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We create incredible explainer videos from scratch that inspire the masses.

Visualize Your Brand Story with Video Marketing

Undoubtedly video content has the unique ability to engage and retain your customers' attention. We can assist you in creating video marketing campaigns that reach your potential customers where and when they are most likely to buy.

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Visualize Your Brand Story with Video Marketing
The Key Role Video Plays in the Digital Landscape

The Key Role Video Plays in the Digital Landscape

With the figures continuing to soar with every passing day, there is no reason to deny that video is the king of content marketing.

It influences brand discovery, consideration, and purchase decisions throughout the consumer journey. This is a medium that has the ability to radically transform how your brand interacts with its customers online.

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BuzzFlick's Unique Approach to Video Marketing

Your video marketing strategy is every bit as important as execution. Whether you've just stepped onto the scene or you've been using videos for ages, you need a road map outlining what it's all for. Also, where you plan to go and how you'll measure success.

A solid plan can be the difference between knowing how much ROI your content is delivering and throwing metaphorical spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

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Video Production Service Options at BuzzFlick

When developing your video marketing strategy, it's imperative to know what types of marketing videos you can create for every stage in the flywheel. Some of the most popular video types that we use for video advertising and marketing campaigns are:

Digital Marketing Video Production Strategy

Any successful campaign relies on effective video creation and marketing plans. Our approach to video production marketing strategy at BuzzFlick is based on three key factors: audience, branding, and optimization.

Digital Marketing Video Production Strategy

Audience and Goals

The people who will be watching the videos (customers) are the main focus of your online marketing video production. The videos you pay for should be based on a detailed grasp of their requirements and the desired outcomes for your campaign. The first step in developing a successful marketing video production plan for you is a thorough understanding of these aspects.

Audience and Goals


Optimization is the final step in the marketing video creation strategy. The objective here is to guarantee that when your marketing video is uploaded, it shows a significant impact. Editing, voiceovers, localization, marketing video type, publication choices, and other factors are all part of the optimization process.


When you hire our 2D animation agency, you ensure the creation of an intriguing 2D animation video for your brand that also has an inspirational 2D animated character. This character makes your video more meaningful and impactful as per your 2D animation project requirements.


How BuzzFlick Creates Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are looking for a single piece of content or in need of a full-time video content creator and marketer, we've got you covered.
Our team of specialists is here to help you every step of the way to guarantee you attain your objectives. Take advantage of our customized video marketing services today and smash your goals.

Strategy PlanningStrategy Planning

Taking the time to comprehend your aims and objectives, we want to determine precisely how we can deliver content to your audience that aligns with those objectives. By determining where your audience is and what they find most interesting, we can create a strategy that provides information to a super-targeted audience that resonates with each viewer.

Content CreationContent Creation

This is where we can get the creative juices flowing. Each team member has their own creative vision, and through teamwork, we are able to produce something appealing and completely original. We collaborate with you to ensure that your content surpasses your expectations and generates excellent outcomes for you and your brand.

Delivery and DistributionDelivery and Distribution

Video marketing is much more than just creating enchanting, innovative content. The delivery and distribution of content are equally important. By comprehending where your audience is located and analyzing their behaviors, we are able to get your content in front of the right audience at the right time and use their behaviors to create viewer engagement.

Monitoring and EvaluationMonitoring and Evaluation

We track viewer engagement after publishing your content to see what is and is not working. This allows us to make changes and learn more about your audience's wants. This increases audience engagement and creates credibility since they believe you are addressing their needs and delivering value.

Ready to kick off your growth journey?

Ready to kick off your growth journey?

We create personalized video solutions that meet your specific needs and marketing objectives.


Additional Video Marketing Services We Offer

If you need help coming up with a plan to promote and distribute your videos, our team of digital marketers is here to help.

We are an all-inclusive video marketing agency with in-house video production experts as well as services in search engine optimization, editorial, social media, and more.

Here are some of the ways in which our team can guarantee that every video in your collection contributes to your bottom line:

video seo

Video SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for any digital marketing strategy, but it's important to understand how different types of SEO affect different aspects of your marketing campaign.

To maximize the reach, taking the following actions can help your video in search results:

Include the right set of keywords in the video title, caption, description, and where ever required.

Create a search engine-optimized landing page for your video.

Optimize your YouTube channel completely.

Social Media Management Services

Posting videos on social media platforms is another robust video marketing strategy because this communication channel gives your target audience ample freedom to connect and interact with you.

Our social media strategists know how to optimize your profiles on all video distribution platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, and so on) in order to enhance engagement and followership.

social media service
digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

BuzzFlick offers comprehensive solutions as a full-service video marketing agency. We'll take care of everything associated with your marketing campaign, from the initial strategy development to the post-launch evaluation.

Video advertising is effective in every sector. The bottom line is the same for B2B as it is for B2C video marketing: viewers are consumers, and videos are supposed to be consumed.

This means you can connect, interact and communicate with your target audience like never before- using the channels and mediums of their preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any video work that cannot be created internally can be outsourced to a supplier of video marketing services, often an agency. Video marketing services may include any video format that your business requires, as well as the project management, creative direction, and post-production assistance that guarantees your marketing videos are properly optimized and handled from beginning to finish.

Typically, traditional marketing refers to non-digital, non-physical actions that businesses undertake to advertise their brand and services. Typical examples include trade exhibits, printed materials, and billboards.

Video marketing is the use of video as the primary marketing communication medium, typically in the form of an explainer video, video advertisement, animated video, or other online-based videos.

Traditional and video marketing can also function together; for instance, videos can be played in the background at trade fair displays.

A video marketing agency possesses the knowledge, bandwidth, and equipment required for the production of high-quality video content. Internal production of professional videos longer than a few minutes with intricate animations or effects can be prohibitively expensive and resource-intensive.

A video marketing company can ensure that your videos connect with a strategy video marketing campaign, are more aesthetically appealing than your competitors, and are optimized for distribution and publication channels (website, YouTube, social media, email, etc.).

The cost of 2D animation per hour or video depends on the quality, requirements, animation, and various other video factors. However, BuzzFlick estimates that your 2D animation video would cost you somewhere between $2000 to $40,000. Note that the amount mentioned is just an estimate, and the cost may be higher as you choose different packages for your 2D animation video.

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