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Why Choose BuzzFlick’s
Corporate Video Production?

BuzzFlick is an award-winning, USA-based corporate video production company that has successfully completed hundreds of corporate video projects.

Having worked with an internationally renowned clientele of Fortune 500 companies, we strive only for perfection, satisfaction and an incredible solution.

With our professionally created corporate videos, we help inform your customers, clients, and employees about your company, its core values, business strategy, and products in the most compelling manner.

Why Use Corporate Video Production Services?
Corporate Videos Tell Your Inspiring Brand Story

Why Invest in Corporate Video Production?

If you want to expand the reach of your corporate news to a wider audience, you need to create impactful, and message-driven corporate videos.

To achieve it, you’re better off hiring a corporate video production company to manage this gig for you. Besides, corporate videos can be a great choice to gain traction on social media content, and even tease the launch of an app.

In fact, today brands are using corporate videos to entertain audiences and establish a deep emotional connection with them.

Four Ways Our Corporate Videos
help You THRIVE

Here are four benefits you can reap from corporate videos to outperform your competitors in the brand battle:

  1. Corporate videos INCREASE dwell time, and IMPROVE SEO ranking.
  2. Corporate videos can SHARE knowledge without being boring.
  3. They create AUTHENTICITY, and SOCIAL PROOF for your corporate brand.
  4. Corporate videos can be multi-purpose, helping you ENHANCE branding marketing, and even training.
Corporate Videos Tell Your Inspiring Brand Story

Corporate Video Production Company That Buzz

We are a corporate video production company with a diverse portfolio. From corporate explainer videos to app demo videos, we have done it all. Go through our splendid work here:

Jungo HR

Jungo HR

Duration: 2:55



Duration: 1:29



Duration: 1:48

Imagine It Technologies

Imagine It Technologies

Duration: 1:54



Duration: 2:10

Tech & SaaS

Tech & SaaS

Duration: 0:31

TekRevol x BuzzFlick

TekRevol x BuzzFlick

Duration: 1:33

Kaizo's AI-Powered Solutions

Kaizo's AI-Powered Solutions

Duration: 1:52



Duration: 1:00

Corporate Video Production Process to Scale Video Content

Our corporate video production process is simple and seamless. Whether you are a startup or an established corporate brand, BuzzFlick will convey your business story through incredible corporate videos.

Here is our professionally optimized corporate video production process:


Identifying Your Goals & Vision

We start off by learning about your vision, and setting a goal for your video. Regardless of your budget and time constraints, our dedicated team for corporate video production will come up with the best possible plan to help you achieve optimized results through your corporate video.


Video Project Budget Estimation

From the very beginning, our team will always be there to discuss your project. It also involves budget estimation for your video project. We work around your budget to deliver the best possible solution for your video production at a minimal cost.


Conceptualization & Script Writing

A great video relies on a creative concept and compelling script, and what’s better than BuzzFlick to get the job done? Our creative team uses its own secret formula for corporate video script. That’s sure to glue the audience to the video and impress everyone.


The Pre-Production Phase

The pre-production phase takes off with the development of storyboard. It provides you with a central layout to conceptualize, visualize, direct, and implement the scenes.


The Production Phase

In this phase, we decide between the two video styles:

Live Action: We arrange for the equipment you need for shooting, and the location where you want to shoot the video

Animation: We create the main graphic assets for your video from the storyboard and then animate the video into a story.


Post-Production Stage

As a corporate video production company, we have all the resources for post production process. This is the last stage and is all about editing the rough cuts of your corporate video, into a smooth story.


Over the years, BuzzFlick has delivered several quality projects.
Here’s what our beloved customers think about our video production service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A corporate video is a video that a business creates to boom its corporate messaging. Corporate videos can also serve multiple purposes. You can raise awareness about the brand, or even use them to train employees about work practices, and safety conditions.

The cost for professional level corporate video production services can vary between $2500 and $25000. Prices generally vary upon your specific requirements. Prices usually go up for premium level video editing, and every second of scripting, and animation.

The primary purpose of a corporate video is to help your brand build credibility and gain trust among your target audience. Besides marketing, corporate videos can also be of use for internal messaging. From training employees to educating about safety, and announcing events, corporates videos can be of great help.

Corporate video production can help your business in many ways. From building a strong brand persona to reaching new audiences, and even marketing your corporate as an authority in the industry. Corporate videos can be your ideal tool to drive interest of both customers and potential investors.

Following types of corporate videos are the most widely used in the industry:

  1. Customer testimonial videos
  2. Company work culture videos
  3. Corporate brand videos
  4. Animated Corporate explainer videos
  5. Corporate Webinar Stories
  6. Corporate Podcast Reels
  7. Corporate Social Ads
  8. Corporate Event Videos
  9. Corporate FAQ videos
  10. Corporate training and safety videos

BuzzFlick is the best when it comes to corporate video production services. Our team is dedicated to make the video production process as smooth and easy as possible for our clients. We’re driven by quality, and the motive to create a massive impact with the corporate videos we produce.

The difference between a commercial and corporate video is simple: Corporate video production involves videos for training, corporate messaging, cultural learning, and even about business strategy. Commercial videos on the other hand, are directed at potential customers with the objective to convert them.

A corporate video producer is any entity that undertakes the process of producing dedicated corporate videos for businesses. A corporate video producer may devise a video campaign to boost your brand’s messaging, and help your stakeholders learn about your company. Corporate branding is essential to build quality relationships, and sustain them for longer returns.

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