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From Ideas to Impact:
Social Media Video
Production Specialists

Welcome to BuzzFlick, a creative Social Media Video Production company in the USA, where we create impactful digital stories by transforming your ideas. We believe in crafting compelling and engaging visual narratives that your audience can relate to and you can drive better results.

Social media is all about engaging audiences with passionate storytelling and that’s where you need BuzzFlick. We bring your vision to life to capture your brand’s essence.

From Ideas to Impact: Social Media Video Production Specialists
Opt For Social Media Video Production To Become Star In Digital Realm

Opt For Social Media
Video Production To Become
Star In Digital Realm

The digital landscape is ever-evolving and audience engagement is the success currency now. So if you want to make a lasting impact and shine bright like a diamond, BuzzFlick for sure is your buddy. Explore our work and shake hands with us for incredible social media video production services. Let us set you apart from all other brands on social media and win your audience's hearts and minds.

Why BuzzFlick For Your
Social Media Video Production

BuzzFlick has a team of professionals who are seasoned enough to understand the unique social media platform dynamics. They are experts in creating content for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Not only does our social media video production team has tactics to grab audience attention but they know how to foster meaningful connection with them. We have the best social media video production strategy to help you nurture more leads and convert them like a pro:

Custom Tailored Video Content

First, we do not just take a concept and make a video. We tailor videos according to the specific social media platform. A Facebook video is on a whole different level than Instagram and similarly, you cannot use the same video for Twitter. The video formats for each social platform are differently designed to maximize audience engagement, shareability, and distribution. So, we keep in mind the importance of these formats and tailor your video content accordingly.

We Focus On Quality First

Businesses now have unparalleled opportunities to connect with a large number of audience and potential customers through social media platforms. But that does not mean you make a random video and post it on social media platforms. That is why BuzzFlick prioritizes quality content as an important part of its social media marketing strategy. High-quality, highly engaging, crisp, and captivating videos are our virtue and we aim to maximize it for our clients as well.

Audience Research

Audience research is an integral part of BuzzFlick’s social media video production services. We know how differently demographics behave online, and that is why we go beyond just tailoring the video content to a specific platform and research the behavior of your target audience, how they use social media, and what kind of content they respond most to. This research helps us make informed decisions for your social media video strategy and we produce content accordingly.

Lead Generating Content

The potential for lead generation through social media video content is immense. Whether you have opted for paid social media campaigns or organic, we focus on producing highly engaging and promotional videos with embedded contact forms and compelling calls to action. This makes our social media video content highly converting and generates more leads for you. Users find it easy to contact you while watching your social media video content. It enhances your ROI as well.

Mobile Responsive Content

Do you know 60% of the world uses social media from mobile? That is why we create social media videos mobile optimized to leverage maximum performance. Our videos are mobile responsive and people using mobile devices can watch your videos on their screens without any interruptions and errors. BuzzFlick understands that mobile optimization is the key to capturing the audience at the fullest, and that is why our video production strategy revolves around it.

Content Shareability

Creating shareable video content should be an essential part of your social media marketing efforts. It is necessary to attract massive new traffic and build a loyal fan following. That is why we focus on creating social media videos of high quality, spontaneous, credible, trendy, edgy, and remarkable. We add a humor element in it for people to make laugh and share among others to maximize engagement and make your brand go viral.

Our Social Media Videos
That Won Hearts

We have served many clients with our professional social media video production. From conceptualization to video creation, and from editing to execution, we have created some gems for social media. Have a look.

StarStake — NFT


Duration: 4:15
Industry: NFT

Christian Connection — Relationship & Dating (App)

Christian Connection

Duration: 0:48
Industry: Relationship & Dating (App)

Cambio Wall Systems — Architecture

Cambio Wall Systems

Duration: 1:34
Industry: Architecture

Kaizo's — Customer Support


Duration: 1:52
Industry: Customer Support

Room Speculator — Reservation Management (SaaS)

Room Speculator

Duration: 1:25
Industry: Reservation Management (SaaS)

SwellSpace — Insurance


Duration: 1:15
Industry: Insurance

Klevu — SaaS


Duration: 2:20
Industry: SaaS

Compt — SaaS


Duration: 1:11
Industry: SaaS

Inertial Labs — Tech

Inertial Labs

Duration: 5:33
Industry: Tech

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of social media video production depends on the video style you want for your brand. You can take risks to get it at a low price from Fiverr or Upwork freelancers. We charge from $500 to $1500. And if you go for animated social media videos, the cost can go from $1500 up to $3000.

There are lots of benefits for your brand if you opt for professional social media video production. It is just like a secret sauce that you are adding to your digital presence. You should invest in high-quality social media videos that are professionally produced, and well-optimized according to your brand and audience. You can leverage your expertise, skill sets, creativity, and cost management by outsourcing social media videos to professionals.

Educational, entertaining, inspirational, and interactive social media video content works well on social media platforms. That is why BuzzFlick creates videos that are entertaining as well as valuable for your audience so that they engage your audience really well and provoke them to share them.

There are too many social media video production agencies out there, but keep in mind the following five factors while choosing the best for yourself:

  • Quality work: Always choose a company that provides high-quality videos.
  • Video style: Choose a company that offers diverse video styles for social media.
  • Budget: Social media videos should not cost you arms and legs. Look for affordable yet professional companies.
  • Timeline: What's the point when a company cannot deliver your video on time? Keep a timeline in mind when hiring any company for social videos.
  • Customer Services: Customer service is one thing that sets every company apart from others. Good customer service is equal to a successful video production project.

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