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BuzzFlick specializes in creative video production, animation, motion graphics, and videography. We are a to Chicago-based video production agency, winning awards and hearts through our creative, visually appealing, and engaging video content for years now. Get your custom-built videos for brands and businesses to hook the audiences and convert them into loyal customers. Our videos are stunning, fun, and easy on the pocket for our clients.

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Tell Your Exceptional Story Through Our Videos And Animation

Tell Your Exceptional
Story Through Our
Videos and Animation

If you want your brand's story to be unique, stand out, and exceptional, and looking for video production services in Chicago, then you have landed on the right spot. Not only do our videos represent your brand through visuals beyond the ordinary, but also make your brand the audience's apple of the eye.

We Are Chicago Based
Video Production Company
Delivering Champion Level Content

We are a Chicago video production company partnered with some of the world’s renowned brands and delivered video content that has left the audience in awe.

We Are Chicago Based Video Production Company Delivering Champion Level Content

Our Portfolio

Do you want to check out the creative chaos we have created?
Go through it below:

StarStake — NFT


Duration: 4:15
Industry: NFT

Christian Connection — Relationship & Dating (App)

Christian Connection

Duration: 0:48
Industry: Relationship & Dating (App)

Cambio Wall Systems — Architecture

Cambio Wall Systems

Duration: 1:34
Industry: Architecture

Kaizo's — Customer Support


Duration: 1:52
Industry: Customer Support

Room Speculator — Reservation Management (SaaS)

Room Speculator

Duration: 1:25
Industry: Reservation Management (SaaS)

SwellSpace — Insurance


Duration: 1:15
Industry: Insurance

Klevu — SaaS


Duration: 2:20
Industry: SaaS

Compt — SaaS


Duration: 1:11
Industry: SaaS

Inertial Labs — Tech

Inertial Labs

Duration: 5:33
Industry: Tech

Why You Should Trust
Video Production Company
Chicago Like Us?

Do you know in a digital era like this, you are more than just a brand that sells products or services? You have to be a business or brand that makes a difference in the lives of your people. You have to influence them with your brand's personality and communication. And that's where BuzzFlick fits best to help you out.

We look at you and the kind of work you are doing. And that is how we find out what kind of content you actually need to set yourself apart. We focus on providing videos that communicate visually your mission, make you trustable to the audience, and eventually create a deep connection with your audience.

You can trust BuzzFlick as we are Chicago-based video production company crafting customized videos to meet your goals:

Brand Awareness

Ensure your brand stays top of mind with your target audience.

Connect Emotionally
With Your Audience

Our videos help you establish a bond with your audience and make them feel for you.

Brand Credibility

Our videos make you stand out as a market leader and make your audience put their trust in you.

Communicate Your
Brand Values

You let your audience know about your values through videos and let them know beyond your products or services.

Loyal Customers

Our videos help you attain customers that are more devoted that eventually increases your sales and ROI.

Foster More

Our videos communicate with you in such a way that the audience builds trust in your brand and business.

Save Your
Time and Energy

Our compelling videos provide information about you and your brand comprehensively saving lots of your time and energy.

A Wide Range of Video
Production Services in Chicago

Every brand is unique on its own with unique purposes. And if you are the one, your video marketing should also stand out from the rest. Why opt for boring, traditional template-based videos when you can get services from an incredible video production company Chicago, BuzzFlick?

Well, as we have discussed, every brand has a sole purpose to stand out through unique storytelling, videos are the medium that actually help in this matter. BuzzFlick strives to create your elegant persona through customized video production that includes an array of ranges to choose from. We produce different types of videos for brands including:

Live Action Video Production

When it comes to making your brand relevant to your audience, nothing beats live-action videos. And we know how to nail it. We are video production company Chicago with camera, studio, production crew, and actors to make your message as relevant as possible to connect with the audience.

2D and 3D Animated Video Production

Animation of any type attracts the audience on a massive level. From mobile phone brands to confectionaries, all are using 2D and 3D animated videos to target the audience. BuzzFlick’s creative team is ahead of any other company in producing visually stunning animated videos for your business.

Whiteboard Animated Video Production

Interesting, factual, captivating whiteboard videos are best to inform and educate your audience on any subject. These videos explain the different concepts on a whiteboard and present the brand's POV to the audience. We know how to create those videos to give your brand a unique identity.

Explainer Videos

Do you want to outreach a wider audience segment? Let's get explainer videos from the best video production company Chicago. BuzzFlick’s explainer videos are a lot better to explain your products, services, and organization to people in a simple, engaging, manner.

Educational Videos

We are a video production company in Chicago that has helped many brands acquire desired results through our short crips, clear, and digestible educational videos. Whether you want to educate your audience on a social issue or to train your employees about the company's new policies, educational videos should be your go-to.

Corporate Videos

Creating prolonged boring company profiles in PDFs is out of fashion practice now. That is why you should acquire video production services in Chicago for your incredible corporate video to connect with your audience and introduce them to you really well.

Testimonial Videos

People now believe in evidence rather than hollow claims. That is why you should also get client testimonial videos to build audience trust and brand credibility. It also spreads positive words about your business which eventually make you stand out in today’s segregated economy.

Marketing and Promotional Videos

Be it a website, social media platforms, or even outdoors, you need a promotional video to advertise your product and services in a creative and meaningful way. That is why you need Chicago commercial video production company like BuzzFlick to persuade your audience without spending a fortune.

Healthcare and Medical Videos

The intricate and complicated healthcare and medical topics and concepts are difficult to explain simply. But you can nail it through healthcare and medical video production company Chicago. BuzzFlick make medical-based content easy, digestible, and fun to learn for patients and providers equally.

Product Demo Videos

Whether you are launching a new product or you have updated the existing one, product demo videos help the audience understand the product features and benefits in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Try out our product demo video production services in Chicago to make your product viral.

Hire the Best
Video Production Company
Chicago for Your Brand

If you aim to craft a standout, and exceptional narrative for your business and brand and searching top-notch video production services in Chicago, you've come to the perfect place. Also if you are already looking for professional animation studio near me, contact us. Through BuzzFlick videos, your brand representation will not only be unforgettable, but the extraordinary visuals will captivate your audience's attention, making your brand truly connect with them. Contact us right today to elevate your brand like never before.

Hire the Best Video Production Company Chicago For Your Brand

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“The quality of work they presented and the time it took them to accomplish the goal were impressive.”

Singer Lorine Chia
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“We saw a massive increase in the demand for our product.”

VP Operations & Research, Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Richard Alvarez
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“The most impressive thing about BuzzFlick was their creativity and ability to bring our brand to life.”

Marketing Manager, Pizza Oven Manufacturer Catie Ross

“They did an amazing job of making a video that connected with viewers on an emotional level.”

Digital Marketing Executive, Noodle Soup Steven Collins
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