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97% of L&D Professionals
Say Video is Far Better Than
Textual Documents

Employee training videos are considered one of the most effective tools to help employees upskill today.

L&D professionals continue to emphasize on the need to educate using video.

It is because instructive yet engaging videos allow young talent to advance their skills and enhance performance, resulting in growth of the business.

Employees find training videos engaging against reading material, which for most is dry and boring.

97% of L&D professionals say video is far better than textual documents
88% corporates invest in training video production

88% Corporates Invest in Training Video Production

Even before the pandemic, which is 2019, 88% of large corporates frequently used webcasting, and virtual classrooms for corporate training purpose.

That not only shows a massive demand for training video production companies, but also points to the fact that corporates consider training video an effective tool for education.

Therefore, it’s high time you also invest in education with more self-paced learning. Consider investing in a training video production company like BuzzFlick.

Level Up With Our Safety Training Videos

In any organization, health and safety of employees remains to be of paramount importance.

There’s no work that’s worth putting employees under risk or compromising their safety.

To ensure employees are proactively engaged in safety training, having a series of videos for them might just be the best thing to do.

So, whether it’s about instructing safety procedures, or training for working with hazardous items, a training video production company can help.

While live-action might be the option, it doesn’t have to be the solely desirable one. Alternatively, animated safety training videos save big costs, while allowing you to tell stories you can’t in live-action.

Level up with our safety training videos
Training video production for learning institutes

Training Video Production for Learning Institutes

55% of teachers say that videos allow them to be more creative

Teachers and professors are advocating the use of training videos for education.

So, now you can also produce training material with videos. Not only will you find it easier to convey your message, but also help students advance learning the fun way.

Difficult concepts related to architecture, data, geometry or even anatomy can be taught best using an explainer video.

So, if you wish to make the leap, connect with one of the best training video production companies today!

Trainees Can Retain 95% of a Training Video’s Message

Studies have shown that viewers on average have the potential to retain 95% of a video’s message compared to only 10% retention of text material.

Not only do L&D professionals are fully aware of that. But more importantly, they are partnering up with training video production companies to leverage animation to tell compelling stories.

We at BuzzFlick have helped several brands do the same and would love to see your brand elevate with our training videos.

Want seriously good results from your next training course? Hire us to nail your job!

Trainees can retain 95% of a training video’s message
Employee Training Video Production: Instructive Videos Get the Job Done

Employee Training Video Production: Instructive Videos Get the Job Done

Most students tend to experience anxiety or fear when they have to cover a pile of textual material for studies.

It’s high time that not only students but employees too, are provided strategically designed training videos.

Instructive yet engaging animated videos would not only save time in explaining complex concepts, but more importantly, learning would be far more effective.

Training videos are not just a tool for learning professionals, but must be taken as an art that engages viewers, compelling them to ponder, and ideate solutions on their own.

Amazing Training Videos With BuzzFlick

Just because you have a series of videos that are meant for training employees, they do not have to be boring.

The time of dry and dull stuff crawling up in our social feeds is gone for good and so are such videos that do little good to make training engaging.

Instead, invest in training video production with a touch of animation. With BuzzFlick as your training video production company, rethink training like never before.

Reimagine your employees learning and upskilling the new way.

We make videos so amazing that learning happens in a breeze!

Amazing training videos with BuzzFlick
BuzzFlick’s Corporate training video production: Onboard new friends in your team

BuzzFlick’s Corporate Training Video Production: Onboard New Friends in Your Team

Like or not, most corporate videos out there are nothing but monotonous and boring. Undoubtedly these hold essential value for onboarding new hires. But the approach is not effective at all.

We at BuzzFlick want to make sure you get quality corporate training videos that not just compelling, but seriously engaging, so that learning happens at a glance

Sounds Like You’re Saying,
“Plz, Create My Training Video!”

3 Reasons You’ll
Love Our Training Videos

Telling Your Story With Data

Powered by real data, our videos throw bite-sized content at the learners so they can digest it easily.

Training Them With Creativity and Passion

There’s no one size fits all. That’s why we let our creative juices flow with our employee training video production team.

Super-fast Process

The training video production process is seamless. There’s no need for your oversight. Relax and wait for the magic!

Need a Training Video?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the process to create outstanding training videos in five easy steps;

  • Step 1: A topic that resonates with your audience
  • Step 2: Decide upon the type of your training video. It can be instructor-led, micro-learning or even animated video.
  • Step 3: Write the script for your training video (hook, core message, CTA)
  • Step 4: Produce your training video
  • Step 5: Review and edit before final launch

Here are five bite-sized steps to make your own training video today;

  • Step 1: Decide upon the topic and objectives of your training
  • Step 2: Decide upon the style of your video
  • Step 3: Write a persuasive script and prepare a storyboard
  • Step 4: Produce the video using an AI tool or outsource it to a training video company
  • Step 5: Make good edits for a smooth launch

The process of training video production is intricate as it involves informing employees, students, customers and others on job tasks, safety, and study concepts. Modern training videos involve animation to train employees.

Corporate training videos are training content that are specifically designed to educate and inform employees in a compelling fashion. There is emphasis on visual appeal to make the video experience more immersive and, exciting.

To any business, time is probably the most important resource. Time is money and everyone wants to save both. It would be best to cut down on the recurring cost of training your employees every now and then. So, securing your knowledge base in a series of training videos can save a large amount of time and money over travel, venue and training.

Creating engaging videos does not have to be stressful anymore. But you need to ensure that you tick the boxes on engagement, conciseness, informative and interactive content.

Learning science suggest that multi-dimensional presentation works perfect to foster efficient learning. Including flow charts, and visual graphics can help significantly to ease learning from your employee training videos.

All you need is a laptop, camera and a microphone to get started. However, if you want to have a training video of the top quality, then consider investing in a training video production company as they’ve professional video artists to nail your project to perfection.

Here’s a small, yet powerful strategy to produce your corporate training video production;

  • Identify the purpose of your video
  • Write your message in a tone that resonates with customers
  • Cut on fluff and filler words
  • Tune in visual and audio elements so they appear natural
  • Edit and launch on socials

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