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BuzzFlick: Your Partner
for Educational Video Production in the USA

BuzzFlick knows how to convert boring educational material into engaging educational videos by streamlining the concepts and personifying them through educational videos.

Neither kids nor professionals like boring lectures filled with jargon. So, why not opt for education video production to teach someone something? Whether you want it for students or C-level executives, we are perfect for the job as we create the best educational videos in the USA for you.

What is Educational
Video Content?

When a person or, a character (in case of an animated video), presents an audience a valuable informational and educational content directly. You can also categorize in-person recorded video training as an educational content.

That is why educational video production is valuable, instructive, and shareable way to help you and your firm become an authority or thought leader in your industry.

BuzzFlick provides educational video marketing through short TikTok videos, a series of quick how-to guides, tutorials, and even complicated full-scale corporate training videos.

Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services
Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services

Characteristics of a
Good Educational Video

Overall, educational video should be brief and targeted on learning. The use of audio/ visual elements should be appropriate for explanation and complement each other.

Highlight key ideas or concepts through signaling. Video’s voice over should be conversational, and enthusiastic to enhance user engagement.

Why BuzzFlick is an Ideal Company for Educational Video Production?

BuzzFlick stands among the top educational video production companies and has been providing its educational video production services around the globe since 2016.

Enhance learning for students and teachers with our educational videos.

Open up teaching opportunities and learning portals.

Crafts engaging educational videos for an exciting learning experience.

Utilize educational videos for academic education, awareness, and targeted audience training.

Collaborate with educational institutes and tutors for orientation, lectures, lessons, and training videos.

BuzzFlick’s Educational Video Production Projects

We stand out among all educational video companies for our creative and distinctive portfolio.

StarStake — NFT


Duration: 4:15
Industry: NFT

Christian Connection — Relationship & Dating (App)

Christian Connection

Duration: 0:48
Industry: Relationship & Dating (App)

Cambio Wall Systems — Architecture

Cambio Wall Systems

Duration: 1:34
Industry: Architecture

Kaizo's — Customer Support


Duration: 1:52
Industry: Customer Support

Room Speculator — Reservation Management (SaaS)

Room Speculator

Duration: 1:25
Industry: Reservation Management (SaaS)

SwellSpace — Insurance


Duration: 1:15
Industry: Insurance

Klevu — SaaS


Duration: 2:20
Industry: SaaS

Compt — SaaS


Duration: 1:11
Industry: SaaS

Inertial Labs — Tech

Inertial Labs

Duration: 5:33
Industry: Tech

Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services

Best Uses of
Educational Videos

BuzzFlick as an expert in educational video production highly recommends to deploy education videos for a tailored learning experience, enabling people to learn at their individual pace. Animated educational videos can be watched over and again as needed to understand a topic.

What Types of Educational Videos We Make

We are educational video producers worked on a huge number of educational video projects. We understand that generating content for educators requires a whole different strategy.

We’ve produced a plethora of instructional videos, demonstrational videos, and awareness videos on different subject matters demonstrating the technicalities through animated awesomeness.

BuzzFlick for sure is the ideal educational video production company to get your point of view across to your target audience in a conversational way.

Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services
Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services

What is Animated Educational Video Production Time?

Usually, 4-5 weeks are required to produce 60 seconds animated educational video. It all depends on the animation style you want for your educational video production. The time span can increase and decrease according to the degree of complexity. You can contact us for free consultancy anytime to discuss things and we will surely estimate the time for your animated educational videos.

How Much Will the Cost for a 60 to 120 Seconds Educational Video?

Educational video production cost for 1-2 minutes can be between $20,000 and $25,000 depending on the subject matter, animation used, and complexity. However, BuzzFlick provides discounts beyond your expectations. Do you want an educational video series? Great! Be part of our bundle plan.

Just take your time, research a bit, and connect with our team to discuss your brand, your needs, your delivery time frame, your budget, and anything related to get the best quote.

Want To Delight Your Audience? Get Our 2D Animation Services

Why Hire the Best Educational Video Company in the USA?

Educational video production requires flawless execution to deliver the message precisely and accurately. At BuzzFlick we follow the process religiously to deliver incredibly simple-to-understand educational videos in the USA.

Here are some reasons you should consider to get your educational videos produced:

Award Winning Company

Our educational video production services have received multiple awards with 2D & 3D animated educational videos on our credit for our clients to achieve their goals and milestones.

Highly Skilled Team

Our talented and skilled team of animators and creative directors adds their creative imagination to your educational concept in the video, which makes learning fun.

Simple Yet Effective and Creative Work

We take your complex academic topics and grind them with funky effects and elements, which serve the smoothie of knowledge to your learners.

Quality Educational Video Production Cost

We are educational video company believes in quality and informative education through innovative and videos; that’s what makes us different from the rest of the educational video companies.


Over the years, BuzzFlick has delivered several quality projects.
Here’s what our beloved customers think about our video production service.

How Much Does
Educational Video Production Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

As a top-of-the-funnel tactic, educational videos are ideal for raising the profile and establishing credibility. They aren't designed to promote anything in particular. They work best as an interactive element in your content marketing strategy, either on social media or on your blog.

If you want to know if your educational video is successful, have a look at the number of engagements it generates, such as how many people watched it, liked it, shared it, and how many people it leads to your website or blog. In the end, you want to produce material that is so helpful that people start to trust you.

Most of the high-end educational projects we work on now cost between $20,000 and $25,000 for animation and $35,000 to $50,000 or more for live action, depending on duration, style, and complexity.

Want to make a video series? Great! We're glad to negotiate discounted per-video rates as part of a bundle. You should take your time, do your research, and choose a team that is a good fit for your brand that can deliver on budget, timing, and quality because rates can vary widely from business to company.

It normally takes around 10-12 weeks to make an educational video. However, when educational video series can take less time, which is what we usually propose.

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