19 Best Video Ads That Deserves A Standing Ovation

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Brands have been using video ads for their promotions. If you want to create a video ad for your business read our blog to get inspired by the best video ads.

Video advertisements have exploded in popularity over the last decade, owing partly to the 2011 John Lewis Christmas video ad, The Long Wait. With the debut of the 90-second video, advertisements shifted away from the product and toward the story.

Now, Christmas advertisements from all brands are eagerly anticipated and frequently discussed with the same enthusiasm as Oscar-nominated films.

However, it is not just Christmas advertisements that get people talking. Numerous brands, ranging from large corporations to unknown startups, have begun using video ads to generate interest in their goods and, in some circumstances, to put them on the map.

The advantages of video advertising for organizations are numerous. When you create a YouTube video ad, the advanced targeting enables you to select your audience–meaning you only receive views from those who might be interested in your product, business, or service.

Additionally, YouTube’s ‘no skip’ option guarantees you a certain degree of engagement!

According to the survey BuzzFlick conducted, by 2024, U.S. marketers would spend around 41.95 more on video advertising campaigns. By 2024, the sum is predicted to increase to 12.66 billion USD, up from 10.18 billion USD in 2019.

So, we just thought, why not let’s take a look at some of the great video ads examples to seek some inspiration. Here are examples of the 23 best video ads of all time (according to our research).

Best Advertising Videos To Seek Inspiration From

1. Web of Fries (Taco Bell)

A regular man (played by movie star Josh Duhamel) stumbles onto a hazardous plot in this 90-second spoof film trailer.

A multinational consortium of French fry manufacturers opposed anybody else selling fries, including Taco Bell’s new nacho fries. Our mild-mannered hero quickly finds himself in conflict with “Big Burger” — all to comedic effect. And once he begins to inquire, it is suddenly too late.

Arguably stands among the the best advertisement videos, this one was a smashing success with viewers, who couldn’t get enough of the ad’s hilarious thriller clichés. Additionally, they could not get enough of the cheesy fries.

Nacho fries from Taco Bell were among the most successful culinary debuts in history, selling 53 million in the first 5 weeks. Without a doubt our first one is a fine example of how a brand can cut through the noise, and create a big bang of sales by simply choosing effective advertising with video.

2. Rang-tan (Iceland)

Rang Tan (Iceland) quite easily makes up for one of the best video ads online.

Gorgeous animation and a voice-over by renowned British Actress Emma Thompson work in tandem to rapidly draw you into the story of Rang-tan. The video advertisement features a cute orangutan leaping around a small girl’s bedroom.

Only when we find why the Rang-tan is there does what begins as a Dr. Seuss rhyme swiftly become dark: her ecosystem is being decimated by the palm oil trade.

The ad’s emotional aspect brought in over 65 million views to date across all the social media channels and television.

Additionally, this video ad is credited for propelling the Iceland brand from seventh to the second position in the talkability ranking of supermarket brands after their commitment to phase out palm oil from their products.

3. Dumb Ways to Die (Metro Trains)

If you’ve ever considered removing your helmet in outer space or consuming a whole container of superglue, this is the one PSA you should never miss on. s

In this award-winning video advertisement produced by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, we see a considerable number of lovely animated blobs meet their demise in increasingly odd ways.

The moral of the story appears when the final three blobs are killed due to dangerous behavior near trains.

In terms of public service announcements, this video advertisement was a smash. At the Cannes Lions festival, this advertising video won five grand honors.

The video has accumulated over 170 million views to date. Most significantly, this video commercial has been associated with a 20% reduction in Metro train accidents.

P.S: The tune is so catchy; we couldn’t get it out of our heads for days!

4. Perspective (Apple)

This elegant and sophisticated video advertisement begins with a remark honoring individuals who have always “seen things differently,” a play on Apple’s famous tagline “Think differently.” However, we can only comprehend what the quotation truly means when seen from the right point of view.

The video continues to demonstrate its concept through awe-inspiring feats of perspective. Each time the camera pans around the white loft, we only grasp the meaning of the quotation when we arrive at the optimal viewing angle. The message is clear and succinct. You can’t ask for anything better.

This creative might even do well on socials as it contains fine text overlays, and cool aesthetics. You might want to add it to your swipe file, if you’re into creating Instagram video ads.

Since its premiere in 2014, the advertisement has wowed audiences. This video advertisement has been seen over 3.5 million times on YouTube alone.

5. Write the Future (Nike)

Talk about unforgettable video ads, here’s the one. This grandiose sports epic takes us on o journey across the world with some of the game’s finest players, including Cristiano Ronaldo. “Write the Future”, created for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is more than three minutes (you can call it a lengthy video ad).

We observe a point in each sequence of this video ad that defines how each participant will write their name into history.

The finale is the unveiling of a giant statue of Ronaldo that appears to rival the Statue of Liberty in size. Over 7.8 million people viewed this video in less than a week, shattering all prior records for the most views of a viral video ad. Additionally, history was made in the video sector.

6. The Sculptor (Peugeot)

If you’re rather skeptic, and want to figure out what will actually have an impact, this one makes up for one of the effective video ads in marketing. This video has been hailed as a classic when it comes to automobile advertisements. It portrays a guy going to great lengths for a Peugeot vehicle.

The 40-second video ad begins with a young Indian man swooning over a sporty Peugeot 206. When he’s done, he gets out of his beat-up automobile and rams it into a brick wall.

Onlookers are bewildered as he slams his automobile in a stunning array of ways (including making an elephant sit on it). His ancient clunker transforms into a Peugeot when he’s done, thanks to his creative “sculpting.”

7. BuyMyVitara (Eugene Romanovsky)

If you’ve ever wondered what the most incredible car advertisement ever was, go no further than special effects pro Eugene Romanovsky, who put up his 1996 Suzuki Vitara for sale.

In the video, he drives his secondhand Suzuki Vitara past Jurassic Park creatures and over the dunes with Mad Max. The Suzuki then makes its way to the ocean, swimming alongside sharks. However, there is no stopping to this vehicle.

This lovely 1996 Suzuki may or may not still be on the road. In the end, this footage will live on forever. It is estimated that more than 6 million individuals have seen this video ad.

8. Skillfinity

In this video add of Skillfinity, we meet John, a talented tiny stick figure that can play the piano and write books in many languages – all thanks to Skillfinity!

As we learn more about John’s experience with the app, we see that he has acquired an impressive set of new talents. Despite this, a witty narrator cleverly deflects the stick-figure smarty pants in a lighthearted way that prevents the ad from getting dull. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to learn from Skillfinity in a fun, interactive way?

Key Takeaway: Use humor to your advantage, and save your ad videos from ending up dull and boring.

9. Real Fires

The video begins with a raging fire in the fireplace and the lovely melody of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” from the 1980s.

A dog is seen strolling into the hearth scene. Instead of slapping him, the kitty cat smooches him good-naturedly on the cheek instead. Even more strange is the presence of a little white mouse.

The cat also gives the mouse a smooch on the cheek instead of devouring it in one swoop! Even cats and dogs (and mice) can get along with the blazing flames of a real fire in the background.

10. Unmasking a Killer (New York Presbyterian)

New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s cutting-edge immunotherapy therapies for cancer are the focus of this dramatic two-minute ad, even though the title sounds more like a true-crime episode.

These T-cells, which are supposed to defend us against cancer until they don’t, are depicted in this video’s striking black and red animation.

Immunotherapy helps the body fight cancer by reactivating these T-cells. This video ad was presented with Two Clio Health Awards, and it debuted at the 50th annual Super Bowl.

11. The Worst Song in the World (Monoprix)

Because it’s called the “Worst Song in the World,” why would anyone put up with it? Terrible music starts playing while this commercial’s protagonist is strolling down the street. “Worst Song in the World,” according to the song’s lyrics.

As the music progresses, it becomes worse and worse in quality. Even as the music becomes more and more irritating, our heroine continues to listen. We don’t find out why she endured the dreary music until the climax. “Having your hands-free changes everything… having your groceries delivered,” reads the on-screen blurb.

The “Worst Song in the World” music video included in the ad was viewed by over 16 million people in only two weeks and was listened to by more than 25,000 persons.

12. Check This (Google)

This video ad highlights how fun it can be to use Google Spreadsheets set to an upbeat rap track. It is fine example of how you can create quality short video ads.

The demo shows us how to accomplish many fun things with the Google program in a short amount of time. The video ad was one of a series of adverts for Google’s G Suite that featured their products being utilized to the music of a variety of genres.

Another video in the series featured a presenter having a good time preparing a presentation to the A-Team theme music. Who would have known that work could be this much fun!

13. Gulp (Nokia)

Upon its debut, Gulp was hailed as the “biggest stop-motion animation ever shot on a Nokia N8.” A record-breaking 11,000 sq. ft. set was used to shoot this ad in South Wales with a Nokia N8.

The narrative opens with a fisherman out at sea. He is devoured by a giant creature! Lucky for him, a bomb helps him get away… but you’ll have to watch to find out! Once you’ve reeled in the “big one.”

This incredible video ad demonstrates the wide range of creative options available when using a Nokia camera.

Since the commercial appeared in 2011, Nokia has garnered more than 1.5 million views for its brand.

14. Listen (NO MORE)

There is a brief moment of confusion as to whether or not this is an actual 911 call from a domestic violence victim who is afraid her husband will hear what she has to say.

The operator would have hung up on the caller if he hadn’t paid attention to what she was saying. She may not have received the police assistance she required. This commercial’s goal is to compel you to pay attention. Listen attentively. The best method to learn this crucial lesson is to watch this video, in my opinion.

On the 1st of February, 2015, this outstanding commercial aired during the Super Bowl. And you won’t believe but over 10 million views since its debut in 2015. Even Washington Post labeled the ad “the most striking ad of the year”.

15. Lamp (IKEA)

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Film Grand Prix winner Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) directed this much-lauded commercial.

On a gloomy and rainy night, it all begins. A lady picks up an antique lamp off a table and carries it away. The light is taken to the curb by her. Because of the somber music, we expect this to be an emotional and thought-provoking experience, but it isn’t!

She took away the old lamp and replaced it with a brand new one. The spectator is rebuked by a guy who bursts into the screen. You should not feel sorry for the old lamp, he says. Newer models are far superior!

However, the video ad’s tale does not finish there. In 2018, the “Lamp Recycled” sequel to the original commercial debuted. New isn’t necessarily better, as we learn in the second video (while keeping the same old cranky guy).

16. Cycling Experiences (Airbnb)

If you’re looking for a cool video ad, you must check out `Airbnb’s advertisement ‘Cycling Experiences’. This playful, motion graphic video ad of Airbnb is damn cool that you can’t take off your eyes from it. It’s a fine reference for you, if you love creating ads for social, and are particularly into Facebook video ads.

It invokes a sense of curiosity among viewers and motivates them to watch till the end. The video is so colorful and interesting; the experienced they have created through this video encourages people to try Airbnb’s cycling experience in real life.

As a series of gifs, Airbnb utilized shorter versions of this video to accompany a press release. Repurposing a video for your business in unexpected ways is an excellent example of this strategy.

17. The Unique Connection (Pandora)

It’s an emotional experiment that honors the individuality of all women in this video commercial. It is shown in the video that six women are in a row. Then, their blindfolded children must identify them.

You can tell just by looking at the moms’ faces who is whose right away. When the infant, still blindfolded, eventually recognizes their mother, it demonstrates the extraordinary bond between a mother and her child.

Since its release in 2015, the video has wowed audiences worldwide. It has been seen more than 19.5 million times as of this writing!

18. Sepsis (Viven Health)

Advert “Betrayed by Your Friend” won an Emmy for its depiction of a boy’s affectionate bond with his dog, but it also depicts the boy’s fear that his dog may turn on him and harm him.

Septic shock occurs when the body’s immune system turns on itself and assaults itself, often with fatal repercussions.

This video advertisement is animated brilliantly, an excellent illustration of the adage “Show don’t tell” in action. In this video, what could have been difficult to explain in medical terminology is made clear, as well as strategies to prevent it, such as washing your hands.

19. Send it App to Cash (Western Union)

This video ad explains how the app works. But wouldn’t it be boring to witness loads of money flowing across the world immediately?

This video is terrific since it doesn’t get mired down in features and instead focuses on the advantages. Immediately upon pressing a button on a Western Union app, money is transferred!

When we look down into the yellow ocean, we see a coin racing through the depths of the yellow sky.

As we reach the end of this advertisement, we’re eager to get started with a brand-new way to transfer funds. We know this is Western Union because of the bright yellow graphics.

20. Coca Cola

This one is my absolute favorite! It’s arguably one of the best commercial videos made to date. Coca Cola is known for giving us masterpiece creative video ads that are not just iconic, but often a subject of study in the class of the top creatives. All budding copywriters look up to Coke for inspiration. This ad being one of the best video ads of all time, is no different either. Make sure to check out what’s happening. This is hands down one of the stunning video ads of all time.

21. SuperBowl 2023: Farmer’s Dog

Talk about dogfood, and you’re blown up with this beautiful video ad that shows a dog, and his owner enjoying each other’s company. The expressions of the pet and the owner crank up our emotions to an 11. Yeah, it’s that good! 

22. Microsoft Designer

If you’re looking for inspiration for explainer video ads, look no further. With a touch of paint splashes, shown with colorful, sharp animation, Microsoft reveals its latest tool, Designer. It lets you create high quality social media posts, and professional quality graphics in no time at all. Powered with AI, this tool is all set to revolutionize how designers and artists produce graphics. If you’re a big fan,

23. Docusign

Another fine addition to our best video ads category is Docusign. This creative by Docusign might be last on this least, but it’s clearly one of the best video ads of all time. Here’s why: Docusign’s ad shows scenes from the office of people doing tiring office work. With a touch of plain text, yet concise messages and cool upbeat tune, we’re navigated from the problem to the solution, in the most stylish way possible.

Final Thoughts

We hope these examples of video ads have inspired and encouraged you to do something out-of-the-box.

Whether you’re planning to boost your sales conversion rates or promote your brand, employing video ads in your strategy is the best option because it can do wonders.

Do you want to amaze your audience with your ads? Then go for animated video ads. The innovative version of video ads is animated video ads, which help the company portray its brand in an appealing and captivating manner.

If you’re looking for more amazing videos ads like these, do check out the amazing examples of animated ads.

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