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BuzzFlick brings you one-of-a-kind customized video animation service. One that helps you tell a story in a way never told before.

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Turn your brand story into an animated adventure

BuzzFlick is one of the finest animation studios in Los Angeles. Honing our creative talent, we bring ideas to life with colors, animation and a passion to tell amazing stories.

We’re currently serving big brands and startups in Los Angeles. By delivering them a quality animation experience, we’ve been able to build a strong presence in LA’s animation market.


Our Best Work

Below is an exhibition of the best works we’ve completed in the recent times. Have a look at them for inspiration. See how these brands are Buzzing with our videos.

Animation Portfolio


Streamlining the animation process to stay competitive

The animation industry in Los Angeles is really competitive. While everyone has kept themselves busy in finding clients, we’ve thrived by streamlining the animation process.

It has not just become our competitive edge, but more importantly, it helps to meet the challenging demands of our clients like you.

And, customer-orientation is at the heart of our business strategy. To serve you and several hundreds of fascinating startups, we try to go over and beyond in our delivery.

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Animating stories in LA like never before

To us, every day is an exciting opportunity that we can turn into a wonder. Our artists our passionate to work on any brand. Our creatives believe that every product is exciting, if you tell a story to which anyone can resonate easily.

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Awesome Animation Service for Brands in LA

To us, every client is valuable and deserves spellbinding videos to inspire their audiences. So, whether it’s a demo reel or a 3D film or an animated explainer, we can get your job done in the most thrilling fashion.

With our 3D animation services, every brand in LA can make a mark with a new and unique story to tell and continue to produce video content the smart way with our animated videos.

Animation service in LA that comes with a Partnership

We have always been good partners to any brand that worked with us. And, as partners we know that our job does not simply end when we’re done with the animation process.

Our support to our partners includes but is not limited to

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Animation + Video Marketing = Brand Growth

We all know that no matter how much content you produce, if it doesn’t reach your ideal audience, it’s no good.

So, to make sure your efforts bear fruit, we offer free consultation on video marketing.

Whether you want to boost awareness, or grab quality leads, our experts can help you devise a solid video marketing strategy. One that creates video content that is not just perfect for your niche but,

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