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Searching Animation Studios Los Angeles? We’re Here…

BuzzFlick is one of the finest LA animation studios. Honing our creative talent, we bring ideas to life with colors, animation, and a passion to tell amazing stories.

We’re currently serving big brands and startups in Los Angeles. By delivering them a quality animation experience, we’ve been able to build a strong presence in LA’s animation market.

Customers have an attention span of only 8 seconds

Among Top Animation Studios
in Los Angeles With Great Work

As an emerging animation studio Los Angeles, we are proud to deliver the best works in recent times. See how we have helped many brands Buzzing with our videos below for your inspiration.

StarStake — NFT


Duration: 4:15
Industry: NFT

Christian Connection — Relationship & Dating (App)

Christian Connection

Duration: 0:48
Industry: Relationship & Dating (App)

Cambio Wall Systems — Architecture

Cambio Wall Systems

Duration: 1:34
Industry: Architecture

Kaizo's — Customer Support


Duration: 1:52
Industry: Customer Support

Room Speculator — Reservation Management (SaaS)

Room Speculator

Duration: 1:25
Industry: Reservation Management (SaaS)

SwellSpace — Insurance


Duration: 1:15
Industry: Insurance

Klevu — SaaS


Duration: 2:20
Industry: SaaS

Compt — SaaS


Duration: 1:11
Industry: SaaS

Inertial Labs — Tech

Inertial Labs

Duration: 5:33
Industry: Tech

Animation Studio Los Angeles
Stirring Stories Like Never Before

To us, every day is an exciting opportunity and we are turning it into wonders. Our artists are passionate about working on any brand and believe in telling a story anyone can resonate with easily.

See what our valuable client Kristy High has to say about us:

And doing that with our animation studio in LA will ensure that your creativity is nothing short of extraordinary.

we have successfully built a diverse clientele despite there being a plethora of LA animation studios in California.

From 2D animation services to animated explainer videos, and from whiteboard animated videos to 3D animations, we’ve conquered all fields.

Los Angeles Animation Studio
With Streamlined Process

As we all know how competitive the animation industry in Los Angeles is. While everyone has kept themselves busy in finding clients, it is our streamlined animation process that thrived us.

Here is our seamless animation process that makes us the best choice when it comes to animation companies Los Angeles:


Detailed Brief

First, we prepare the brief that emphasizes a thorough preparation phase.



It involves the creation and development of the script for the animated video. We make sure it is engaging, interesting, and crisp.



Our storyboard artists are deeply involved in the visual planning and sequence of scenes in the video.



Through our team of the best animation team, we bring the visuals to life efficiently.


Final Edit

We make sure to conclude the process with a meticulous final edit. Our team constantly keeps in touch with you for video finalization.

An Award-winning
Video Animation Company

We as a video animation company make videos as a potent tool for propelling your brands. The award and accolades we have won are as follow:

Top Video Production Company, Houston 2023

Top Video Production Company, Houston 2023

Recognized as the Top Video Production Company Houston 2023 by Clutch.

12th Best Logo Designer in NYC

12th Best Logo Designer in NYC

Recognized as the 12th Multimedia and animation studio by Visual Objects.

Most Reviewed Graphic Designed Companies

Most Reviewed Graphic Designed Companies

Recognized as one of the most reviewed Graphic Design Companies by The Manifest.

Top 100 Logo Designers In NYC

Top 100 Logo Designers In NYC

Recognized as one of the top 100 Logo design companies in NYC by Manifest.

Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023

Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023

Recognized as the Top Visual Effects Company, Houston 2023 by Clutch.

No. 1 Houston Graphic Designers

No. 1 Houston Graphic Designers

Recognized as the top graphic designer in Houston by the Manifest.

2nd Best Multimedia & Animation Services

2nd Best Multimedia & Animation Services

Recognized as the second-best Multimedia and animation studio by Goodfirms.

Top Video Production Company

Top Video Production Company

Recognized as the Top Video Production Company by UpCity.

Top Explainer Video Company Houston 2023

Top Explainer Video Company Houston 2023

Recognized as Top Explainer Video Company in Houston 2023 by Clutch.

Top Video Production Company Dover 2023

Top Video Production Company Dover 2023

Recognized As Top Video Production Company in Dover 2023 By Clutch.

Marcom Platinum Winner 2022

Marcom Platinum Winner 2022

Platinum Winner 2022 for the category of audio/video, digital video creation.

Our Diverse Services Among All Animation Studios in LA

To us, every client is valuable and deserves spellbinding videos to inspire their audiences. So, whether it's a demo reel a 3D film, or an animated explainer, we can get your job done in the most thrilling fashion.

We stand tall among all the biggest and best animation studios with services like:

Customers have an attention span of only 8 seconds

A Unique Partnership You’ll Find Among All Animation Studios Los Angeles

We have always been good partners to any brand that worked with us. And, as partners, we know that our job does not simply end when we’re done with the animation process.

Our support to our partners includes but is not limited to:

  • Gathering of information and finalization of the creative brief
  • Presentation of Moodboard (Concept & art style) and the copy for the script
  • Arrangement of voiceover artists
  • Designing and finalization of Storyboard
  • Performing animation
  • Addition of music and sound effects

Animation + Video Marketing = Brand Growth

Free Consultation for Video Marketing

We all know that no matter how much content you produce if it doesn't reach your ideal audience, it's no good.

So, like all Animation Studios Los Angeles, we try our best to meet your expectations. We make sure your efforts bear fruit; we offer free consultation on video marketing.

Customers have an attention span of only 8 seconds
Customers have an attention span of only 8 seconds

4 Reasons to Hire Us for Videos

Whether you want to boost awareness or grab quality leads, our experts can help you devise a solid video marketing strategy. One that creates video content that is not just perfect for your niche but,

  • Stands out as innovative ads
  • Resonates with your ideal buyer persona
  • Entices them to engage with your brand (daily)
  • Inspire them to get the word out about your brand

Click BuzzFlick in search results if you Google best animation studio near me. We think of ourselves as a small startup among big Los Angeles animation studios, but we do not let it reflect in our work. The quality of work we provide is exceptional and you will see it after getting our consultation.


Over the years, BuzzFlick has delivered several quality projects.
Here’s what our beloved customers think about our video production service.

Meet Our Experts

445 S. Figueroa Street, 31st Floor, Los Angeles,
CA 90071, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 animation studios LA you must know about:

  • BuzzFlick studio for animation Los Angeles, CA, US.
  • Six Point Harness animation company Los Angeles, CA, US.
  • Reel FX. Los Angeles, CA, US.
  • Mana Animation Studio. Los Angeles, CA, US.
  • Dreamworks Animation LLC. Glendale, CA, US.
  • MyeVideo, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US.

The on average cost to hire animation production companies Los Angeles can vary from $1,000 to $10,000 / minute.

This depends greatly on whether you are choosing the best animation company or selecting from the best small animation studios Los Angeles. Also, the project scope, and the detail level of animation you require matters the most.

Animation companies in Los Angeles are home to nearly a quarter of all 3D Animator positions. This is because Los Angeles is the capital of the USA's film and TV industry.

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