia and animation studio by Goodfirms.

Top Video Production Company

Top Video Production Company

Recognized as the Top Video Production Company by UpCity.

Top Explainer Video Company Houston 2023

Top Explainer Video Company Houston 2023

Recognized as Top Explainer Video Company in Houston 2023 by Clutch.

Top Video Production Company Dover 2023

Top Video Production Company Dover 2023

Recognized As Top Video Production Company in Dover 2023 By Clutch.

Marcom Platinum Winner 2022

Marcom Platinum Winner 2022

Platinum Winner 2022 for the category of audio/video, digital video creation.

Video Production Services:
Types of Videos

At BuzzFlick, we believe that every business is faced with an opportunity to unveil its product or service in the most compelling fashion. And, videos can be just the right tool to enhance your messaging.

So, whether it’s about educating your employees, or greeting your personnel and help them internalize values, or communicating value to your customers, you can count on us. We can help you produce a video for almost anything.

Explainer Videos and Animated Shorts

70% of all learners are visual learners. A form of content you want to invest in to delight them is explainer videos. Animated explainers can be your go-to video production choice if you wish to capture attention.

You can consider explainer video production service for:

  • Promoting a product
  • Top-of-the-funnel videos
  • Introducing your brand
  • Boosting your engagement

Vox Pops

Vox Pops are top-of-the funnel videos. It’s more like a peek into the business by interviewing people directly. The whole point of vox pops is to give your customers engaging and fun content.

Look for Vox Pops video production when you have to:

  • Speak about pain points of customers
  • Share their wins
  • Build a brand image
  • Entertain and inform

On-Location Videos

On-location videos are fun work for our videographers. Whether it’s your conference, or a video coverage of your latest store, or an event, we would love to connect and collaborate to get the word out for your brand.

Consider On-location video production when:

  • You want to cover a corporate event
  • You want to show facilities
  • You want to interview

Video Editing

Every brand is producing videos. But, cleaning the raw footage, and splicing it to impact messaging is harder. That’s where we come in. We’ve the best video editors to work on your project. You can send us the footage, share your vision, and we’ll happily manage the rest

You can opt for video editing when you have to

  • Produce more videos in less time
  • Increase quality of your video content

Promo Videos

Corporate promotional videos are just another addition in our video production service. These promos are intended to humanize your brand. Through video you can tell people about your values, work environment, and goals.

Invest in Promo video production service when:

  • You want to promote your brand
  • Collaborate with customers
  • Join hands with the community

Product Demo Videos

Whether made for a physical product or a web app, demo videos can generate top-level interest in your brand. These videos are fantastic to showcase the value you’re offering.

Consider demo video production when:

  • You’ve a complex product to sell
  • You’re a new entrant in market
  • You want to standout

App Demos

App demo videos have become the industry standard for marketing SaaS applications. It’s not just effective to introduce the solution, but compelling enough to unveil a story on its own. App demo videos are engaging and perfect to draw high-level interest in your buyers.

Video Ads

We can produce, shoot and edit ecstatic video ads for your brand. With a dedicated creative team for online ads for social and web, we can help you promote your service the perfect way.

Invest in video ad production when you have to:

  • Promote your service
  • Resonate with your prospects
  • Engage audience and build your brand

Interviews and Testimonials

On site or in the office premises, our team can help you produce an engaging camera experience for your customers. Plus, we can go a step further and help you produce and edit testimonial videos that will have a solid impression on your prospects, allowing you close deals quickly.

Social Media Videos

Your competitors are vying to capture the attention of your prospects. You need something out-of-the box to draw their gaze and hook them instantly. We can help you create such snappy and short videos that can hold them for a few precious seconds. Our videographers and animators work in tandem with our social media strategists to ensure high-level engagement of content across socials.

Logo animation Clips

Logo animations have the power to make your brand interactions memorable. There’s a strong likelihood that your prospects will remember a dynamic logo than a static one. We can help you gain that brand identity that is not just unique, but easier to recall. You can have 2D and 3D animated logos from us. Invest in logo animation today!

Customer Persona Videos

Relatively new to the video production space, customer persona videos are specifically made for advanced marketing teams. With simple characters and animation, we can help you paint the ideal customer persona video. One you can show to your team to increase familiarity of customer profile, and tweak messaging accordingly.

Customer Testimonials

“The quality of work they presented and the time it took them to accomplish the goal were impressive.”

Singer Lorine Chia
quotation mark icon

“We saw a massive increase in the demand for our product.”

VP Operations & Research, Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Richard Alvarez
quotaion mark

“The most impressive thing about BuzzFlick was their creativity and ability to bring our brand to life.”

Marketing Manager, Pizza Oven Manufacturer Catie Ross

“They did an amazing job of making a video that connected with viewers on an emotional level.”

Digital Marketing Executive, Noodle Soup Steven Collins
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Frequently Asked Questions

Video production encampesses every activity that will be carried out to produce a video. Whether it’s a full-length film, a marketing video, TVC, or a social video or even a music video, the process will be the same. You can expect some tweaks with the specifics.

Television commercials (TVCs), customer testimonials, explainer videos, promotional videos, interviews, corporate videos, social media ads, as well as event videos are some fine examples of video production.

The different aspects of video production service may be the following;

  • Storyboarding
  • Briefing and Scripting
  • Editing
  • Video marketing
  • 3D and 2D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Camera shoot (single and multi-camera shooting)

A video production service is a company that provides video production to businesses allowing marketers to thrive with video content by incorporating the right mix of videos in their campaign.

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