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The 8 outstanding examples of brand videos that helped companies to achieve marketing milestones. Check these videos and learn more about the brand videos.

In the summer of 2021, the Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan. Millions of eyes were glued to the television screen to support and enjoy games. However, brands all around the world did not stay behind in supporting and sponsoring the event.

Brands like Nike, Samsung, Ralph Lauren, and more sponsored the Olympic event and the participating countries. The brands took months to decide how can they make their brand video creative and alluring. The work of days and nights creating marketing strategies to get the light on their brands.

A big event like Dubai Expo 2020 is also an eye-catching exhibition where brands get the chance to grab the world’s attention to their brand. The companies look for the mega-events like these to have a proper brand promotion.

Companies like CISCO, Siemens, Nissan, Mastercard, SAP, L’Oréal, UPS, and more participated in partnership and sponsorship during the Dubai Expo 2020.

Not just big events, companies always focus on seizing the opportunity to make their image among the targeted audience. For example, companies create brand videos and aim to increase their visual appearance.

The brand video is the central part of marketing; companies make videos and alter them according to the occasion, demand, and marketing plan.

Brands spend millions of dollars to make a perfect brand video highlighting all the features and matching the marketing criteria while promoting the occasion.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the top 8 examples of brand video, and in the end, you’ll know about a studio that will help you create a brand video. So, stick to the end!

What is a Brand Video?

A brand video is a collaboration of two parties, brands, or companies: the primary brands (whose video is this) and the secondary brands (whose has been highlighted). The video portrays the subject of the secondary brand, and the subject of the primary brand revolves around it.

A brand video is a creative way to engage customers and investors. Brands try to connect with the audience emotionally through the content that helps them land to the brand’s marketing.

List of the 8 Examples of the Brand Videos

Following are the 8 outstanding examples of brand videos that helped companies to achieve marketing milestones.

#1) Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a multinational soft drink brand and popular among people due to its emotional brand videos. Coca-Cola always tries to portray the cultural and occasional message uniquely.

Share a Coke campaign made a visual impact on the people that sharing things can be a gesture of love toward others.

They always promote family and friends’ importance in a sentimental way and show that Coca Cola can help you bring your loved ones close.

Coca Cola tries to connect with its consumers and audiences through its brand videos. They target emotions – the right element of the marketing strategy. The following brand video tells the story of the brothers-bond, which pops the feelings of the audience.


The brand video of is an educational and awareness video that emphasize kids to learn how to code. They interviewed the big name who had a significant contribution in the field of Tech.

In addition, made a motivational video that demonstrated the importance of learning coding at a younger age.

What most schools don’t teach makes it more attractive to the viewer and builds a feeling of curiosity about the video. They demonstrated the message beautifully and told the viewer where to contact them and share this message for the betterment—a fascinating way of branding.

#3) Samsung X Olympic Games Tokyo

As one of the proudest sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, Samsung created an innovative brand video that brings athletes and fans together from all the regions of the world through their Samsung devices.

The video added some clips of fans who are watching and connected with the Olympic games from the subway, school, office, and even from mountains.

Samsung did their product marketing and made a clear impact on how much devices are helpful to bring people closer.

#4) Microsoft Build – AI for Accessibility

Microsoft is one of the brands that is known for its tech achievements and for making lives easier. Microsoft believes that intelligent and innovative technologies can empower people to achieve great things.

They demonstrated how AI will reshape our future and open new opportunities for everyone.

In recent appearances, Microsoft has made accessibility the core part of its business strategy and brand promotion. The company has released many videos which demonstrate how AI is helping gifted people, and nothing can come between them and their future.

This brand video emphasizes how Microsoft’s services are changing the living style of disabled people. It is a heartwarming video that connects the audience with the content and raises respect for the company.

Microsoft made their brand visible throughout the video, an intelligent branding strategy to keep the viewers’ eye on their name.

#5) Athleta – Power of She

Athleta released a short clip that empowers women to do anything they want. The video demonstrates that a woman can be mild and powerful like water and can take any shape.

The video clip showed a young girl moving in the ocean like an arrow in the air; it sends the message to all women out there that women can do everything and be anything.

Power of She is their campaign and branding strategy to connect women to their brand and raise their customers. The marketing campaign not only shows the power of women but demonstrates their clothing style.

This branding video encourages women to take part in different fields of life and highlights the aims and goals of Athleta as well.

#6) Dove

Dove is a beauty brand that always admires the beauty of every woman. The Real Beauty campaign by Dove shares the messages in different ways, like this brand video.

Dove portrays the story of how a woman sees herself and how the world sees her. This video acknowledges how a woman shows her powerful image to the world and how she admires herself.

It is a self-loving campaign for women that encourages them to love themselves and listen to their inner self more than the thoughts of others.

Dove combined the branding with heart-wrenching stories that help people remember that how much authenticity matters.

#7) Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has designed the Olympic opening ceremony uniforms for US teams for participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The brand added the visualization of their clothing with how they fit the US team’s aims and objectives.

The branding video shows that how much a uniform brings pride and enthusiasm to an athlete. Ralph Lauren celebrated the American sport’s spirit and bonded all the Americans with the feelings of “Being One.”

The brand video clearly shows the world that Ralph Lauren is the symbol of American clothing – A perfect way to connect people emotionally.

#8) 23andME

Most of the brand tells why they are good and what good they can do to you, but some think more than that. 23andMe celebrates family-hood with their inspiring video. Same as its other videos, 23andMe tells that how much a family is important to everyone in this brand video.

A short 26 seconds clip shows that “gift the gift of family” and feeling complete with the family is the real essence of life. They included a short narration of a woman who met her biological mother after so many years.

It is genuinely a touchy story that gives hope to other people that they will surely meet their lost loved ones again one day.

#9) Bark Box by Petco

  • ( A Bonus Video)

Dog love has always been the slogan of the Bark Box. They had made many marketing videos before and always came up with creative ideas. This brand video showcased the best dog toys the Bark Box offers. The video includes funny and entertaining dog clips that make it adorable to watch.

The funky music and clip attract people to watch and make viewers crave getting a dog and these toys. Very creative and cute.

Pointers for Brand Videos

You should keep some key points and criteria while creating a Brand Video to accomplish the marketing goal. Must take a look at the following details:

  • Make a memorable impact: While creating a brand video, try to put catchy content that imprints the mark of your brand on your audience’s mind.
  • Inspire your viewers: the video should be exceptional that must hit the motivation of your audience to learn, buy, invest, and support your goal.
  • Emotive content: Target the need of your audience and envelop it in the emotional story with the solution your brand gives. Your video content needs to connect the audience emotionally to your brand.
  • Speak about your business out loud: Speak about your business and brand and how your brand will benefit the viewers. Then, hit them with your sales pitch.

Although making a brand video is quite a task, if you follow the practices mentioned above, you’ll have a quality brand video. Still, we recommend you to hire a professional brand video production studio for better results.

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The brand video helps you to promote your business and brand in a unique way. You can use these examples of brand videos to generate your branding idea and video strategy.

The brand video is a combination of explainer videos, storytelling videos, and commercials. It takes your marketing goal to the next level and lets you stand the ground amongst your competitors.

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