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BuzzFlick - animation studio in Houston


BuzzFlick is an award-winning animation video company in Houston for enterprises and startup businesses. We help companies build a trustable impression through impactful visual content.

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BuzzFlick is a top-notch animation company in NYC. We leverage a design-driven approach to create revolutionary digital videos for brands that want to create an immaculate digital presence globally.

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BuzzFlick - video animation production company in NYC
BuzzFlick - video animation company in Dover


BuzzFlick is a leading animation company in Dover that portray your business goals through storytelling and connect your audience to your brand emotionally. We incoporate your vision in brand marketing strategy and highlight your mission.

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To serve the growing animation industry, we’re increasing our footprints in LA. Whether startups or big brands, we aim to build mutually benefiting business for each one of you. BuzzFlick is proud to announce itself as an emerging animation company in LA.

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BuzzFlick - video animation production company in NYC
BuzzFlick - video animation production company in Chicago


We aren’t just limited to animation, but also specialize in creative video production, motion graphics, and videography. And, we’re currently making great progres as an animation company in Chicago.

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BuzzFlick is a rapidly growing Animation and Video Production Company in Dubai offering diverse services ranging from 2D animation to 3D modeling, and from explainer videos to corporate video production.

BuzzFlick - video animation company company in Dubai
BuzzFlick - Animation Company in UK


After tremendous success in the US, BuzzFlick presents itself as a top choice Animation Company in UK for entrepreneurs, and businesses. We’re here to scale your videos for astounding reach, and growth. Connect for success.


BuzzFlick operates as a full-service Animation Company in Austin. Leveraging our talent in animation, and design, we’ve come to Austin to tell brand stories like never before. Partner with us for creating an impact in the world of video content.

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BuzzFlick - Animation Company in Austin

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