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Why a Custom VTuber Model?

Even though AI art tools are out there and they have the power to churn out aesthetically pleasing characters in no time, we would like to warn you of a tiny problem here. One that might just make you commission your next VTuber model without AI.

Smiling VTuber Model

Problems with AI VTuber Models

AI VTuber models as you see them are made from tools that only blend several designs that are currently available on the internet, and were originally created by renowned artists.

Here are some challenges with AI VTuber Models:

Output is Not Original

Since your VTuber will not be original, a copyright claim from the real owner is perhaps really possible. That’s one reason why AI art is still considered to be in its infancy.

Can’t Monetize as a Creator

Copyright is a real issue. As a result, monetizing your VTuber content can be a problem. Therefore, you need to address the ethical challenges that come with AI.

Teenage girl VTuber Model

BuzzFlick Creates Customizable VTuber
Avatar for Your Channel

With BuzzFlick customizing your VTuber model, there’s literally nothing that you can’t achieve. From rigging adorable VTuber models to providing half-body rigged superstars, you can ask us of anything, and pretty much everything.

Benefits of Having a
Custom VTuber Model

Customizable VTubers are powerful to evoke strong emotion among viewers. They can ideate and create content as they benefit from the anonymity they own with an avatar. To start benefiting from a VTuber avatar, you’ll need some investment, a high-end computer, webcam, microphone and a high-quality motion-capture software that renders super smooth footage in real-time. Here’s what you’ll gain with a VTuber model:

Your Anonymity

Having a VTuber avatar provides you anonymity. You can continue to produce your craft and get appreciated for it without revealing your identity. There are lots of talented people who desire to create content and talk to viewers directly, but don’t want to reveal their faces.

Big Money

You’re shy of camera and still want to rake in big money? Well, VTubing can be your calling. Creators have amassed several thousands (some have even crossed millions) on socials. And, so can you. There’s nothing stopping you.

Enjoy Freedom
of Expression

As you choose to create your VTuber avatar, you’re entitled to enjoy the freedom of expression. You can choose to have your avatar the way you want. Pick a persona of any kind. Think of your dream avatar, and we'll create it into a live character.

You like it extraterrestrial? No problem, we got you. Our artists can help you commission the best 2D Vtube avatars that are not just cute, but have original, yet spell-binding personas.

Create Your Desirable VTuber Today!

College Boy VTuber Model

How to Go About Your VTuber Model?

With BuzzFlick by your side to customize your VTuber model, you’ve two amazing options to start with. Let’s check them out.

Option 1: Customizable
2D VTuber Avatars?

The reason why we endorse fully-customized avatars is that there’s a multitude of characters on the web that are pretty much copy-cat of viral anime sensations. So, everyone’s VTuber model is somewhat a copy.

While these may be truly appealing to your audience, the real owner would not fancy the idea of someone literally stealing their creation just to build a notable reputation for streaming with a cute VTuber, which is not really original.

Classic Female VTuber Model
Custom VTuber Personas

Fully-Customizable VTuber Model for You

If you choose to customize your VTuber avatar, there’s an entire realm of possibilities you can explore for yourself. Imagine your own story being painted into a living, breathing VTuber.

One that’s not just ecstatic, but has a story to tell of its own. How about a VTuber model that’s totally out of the box, and lives up to stand out from the rest?

Forget about the usually cute and beautiful avatars when you can have one that has your personality, and looks that set it a class apart from the rest of the pack.

Spell-binding 2D VTuber Avatar

In addition, a customizable VTuber model for 2D characters lie on the more affordable side of the cost spectrum.

2D avatars are fantastic, and viewing them on creator channels is sure to kick-in the anime nostalgia for several thousands of Otakus.

So, it’s always worth for a fantastic start in the VTuber space.

If you’re a real Otaku, having your own 2D VTuber avatar can just be the perfect choice. It’s more traditional, and incredibly popular in the current VTuber landscape.

Male VTuber Model

Can't Wait? Create Your Avatar Today!

Customizing your VTuber Model with BuzzFlick: What’s New?

Here are some salient features of our service that you should know before you make up your mind;

  • 2D VTuber avatars are highly affordable

  • 2D characters help resonate with anime superstars

  • 2D VTuber models can kick-in nostalgia

  • Characters require less time for development

  • Render is really swift and could be less costly

  • 2D VTuber avatar can be really cool for gamers

Affordable VTuber Models

Overall, 2D VTuber avatars are a reasonable option to start off with your content creator gig. Especially, if you’re new to the space, 2D avatars can be really tempting, and a fun way to kickstart your VTuber journey.

Super-Adorable VTuber Personas

Most VTubers that are rendered as 2D have an engaging and altruistic liking to their personality. The audience just tends to naturally gravitate towards them. So, consider creating a delightful 2D VTuber avatar.

Option 2: Mesmerizing 3D VTuber Models

3D is all about immersion. The quality of render and the smooth motion you get from 3D VTuber characters is absolutely mind-blowing!

We allow you to commission vtuber models that are not just cute, but are brought to life with powerful, and striking animation.

And, there’s literally no end to how flawless, and amazing you can make that animation given the technology at hand. We’re eager to create 3D VTuber avatars that can attract fans like a magnet

Female 3D VTuber Model
Ninja VTuber Model

Customizable 3D VTuber Model with BuzzFlick

If you’re a creator who needs full-body movement, our 3D VTuber avatar creator can be your ideal choice. 3D is flawless and something that is highly recommended, if you communicate with gestures, or want more movement.

3D can give you that. Most 3D VTubers who turned out to be a massive success started off with 2D and then upgraded to 3D. 3D makes it all look super smooth, and pleasing to the eyes. Our artists can really work it up for you.

Coolest VTuber Model for Your Channel

The visuals and movements won’t be just pleasing to the eyes, but will leave a mesmerizing effect on the mind of your viewers. That’s for sure! 3D VTuber creators also do a lot of review and reaction videos around other creators.

So, if you’re venturing out into that realm of work, 3D VTuber avatar might just be your calling. Here’s why you must have your own 3D VTuber Model:

  • Our 3D character renders are perfect for reaction channels

  • Natural 3D movement will draw attention and piques interest

  • Our 3D VTubers are mind-blowing and mesmerizing

  • Our 3D VTuber models are priced above the 2D characters designs

3D VTuber models are just getting started. There’s literally an entire realm of possibilities one can explore with 3D VTubers. Find out which one is best for you. Here’s a comparison 2D vs 3D VTuber Models.

Why Commission VTubers with BuzzFlick?

The VTuber Model you create with BuzzFlick will always be a class apart.

Our VTuber animation are truly mesmerizing, and will leave nothing to delight your audience. It all happens in just seconds.

Expert in VTuber Animation

We’ve a team of quality digital artists, who can turn your VTuber ideas into magical art. With their diversely enriched cultural experiences, you’re all set to have a character that is original, personalized, and natural to resonate with.

Commission Affordable VTuber Model

Our skilled bunch of artists know the ins and outs of the VTuber art workflows. They are fully capable of helping you commission half-rigged as well as fully rigged models in the most efficient, yet attractive way possible.

Unique and Enticing VTuber Personas

With us, you’re not limited by the style of characters. Each VTuber model we create, be it 2D or 3D, is sure to leave a mark of its own. It’s not just the aesthetics we focus on, but a persona that can live in the shoes of a full-time influencer for your channel.

Endless Customization for Your Niche

VTuber models today do not have to be a copycat of a famous anime character. Even though gaining inspiration is desirable, we will not advise you to limit yourself to it. As you commission VTuber with BuzzFlick, you’ll get high-level of customization for your character.

Want an Adorable and Super Cute VTuber?

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though free tools provide beginner-level VTuber avatars, you can always start with them. One such tool to start with is VRoid Studio. It’s totally free and also available for download on Mac and Windows. For anyone who adores anime style characters, VRoid might be a fine choice to begin with.

The cost of a custom VTuber model for a full-body art range between $250 and $500. And, if you want top-notch art style and versatility with expressions, expect the cost to be anywhere between $2000 and $4000.

The most popular app among VTubers is Vtube Studio. It is specifically available for iOS and Steam on Mac. Vtube studio also supports facial motion capture on webcam.

Rigging your own VTuber model from scratch will require high-level expertise with AutoDesk Maya. You can also opt for reasonable VTuber making services that allows you to start streaming with your model in a breeze.

VTubers use motion capture data to render character movement in real-time. You can do the same with your VTuber avatar. All you need to do is import the character into a software. You can pick any software from Vtube Studio, VUP, and even the Amimaze to render.

For a fully rigged VTuber model, you can start with basic ‘chibi’ style, which costs around $300 for the art and intricate level of rigging. If you wish to have fully-customized model, the cost can go up to $1000, providing you great quality detailing.

Getting your own VTuber avatar can be really expensive. Typically, the cost entails avatar creation, a high-end PC for design and render, and other fancy equipment. The cost can be anywhere between $30 and $500. Add another 100-200 USD each for rigging and camera for your avatar.

No, not at all. You don’t need to capture all your movements to start out. However, if at any time, you want to render full-body motion, you can opt for a virtual reality setup. It will cost you around $400.

If you’re excited about going live on Twitch, a webcam is the main equipment you’ll need to kickstart your content creator journey. Webcam will also do the job of motion capture, and render the movements of your VTuber avatar while you stream on the go. So, it’s worth it!

Essential gear for VTuber streaming includes a computer, some lighting, a crips microphone, and a motion-capturing device.

To create your VTuber model, start with picking a body type for your avatar. It’s best to opt for one that will model well with you. Upload your front face photo or click one using an HD cam. You may customize using the app. Adjust for skin tones, hair color and a lot more. Play around with aesthetics and you’re good to go!

The cost to commission a VTuber model can be anywhere between $35 and $1000 for 2D models. Plus, the cost will depend upon the artist’s talent. If you want to level-up your game with 3D VTuber model, then expect the price to be between $1000 and $15000 (pricing goes up with customization needs).

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