How To Animate Photos With Your Own Face Using The Reface App

Animate Photos With Your Own Face Using the Reface App

Animate Photos With Your Own Face Using The Reface App

Animation has always been a big element of the equation when it comes to digital art. More are on the way from the developer’s end as well.

An application called Reface allows you to animate a wide variety of photos, including antique portraits, memes and paintings, as well as other types of images.

So, animate the Adolf Hitler face in the funniest way you want with Reface App.

How To Animate Your Own Face On Reface App

Swap Animation is the name of Reface’s face-swapping technology, and there are two sorts of face-swapping capabilities on the app that uses it.

Animate Image applies animation to the uploaded photos and enhances facial features and expression in the tone of illustration and art.

Secondly, the Swap & Animate features embed the chosen photo’s face onto the animated picture of a celebrity.

In the next section of this blog, we’ll teach you how to use these two features to animate photos with your own face.

Steps To Use Animate Image Feature

  • Once you are done with downloading the reface app now tap on the plus (+) icon present at the bottom and then select Animate Image.
  • When you select the Animate Image, you will be directed to your photo library from where you can choose your desired photo.

If you are interested in taking a selfie you can click on the camera icon present at the top-right.

  • After you are done choosing your image now the app analyzes the image you uploaded. Here you need to choose an animation from the popup. If you want to see how many types of animations are available then you can click on the “See All” to view all the images. When you will choose an animation, you will find inbuild music or audio in the animation.
  • After that click on the “Choose” and hit the “Reface”.
  • As soon as you are done it will direct you to the playback window. Here you can save or share the final results. In the free version, you might get a watermark on your animations but by removing it you need to upgrade yourself to the “Pro” version.
  • If you want to go back to the home screen tap on “Done” present on the top right.

Use Swap And Animate Feature

If you want to animate a photo with your face in different expressions, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to the Reface App and now select “Swap and Animate” from the menu present on the top. Now choose a picture that you are looking to embed your face.

Once you are done with the above step, you will be directed to the tab of uploaded pictures. Click on the +New if you want to take a selfie from the camera or choose a picture from your photo library.

As soon as you upload your picture, you need to tap on the Reface. The app will detect the face and embed it on the picture you selected. If you are using a free version ad, it is a possibility that it might annoy you.

After this, you will be taken to the window, where you will see a still image fixed with your face on it. Here you will see multiple performing options like adding text, sharing, and saving. If you want to animate, click on the “Animate” button.

You will find various types of animations in the popup section. Click on the “see all” to see all of the animations. Each animation consists of some music clip or audio. Now tap on the “Choose” and click the “Reface”.

Once you are done, you will be directed towards the playback window here, and you can either “Save” or “Share” the results. If you want to remove the watermark, you need to upgrade it to the Pro version.

Lastly, click on the “Done” present on the top-right so that you can go back to the home screen.

Enjoying The Face-Swapping?

As technology evolves day by day, so is the field of animation. Beyond the imagination, you can blend your features into a celebrity face and animate it at your fingertips.

Download: Reface for iOS | Android (Free, offers in-app purchases)

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