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What Is A Promotional Video?

Videos used for marketing and sales purposes are called promotional videos. The primary purpose of a promotional video is to familiarize people with a specific product, cause, or organization.

As a top-rated video production company, BuzzFlick now offers promotional video production services. From startups to 500 fortune companies, we have been assisting brands in telling their story through creative and professional promotional videos.

What Is A Promotional Video?

Why Choose Promotional Video Production Service?

Apart from demonstrating your brand's story, a creative promotional video can help in highlighting:

  • Vision and mission
  • Impact
  • Advocacy
  • Team/Employees
  • Product/Services
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Promotional Video Productions – The Use Case

Promotional videos are now commonly being used across the industry for various purposes. Some of the popular usages of promotional videos are:

For Existing Employees:

When introducing new procedures, software, or internal resources to staff, a corporate promotional video is an effective medium. Moreover, you may show your appreciation for those who are leading by example and consistently exceeding expectations in the workplace.

For Target Audience:

The things you sell are only part of who you are. Corporate promotional videos are a powerful way to leave a lasting impression on anybody, from prospective employees and customers to current employees, shareholders, and clients.

For Clients:

You can encapsulate the experience of your value into a concise and easy-to-remember visual through the use of branded or promotional videos for your company. It provides you with the opportunity to say whatever you want to say about your organization and provide the ideal message in order to generate business outcomes.

For Recruitment:

It's no secret that companies are fighting one another for the most qualified workers, but anybody working in human resources these days knows the struggle is real. Make a recruitment video that will make viewers question their preconceptions. Exhibit your company in a novel approach to get talented young people to work for you.

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The Role Of Promotional Video Productions

The Role Of Promotional Video Productions

Creating a compelling promotional video may be a significant undertaking for in-house teams. And that might cause individuals to sizzle in a negative way.

The supply-and-demand conundrum is resolved by our promotional video company and its squad. By hiring a promotional video production company, you relieve your team of a tremendous amount of labor and have access to unique promotional videos and industry-leading corporate video production services that are engaging, sleek, and make your viewers shout, "Wow!"

With the type of response and engagement that promotional video creation can produce, you can anticipate a significant number of shares and retweets.

Promotional Video Production Statistics

People are hungry for high-quality visual content, such as your unique promotional videos and business promotions. Just consider the numbers:

  • Long-form video ads have 93% completion rates.
  • Views of branded videos are up 73%
  • YouTube attracts 85 percent of adults, more than platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • 76% of B2B marketers are putting their bets on video marketing because they anticipate a rise in video traffic.

Where should yours be placed? Considering the foregoing data, we conclude that promotional video productions are the way to go.

Promotional Video Production Statistics
Choose BuzzFlick As Your Promotional Video Production Partner

Choose BuzzFlick As Your Promotional Video Production Partner

Working with BuzzFlick guarantees that you will have a partner that will oversee every stage of the video production process in order to help you execute a successful video marketing campaign.

From innovative corporate promos and cogent reels to feature-length documentaries, video advertising, and explainer videos, our promotional video production agency conceptualizes and creates marketing videos that give your brand a voice and fascinate the public.

Our video agency team has cooperated on video projects with industry-leading associations, organizations, and businesses. When teaming with BuzzFlick, the cost of your video production is guaranteed to include industry-leading video quality, best-in-class production effort, and production value.

Promotional Video Services For Your Product

BuzzFlick provides the best promotional video services around the globe. We raise brand and product awareness for the business through our video content.

We stand among the outstanding promotional video production companies and help businesses increase their sales and improve their marketing strategies.

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Promotional Video Services

Make A Captivating Business Promotional Video

Companies have adopted the promotional video trend not just to promote their products or services but also to promote themselves. In the corporate world, creating a trustable image among customers is an essential marketing act.

BuzzFlick has worked with startups and mega businesses and has made 800+ satisfied clients in all regions of the world. We believe that your business’s success is our success, and we understand how challenging it is for a company to make its mark.

With our expertise in company promo videos, we create engaging video content and aim to deliver the project as best as possible. Our representatives are available to discuss your promo video requirement, and you can contact us through any means of communication.

What Do We Offer?

Corporate promotional video production is a footage that brands use to showcase, promote, and advertise their company, product, or service.

We focus on displaying all the products’ features, information about the company, and the process of the services.

Our creative team makes detailed company promotional videos that help viewers connect with your brand’s story.

We create a storyboard, write a script, do casting, and shoot the video. We customize your concept into the revenue asset in a short duration of time.

What Do We Offer?
Professional Promotional Videography

Professional Promotional Videography

Our promotional videographers and content creators capture all the essential sections of the project and highlight them in the video to build a clear understanding for the audience.

The team at BuzzFlick creates company promo videos that help you draw the audience’s attention toward your brand.

As a promo video production company, BuzzFlick produces exquisite promo videos for branding or marketing campaigns. They invest time in researching, learning, and executing the following points while production of promo videos:

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Our team of award-winning professionals is ready to discuss your cinematic vision for your unique promotional videos, regardless of whether you only have a concept or a fully developed storyboard to provide.

We are available to discuss your upcoming corporate promotional video with you over the phone, or you can come and meet us at our offices located in Houston, New York City, and Dover to get the inside scoop on your company and assist you with the production of your promotional video.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a marketing of an initiative, event, product, service, or anything. Promotional videos elevate brand awareness among the public.

BuzzFlick offers fantastic price plans for a promotional video, but a 60-seconds video cost around $1K to $6K. The cost might vary depending on the requirements.

It depends upon the style and design of the video that you would like to choose for the project. A small project can take 3-5 weeks, and a large project maximum takes 9-13 weeks.

Video content should showcase your brand description, concepts, and information entertainingly and engagingly. The video content aims to generate interest in the viewers.

The cost for 1-minute promo video depends upon the complexity of the project. It can be anywhere between $2000 and $10000. Depending upon the needs of the client, in special instances, the cost may even jump to $50000.

Some key factors such as size and deadline of the project may affect the budget. However, the average price for a 30-second promo video can be anywhere between $1500 and $2500. You may be able to find cheaper rates depending upon your needs and how flexible you’re with the deadline.

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