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3D Animation Services for High-end Results

Why do companies hire a 3D animation studio for videos? To attract and entice the target audience, right? And BuzzFlick solely focuses on quality-driven 3D animated videos to help you with your content creation and marketing.

Now you can connect with your audience on an emotional level and convert them into loyal customers with us seamlessly.

3D Animation Services

BuzzFlick’s Diverse Services for
3D Animation Production

We are a 3D animation production company with a talented team and diverse services ranging from immersive 3D environments, 3D characters, and 3D modeling, in all industries. You can get customized 3D animation videos however you want no matter how complicated your idea is.

3D Animated Videos

Our creative team of 3D animators can elevate any concept with 3D animated videos. We provide reliable and professional 3D animation video production that helps you grab attention instantly on digital mediums.

3D Character Animation

We help you bring your characters to life through our realistic-looking 3D character animation. From fantasy figures to realistic characters, our 3D animation artists create engaging and fascinating characters effortlessly.

3D Animated Environments and Props

Through our 3D animation services, we create dynamic 3D environments and props that can be used in any project. Our life-like 3D creations let any object and visual effects tell your story efficiently.

3D Product Modeling

Make your product the star of the show in virtual 3D environments. Now showcase your products in action through our incredible 3D product modeling service that will never fail to impress audiences.

3D Architecture Modeling

Our 3D architectural services can let you advance your commercial and residential projects through impeccable visual representation. We customize it according to our customer’s requirements and put forward the best.

3D Game Animation

As a game development company, you must face challenges in finding professional 3D game animators for upcoming projects. Let BuzzFlick add a magical touch to your games through top-notch 3D game animations.

3D Healthcare & Medical Animation

Now explain complicated and complex medical concepts and knowledge simply through our 3D medical animated videos. Our healthcare animation services are helping lots of clients worldwide through conceptual yet interesting animated videos.

3D Animated Cartoons

From a short cartoon animation to 3D animated cartoon series; BuzzFlick’s 3D cartoon animation services are worth availing. We have done several successful cartoon animation projects that left our clients drooling over us.

How BuzzFlick Works on Your
3D Animation Project?

Our seamless process is what makes our 3D animation services stand out from others. At BuzzFlick, we have experienced and talented 3D animators who are always geared toward creating something eye-catching and appealing.

Our step-by-step 3D animation process is as follows:


Brief and Scripting

A detailed creative discussion is key to awesomeness and we ensure you are throughout involved in it. Then we move forward to scripting keeping in mind precision and persuasiveness. Our writers are great and know their craft is demanding enough.



Our imaginative concept artists start a 3D animation project with a storyboard and incorporate your video goal and marketing strategy. Every single detail of your 3D animation is sketched creatively and skillfully so that animators can bring it to life flawlessly.


3D Modeling

In this stage, our 3D artists design characters and animate them through 3D modeling. Being a professional 3D animation studio, we have a dedicated 3D modelers team that perfects the movements and creates a difference.


Texturing and Rigging

Our creative 3D animators really enjoy adding colors and generating bone structure of a 3D animated character or model to bring it closer to life. This process of texturing and rigging requires utmost dedication and our professional artists prove their craft through it.



After a lot of preparation, our 3D animators breathe life into your project through the best 3D animation software. This stage of the project is of utmost importance, so we make sure that everything is nothing short of perfection and precision.


Post Production

In post-production, compositing is done by importing the final renders into software for final editing, minor touch-ups, VFX special effects, etc. We make a believable picture by putting together all elements like background layers, 3D animations, graphics, and music.

3D Video Animation Services
With Diverse Portfolio

We have successfully worked on several 3D animation projects for businesses like yours and see how wonderful our 3D animated gems are:

Avia Shoes

Avia Shoes

Duration: 0:48

Avia Shoes

Avia Shoes

Duration: 0:29

What Is Asthma?

What Is Asthma?

Duration: 0:58



Duration: 0:18

Time Machine

Time Machine

Duration: 0:10

Lets Create Your
Dreamy 3D Animations

Our Team Behind Incredible
3D Animation Services

Project Manager

Our dedicated and professional project managers ensure that every project for 3D animation is seamless, the timeline is not disturbed, and the client is satisfied.

Creative Art Director

We are an industry-leading 3D animation service provider with dedicated 3D animation art directors to ensure your idea becomes reality creatively and fantastically.

3D Animation Team Lead

Every project is led by a hardworking and qualified 3D animation team lead. He supervises your project with the responsibility to deliver what you desire.

3D Animation Artist

We have an in-house creative 3D animation artist team to design and create unique 3D animated environments, props, and characters with a realistic approach.

3D Animators

Our 3D animators are experienced and have fantastic artistic imagination and a solid grasp of all facets of 3D animation to convert the client's ideas into stunning visual reality.

An Award-winning
3D Video Animation Company

BuzzFlick is an award-winning 3D animation company in USA with so much to offer. We are innovators and here for a change. With a knack for creativity and passion, we are transforming how businesses interact with audiences. Do you know why we stand out from others? Here you go:

Unique Design Process

Our squad of 3D animators is accommodating and proficient in providing our clients with distinct 3D animated videos with concepts that the audience remembers for a long time.

Affordable Pricing

Our 3D animation services are quite reasonably priced so that SMBs and even startups may approach us for their projects without costing them legs and arms.

Variety of Formats

BuzzFlick provides its clients with a variety of formats for business, product, or service demonstration. From educational to 3D explainer videos, and 3D product demos, we do it all.

Attention to Details

Our team is trained to provide perfection in everything they create, be it illustrating the product's structural model, architectural 3D animation, or 3D object modeling.

Hire BuzzFlick For 3D Animation Services To Shine Bright In Digital Realm

Hire BuzzFlick for 3D Animation Services to Shine Bright in Digital Realm

From 3D character animation to exciting 3D animation videos, we nail every frame based on your unique idea! We guarantee high-quality 3D animations tailored to your needs to make your message buzz out loud.


Over the years, BuzzFlick has delivered several quality projects.
Here’s what our beloved customers think about our video production service.

How Much Does
3D Animation Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

3D animation is a wholesome process in which moving images are created in a 3D i.e., three-dimensional environment, projecting the illusion that these are strolling across a 3D environment.

The process of creating 3D models frame-by-frame is 3D animation and it is done by forming a character or model, adding texture, and incorporating bones and joint movements through rigging. These objects are then animated to create the chosen movement using different 3D software.

Here are some of the popular types of 3D animation:

  • Digital 3D
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion Capture
  • Parallelo
  • Interactive 3D
  • Virtual Reality 3D
  • Toon Shading (Cel Shading)
  • Orca Helix

Traditional 2D animation is the creation and drawing of images on a flat surface. On the other hand, 3D animation lets artists create 3D characters, models, environments, and objects through specialized software.

Also, 2D animation can be done with or without computer help, and characters do not have specific height and width. In contrast, 3D animation has characters with height, width, and depth and they are totally computer generated with a more realistic, life-like, and three-dimensional appearance.

That is why 3D animation is more complex and time-consuming, hence more expensive than 2D animation.

The cost of 3D animation services on an hourly basis in the US ranges between $2500-$3500 for a 100-hour project. It can vary according to the 3D animation type you need.

On average, the cost for a 1-minute 3D animation can be from $10,000 to $20,000 per minute. It varies due to several factors like animation length, visual complexity, and the required level of detail.

One should use 3D animated videos as they are extremely captivating due to their enhanced visual experience. That’s the reason they are effective for marketing and brand storytelling. The use of 3D animation in videos can improve audience engagement significantly. As they offer an immersive visual experience, they hold the audiences’ attention a lot longer than 2D animated videos.

Simple 3D animation production can take a few hours, but often, complex 3D animations can take months. It all depends on factors like animation complexity, team strength, length, and the animator's skills.

Usually, the standard timeline of 1 minute 3D animation is 8 weeksbroken down into different stages as follows:

  • Creative briefing and brainstorming
  • Scriptwriting
  • Concept art and illustration
  • storyboarding
  • Animation,
  • Sound design

Each stage in the process of 3D animation is crucial to your project’s animation success.

3D animation works by creating a model frame-by-frame in three-dimensional space and rigging it with skin, bones, and joints. To give this object or character a desired movement, it is then animated using computer graphics and different software.

BuzzFlick is for sure the safest bet when it comes to high-quality and affordable 3D animation services. With a team full of experienced and talented animators, 3D artists, and creative heads, we maintain a high client satisfaction rate.

Our exceptional 3D animation services have enabled many businesses with amazing 3D animated videos that converted many customers. Our smooth animations are simply breathtaking, and provide a pleasing experience to audiences. Our 3D animation expertise will definitely help you bring our unique ideas and vision to life.

The industries that use 3D animation the most include media and entertainment at the top. 3D animation has a special place in the media industry –specifically 3D character animation.

Apart from the media and entertainment industry, 3D animated content is widely utilized by industries such as:

  • Education
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Marketing and communication agencies
  • Forces (police and Military)
  • Engineering and Architecture.

Outsourcing 3D animation to a pro level 3D video animation company will reduce a lot of costs that one can invest in further important things like marketing products and services. Research states that businesses can reduce 70% of the project cost by outsourcing 3D animation services, which is a major amount of the project budget.

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