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We are a post production studio expert in editing and polishing your video to give it a top-notch look.

One Of The Best Video Post Production Company

BuzzFlick has been providing video post production services for the past 6 years and made its name visible among the leading post-production companies. As a video post production studio, we have a team of video post-production professionals who have delivered numerous successful projects to clients and have received appreciation for their work.

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Best Video Post-Production Company

Video Post Production Services To Make You Buzz

We are a post production studio making a difference in the modern business landscape by helping brands refine their videos to the fullest. Here are some of the videos that created Buzz for our clients:

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Our Process For Video Post Production For Business

Video marketing brings light to your business, and video with no perfect editing or polishing is of no use. We create astonishing videos and remarkable video post production services through the following seamless process:

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What’s In For You?

To fulfill the core reason of video making is incomplete without flawless editing. We add magic to your video and make it more attractive for the audience.

Ravishing Editing

In post-production, we offer ravishing editing, mesmerizing visual effects, aesthetic animations, and engaging design.

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Add Magic To Your Videos
Video Post-Production Services At BuzzFlick

Video Post Production Services At BuzzFlick

You must be looking for the best post-production services, Stop now because you have BuzzFlick now. The studio believes in quality work and client satisfaction which makes us distinguishable from the rest.

Our work motto and vision are clear toward our clients and projects, and this makes us the best post-production team:

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Choose BuzzFlick As Your Post-Production Service Provider

BuzzFlick is easily accessible from both Houston and New York City, and it was built with special diligence for video producers by experienced post-production professionals.

We are one of the most well-regarded full-service post-production facilities in Houston. Our creative heads are among the most talented and skilled in the industry, and they offer great video post production services to aspiring storytellers all over the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post-production represents the third phase of video or film development. Post-production typically encompasses everything that occurs following the conclusion of filming.

Post-production firms and video organizations frequently provide post-production services. Post-production would involve editing, special effects, and/or animation, by definition. However, it may also involve distribution, such as submitting your video to television networks or posting it on the Internet.

The common types of post-productions are:

  • Editing
  • Color-correction
  • Visual effects
  • Animation
  • Distribution

Post-production is the editing phase of film and video production. During post-production, the team not only edits raw videos but also adds sound, such as sound effects, voiceovers, music, and visual effects.

Key post-production operations include

  • ADR and Foley recording.
  • Video editing.
  • Text and graphics design.
  • Special effects.
  • Music selection/creation.
  • Special effects.
  • Voiceover or narration
  • Video encoding or compressing.
  • Video distribution

Some of the well-known post-production service providers are:

  • Sony Pictures Studios
  • Warner Bros. Studio
  • Buffalo8
  • Paramount Studios

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