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Why Use Corporate Videos?

You will see a significant decrease in your bounce rate after adding a corporate video to your website. The corporate videos are used to achieve specific objectives. It would be ideal if you could have one prepared for your company that says everything you want to say and speaks what your audience wants to hear.

Your corporate video may make a big splash if it’s created with the correct analytics and content strategy. A well-crafted corporate video with an inspiring brand story engages viewers and motivates them to take the desired action(s).

Why Use Corporate Videos?

Corporate Videos That Buzz

Why choose BuzzFlick

Why Choose BuzzFlick’s Corporate Video Production Services?

BuzzFlick is a USA-based award-winning corporate video production agency that has worked with more than hundreds of clients worldwide and has created numerous successful projects.

The team at BuzzFlick put their heart and soul into creating visuals that talk to your audience about your business objectives and goals. We infuse your brand’s vision and ideology into your corporate collaterals that take your business to the next level.

With a corporate video, you let your customers learn about your business, products, and services in an engaging way. It provides a platform to represent your corporate build and its elements.

BuzzFlick creates corporate videos to tell more about your business, help HR in hiring & employee training, raise brand awareness, and communicate business vision clearly to your prospects.

Why Corporate Video Production Is Vital For Business

75% of the employees, at least once a week, watch work-related videos on the company's website to refresh their memory and knowledge. A corporate video is the best approach to provide adequate training to your employees.

Corporate video production follows these streamlined production phases that smooth the project flow.

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why corporate video production
the Process of  Corporate video production

The Process Of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production requires tons of quality planning and flawless execution. Here are the steps that we follow at BuzzFlick:

1. The Goal and Requirements:

We begin our process with requirement gathering and goal analysis. For BuzzFlick, it is important to understand the client’s objectives and design the whole product strategy around them.

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Trade show videoTrade Show Video

Does your brand maintain a consistent presence at industry trade shows and conferences? Then our trade show videos are the perfect fit for you!

These videos can help attract people, which can help you to generate more connections and bring better leads that can drive your business ahead.

By hiring us as your corporate video production company, you can get trade show videos made for every show you feature in!

Without a trade show video, your presence at any industry trade show or conference won’t be as impactful, so it is best to get one started right away.

Internal videoInternal Video

Videos are not just intended for external marketing or communication. You can use them just as effectively for internal communication and marketing drives.

Our internal video component at BuzzFlick specializes in creating such videos that can be used to provide things like important policy messages, courses related to new tech implementation, and more.

As a corporate video production company, we make sure your internal videos are engaging and sensitive to your company culture.

Brand videosBrand Videos

Brand videos are truly compelling as they don’t tend to over-complicate things with too much use of marketing-related jargon.

The storyboard they follow is simple and well-aligned with your concepts, making them perfect for serving all of your brand verticals. Your website, social profiles and even your portfolios can supplement the boring, redundant text with these engaging brand videos.

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