Types of VTuber Models: Analyzing the Spectrum of Avatar Designs

3 Types of vtuber models
Want to start streaming with your avatar? Here's what you need to know about types of VTuber that are trending worldwide. Make sure to check them out.

Creators today no longer need to face cameras. You can have a persona, a face for the channel, but you don’t really need to be there. Courtesy of the different types of VTuber models available today, you now have the choice to create a persona, and catch audiences on a budget.

According to Business Research Insights, the current market size of the VTuber avatars was valued in 2022, and it turned out to be an impressive USD 2387 million. Moreover, it’s expected to do even better and cross the 2900 million mark by 2031 at a highly impressive CAGR of just over 70%.

The market of VTubers is booming with Twitch being one of the most popular platforms to host talented, and creative VTubers from all around the world. Content creators today no longer need to show their faces. If you’re anxious to face the camera, you don’t need to feel left out anymore.

Enter VTubing. Create content without showing your real face. Engage with audiences, and build a miraculous persona that’s adored by thousands on the internet.

Wait, that’s something everyone already knows. VTubing really is an exciting gig for content creators, and budding gamers, who want to engage with their fans. But, how do they do it? What type of VTuber is ideal for them? And, what type of VTuber is suitable for you?

Well, guess what? I’m going to answer each of these questions for you. So, you don’t need to go anywhere else looking for how to start with VTubing.

Let’s begin

So, when it comes to popularity, there are essentially, three types of VTuber models that are available on the marketplace:

  1. PNG VTuber Models
  2. 2D VTuber Models
  3. 3D VTuber Models

Know that the 3D VTuber is perhaps the most premium of all categories, and it can be further divided into Custom, and Pre-Base 3D Avatars.

We’ll look into that later, but now, let’s start with PNG VTuber Models.

PNG VTuber Model: What does a PNGTuber do?

PNG tuber model

Just like other types of VTuber models, PNGTubers or PNG VTuber avatars serve as models to mimic human movements, and emotion. Additionally, a PNGTuber is a content creator who uses PNG virtual avatars.

Character’s images will be drawn for multiple emotions and gestures for live-streaming. Then the images are paired with sound effects using tools to give viewers a realistic experience as if the avatar is actually talking to them in-person.

How to Make a PNGTuber Avatar?

As mentioned before, you’ve two ways to create your own PNGTuber model. You can do it by yourself. Even though it won’t cost you a dime, you’ll certainly need to put in long hours of time. Plus, since you lack the expertise, and artistic talent to rig the character, it might not turn out the way you had desired. So, here are four simple steps to commission an adorable PNGTuber Avatar:

  1. Reach out to an artist or animation agency to commission your PNGTuber model
  2. If you can draw, then draw it yourself. Else, give your concept to the artist, and ask them to share a few exciting samples
  3. Ask them to draw images of emotion, facial expressions, and movements
  4. Commission the artist or animator to rig the model for action
  5. Launch it, and start streaming to turn your followers into fans

PNGTuber Tutorial

We’ve covered the five essential steps you must take to become a VTuber, but is that really it?

How about a video that tells you how you can create your full-blown PNGTuber right from the start. Here’s an amazing tutorial that teaches you step-by-step. So, make sure to watch the video.

A Custom PNG VTuber Model is a highly convenient type of VTuber model, and often a starting point for new aspirants who want to try out VTubing as a side gig. So, if you wish to try it out for your streaming, then it’s best to commission it with a professional.

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Different Types of VTuber Model: What is a 2D VTuber Model?

2D vtubre model

A 2D VTuber Model is your personal digital avatar that takes the personality of a fascinating character. It is garnering popularity towards faceless virtual creators, who can appear as beautiful and dynamic avatars. Moreover, these VTuber avatars allow you to control them with motion-capture technology, giving you full control over their movements and facial expressions to give your viewers a dynamic, and immersive streaming experience.

Two Options to Creation

The 2D VTuber is probably the most sought-after type of VTuber model. Most creators have adapted the 2D style mainly because of the fact that it resonates with anime-style characters.

You too can do the same. You can either create a template-based 2D model from a software or opt for custom 2D VTuber model that will provide you with a unique persona for your own character.

The professional artist will do the detailing as per your instructions. Hence, you get a highly refined, and authentic character, one that’s second to none. 

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3D VTuber Model: The Premium Level of VTubing

3D vtuber model

Let’s take the VTubing experience to a whole new level. This is where the spectrum of avatar designs is perhaps the broadest it can get. Your viewers are done with 2D, or let’s say, you want to minimize the competition for yourself in the VTubing space. All you need to do is start with a 3D VTuber model.

3D VTuber models provide great character depth, and quality-level of detailing, you can animate every part of the character since it’s drawn on a 3-dimensional space. There’s nothing that comes close to a 3D VTuber. It’s as immersive as the experience can get for the viewer.

Types of 3D VTuber Model

This is where it gets even more interesting. When it comes to 3D VTubers, you’re not going to shell your money on creating a character. Luckily, when it comes to VTuber trends, you don’t have to do that anymore. We’ve two options when creating your 3D VTuber model:

  1. Pre-Base 3D VTuber Model
  2. Custom 3D VTuber Model

Let’s look at each one of the above in greater detail.

What is a Customizable 3D VTuber Model?

A customizable or Custom 3D VTuber model is perhaps the most expensive, and highest quality of VTubing experience you can get. For most, getting a custom 3D VTuber model can mean breaking the bank. It is so since rigging a custom 3D model is a painstaking job, and any artist or animator that’s onboard will take a lot of weeks to work on the project with great rigor, and passion.

Rigging the character on Blender software is an intricate job, and probably the most crucial in the entire process. But, let’s overlook what you’ll be getting here. You’ll get a fully custom model as per your instructions. It will be like something you dreamt of, and the artist just morphed it into a real, walking character.

Best Examples of a Customizable 3D VTuber Model

I thought it best to walk you through this complicated process of Custom VTuber model. So, here’s a video that explains it the best. You can also find great insight into how you can start with your own custom 3D VTuber model. So, make sure you check this one out.

In case you find this process fairly technical, you can always commission your 3D model with a seasoned character artist. Learn more about VTuber model commission.

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Pre-Base 3D VTuber Model

We just talked about a custom 3D VTuber, and found out that it’s the most premium and expensive VTuber option. Well, if you’re fond of 3D, you don’t have to break the bank. This one option won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A pre-made 3D VTuber model is a mid-range option for budding VTubers who want to start out with 3D.

As the name implies, pre-base 3D VTuber is a template-based avatar usually created in the VRoid Studio. Unlike the custom counterpart that you’ll create in Blender, this one doesn’t allow high-end customization. The extent to choose for features of your model is limited in the pre-base option.

You can change the eyes, hair color, and even skin tone of the avatar. Plus, since there’s no rigging involved, you don’t need a pro-level artist. So, you’re likely to save big.

But, here’s the kicker. The pre-base option is just a regurgitated version of what’s already available on the internet. Since it’s cheap and accessible, you can only wonder how many people have used VRoid Studio to churn out same, mixed, not so original 3D VTuber iterations for their characters. And, the personas are limited too.

All in all, it’s a fine starting point for anyone who’s got a tight budget, but desires to venture out in the 3D space. Here’s a fine tutorial for you to navigate through creating pre-base 3D VTuber. Hear me out when I say this, minimal customization.


Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog post, we covered the three essential types of VTuber models. The review was done on purpose of providing you detailed knowledge on the spectrum of avatar designs that work in tandem with the creator’s personality to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewer. We covered PNGTuber models, the 2D VTuber model, and finally the 3D VTuber model with two of its sub types. At the end of each discussion, we’ve highlighted two approaches to creating your own VTuber model. All you need to do now is decide for yourself, and make the leap into the VTubing space.

Hope you soon become a star streamer on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a VTuber and a PNGTuber?

The major difference between a VTuber and PNGTuber is aesthetics with the former being a more fruitful investment. PNGTuber is a subtype of VTubers, which was more commonly used for virtual content creators, but today, a lot of creators who stream on Twitch call themselves VTubers.

What are the advantages of VTubers?

There are numerous advantages to having a VTubing gig. Firstly, everyone can afford a virtual avatar, and create content without bearing excessive budgets for producing live-action videos. VTubers can choose to remain anonymous, as there’s no need to face the camera. They can express themselves without facing judgment from the audience.

Why are VTuber models expensive?

VTubers models can be expensive for budding content creators for a number of reasons: It takes a lot of time to create your favorite avatar. Only skilled artists can rig the character movements with perfection. On top of that, artists require long hours to master rigging. Hence, the high price is often reasonable.

How can I make my VTuber model more realistic?

To make a lifelike VTuber model, make sure to put the science into your perspective. See how you can use actual physics. Make sure to keep the movements natural, and authentic. Also for more realistic experience, you can work more on the facial features, and emotive detailing of your characters.

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