75 Best Commercials Of All Time To Watch Right Now

best commercials of all time
Watching the best commercial ads is always fun. Do not wander on the internet now as we have compiled the best commercials of all time for you to get inspired.

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Do you think commercial ads are annoying? Think again.

Yeah, we agree that people might dislike them because they interrupt their favorite content, but sometimes, ads become more interesting than the content itself.

That is why we at BuzzFlick encourage all to watch the best commercial ads as they spark creativity, and let’s appreciate the art.

We do know the fact that some commercials are worth skipping, ignoring, and forgetting, but it’s a fact that some best commercials rise above to become more than just an ad.

And today we are listing 75 of the best commercials of all time for you so that you take inspiration and create your own to make history.

Best Commercials Of All Time- Animated Commercial Ads

As BuzzFlick is a video animation agency, animated video ads are special to us. They are incredible when it comes to making your message memorable and letting the audience remember it for a long time. 

An Animated commercial can become timeless and appealing to a wider audience. Surprisingly, creating animated video ads is inexpensive because there is no need for actors, locations, cameras, studios, etc.

So, without further ado, here are some of the animated commercial ads that are worth watching:

1. Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways To Die

Look at this ad. This is among the most famous commercials with more than Two Hundred Ninety Six Million views. 

This popular ad is a public service announcement and you will not expect this cutest commercial to be like this. 

This ad is a prime example of brilliance with catchy music, the colorful, cute characters, and the way they all experience horrific deaths. This ad is in the best commercials of all time list because of its out-of-the-box concept, daring approach, and presenting the serious message “Be Safe Around Trains” in a subtle, memorable, and enjoyable way.

2. Google Android – Rock, Paper Scissors

let’s sum up this ad in three words; clever, fun, and thoughtful. Despite the Apple Vs. Android debate, you’ll all agree that this animated commercial ad is the most iconic commercial of Android.

From cute anthropomorphic characters to adorable environment settings, its underlying message for all Android platforms to unite is spot on. 

The ad has an emotional element of bullying, friendship, empathy, and support that connects it with all Android users immediately.

3. Red Bull- Red Bull Gives You Wings Iconic Commercials

Clever humor, a catchy story, and uniqueness, Red Bull set the stage on fire with their best commercial ads. Being the best ads of all time, their advertisement commercials are without a doubt the ones to remember. 

These commercials have made Red Bull stick to the audience’s mind for a lasting experience. I am sharing two of my favorites here from the Red Bull Gives You Wings Series.

Red Bull Barber Shop Commercial:

Red Bull Gives You Wings:

Both of these ads have a succinct, catchy story with minimal, simple animations that make them stand out from other brands.

4. Duracell-A Day In Life

Who has not watched Duracell’s bunny ads? We all do and they were one of people’s favorite commercials. Although Energizer ripped them off with their ads Duracell’s ads are still stuck in people’s memories.

The commercial example shared here is unique and persuasive when it comes to the concept showing how a Duracell bunny spends all his day. He’s awake, he’s in good condition, and has everything needed. The whole day has gone and there is no sign of stopping. 

The subtle message of Duracell, lasts, lasts, lasts, and lasts is given in such a creative way that compels everyone to stick to their screens watching it. Love it.

5. Toys R Us- There’s A Magical Place The Original Christmas TV Ad

There’s a magical place, we’re on our way there….

Remember this ad? Aired in 1989, this commercial ad was so well received that the company decided to remaster it in the UK on its 25th anniversary. 

The catchy soundtrack and animated story are the reasons behind the massive success of this popular ad making it Toys R Us best commercials of all time.

The marketing director of Toys R Us, Mike Coogan claims that the success of Toys R Us is closely associated with the iconic Magical Place TV commercial and they are reintroducing this legendary ad.

The fact that this iconic ad has over 1 million views on YouTube and the Toy R US brand character Geoffrey has thousands of Facebook fans elaborate the popularity of this memorable advertisement.

6. Chipotle- Back To Start

This ad by Chipotle delivers the company’s policy for sustainable farming and is on our list of best commercials of all time for a reason. 

Directed by Johnny Kelly of Nexus Studios, this ad tells the story of a family farmer who industrialized his rural livelihood and realized he had made a mistake with his questionable ways.

Chipotle shows the company’s commitment to sustainable farming. 

This is a touching animated commercial that stands out from the rest due to its creative storytelling, one-shot framing, and the cover of Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” as it complements the concept perfectly.

The background song of this commercial was downloaded thousands of times and the selection is really clever as it truly represents Chipotle’s vision of sustainable farming methods.

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk- Aliens

With 127 million views over 7 years, this is among Cadbury Dairy Milk’s best commercials of all time. 

It proves that sometimes your weirdest thought can click your audience’s heart in a flick. The ad is so playful that you’ll even start to dance watching it just like the product’s texture and flavor makes aliens dance. 

Although, a bit on the weird side, the ad captivates the audience really well with a fun, humorous approach and lingers in the audience’s minds for a long.

8. BBC- FIFA World Cup 2018 Trailer

The BBC has a great history of pushing things that are artistic anyway and through FIFA World Cup 2018, they nailed it.

The 2018 World Cup trailer is entirely out of tapestry and is considered FIFA’s most memorable commercial of all time.

A short, animated video ad trailer, lasting just 60 seconds, is created by a London studio BlinkInk, and it’s combined with shots of a special weaving machine making real tapestries. 

These tapestries by the London Embroidery Studio, have 600 frames that show important moments from past World Cups, like Bobby Moore’s victory in 1966 and Zinedine Zidane’s famous header. 

The video also includes scenes of players who might become heroes in future World Cups. Even the sound of the video is amazing. The team discovered a Russian folk song, Oche Cheryne, and asked composer Alex Baranowski to create a new arrangement. 

The final version was played by the London Metropolitan Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, featuring the distinctive bass of opera legend Sir John Tomlinson. 

The ad has an ending with the words “History Will Be Made” and I think they have justified these words with the ad itself. I just love it… The work is amazing, stunning, and extremely captivating.

9. Nike- The Last Game

They say the best commercials should be short, catchy, and concise enough to grab the viewer’s attention. 

What if I tell you that I am sharing Nike’s best commercials of all time having 7 minutes of length?

Yeah, you heard it right. This short film cum ad of 7 is worth your time. 

300 people, 101 artists, and 25 animators… This is the force behind this iconic Nike’s 2014 commercial is a dreamy project. 

This ad has iconic commercial characters, a great storyline, fantastic visuals, and everything that a captivating 3D-animated commercial should have. 

It was released in 2014 with the World Cup and although it is too long, the hype was real back then due to Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar Jr., Iniesta, and Zlatan featured in it.

If you are a Football lover, have a knack for storytelling through creative illustrations, and appreciate visual arts, this great commercial is for sure going to be your favorite.

10. Alka-Seltzer- Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz

Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz, Oh What A Relief It Is…. 

Back in the 70s era, Alka Seltzer’s ad featuring baby-faced and redhead mascot, Speedy, blew people away with the now-famous, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is” tune. 

The ad used a catchy jingle to educate the audience on how to use a product with captivating visuals that people were not used to seeing on television too often.

The song became an instant earworm, and the ad became popular. This ad is on our list of best commercials of all time just because it is considered a classic example of how to convey a message.

11. Amazon App Store- Explainer Video Ad

I know you may be thinking how could I include an explainer video in the list of best commercials of all time? Trust me, it surely deserves a place here.

Ok, let me explain.

What do you think of when it comes to good commercials? 

They are engaging, they deliver the brand’s message creatively, and they are catchy, right?

This Amazon App Store ad has it all. They have cleverly leveraged incredible animation to deliver the brand’s message. They used vivid and lively colors and explained complex products and services engagingly. 

Moreover, the way they have included dynamism to a video with smooth transitions kept me glued to the screen till the end effectively.

I think that this piece deserves praise….

12. Lyft- June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride

It is yet another animated short film in our all-time best commercials list. Directed by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, it takes you through an engaging and emotional story of a widow.

The creative director of Lyft, Ricardo Viramontes said that this animated short film was made by taking inspiration from Lyft drivers and passengers who turn the ride into more than just a trip. It highlights how people connect and come together through the Lyft experience.

This animated film commercial of Lyft highlights how their service can be used and it also builds audience trust in their brand.And yes, one more interesting fact about this video is that it features an original song, “Movin,” by Sir the Baptist who was a Lyft driver-turned-recording artist. The singer also started his music journey after he connected with one of the Lyft passengers.

13. Honda- Paper

Taking creativity to the next level, this Honda ad is one of its kind and among the brand’s best ads of all time.

The incorporation of stop motion animation to elaborate the brand’s history of six decades is a really smart and engaging idea.

The best thing is that Honda did not attempt to promote the brand, but rather conveyed the evolution of the brand through a series of folded paper scraps, and sketches.

This is the best commercial ever that celebrates the art of stop motion. I love it personally because of its art, tastefulness, and playfulness and it sends a clear point. 

This commercial advertisement validates that it is absolutely attainable to achieve uniqueness and effectiveness in the contemporary video marketing landscape.

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14. Disneyland® Paris – The Little Duck

Aww…. This is cute. This is indeed one of the best animated commercials of all time by Disney Paris.

This is a heartwarming tale of a duckling who finds a comic book and becomes besotted with Donald Duck. He dreamt of meeting his idol and after migrating, he found Donald Duck smiling at him.

This commercial ad is beautiful, and enchanting and portrays Disneyland Paris as a place where enthralling tales and incredible stories come to life.

Experience the beauty of storytelling, and charm in 1 minute and 15 seconds through this heartwarming ad that reminds you of your childhood.

15. Nespresso On Ice- You’re Just A Sip Away

You’re just a sip away… The msg of this 30-second coolest commercial is clear, i.e., to take you on a summer vacation with Nespresso on Ice. 

This good commercial aired back in 2017 compelled audiences to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee effortlessly with the stunning animation, and grooving sound and music.Not only the ad’s visuals are on the spot, but they did so without hiring a professional voiceover artist, bravo. Just listen to the sound of clinking ice, the shore, and waves. Does not it make you wish to fly to Santorini, Portofino, or Ibiza right away?

16. Iceland- No Palm Oil

A beautiful message, a beautiful story, a beautiful animation. Everything is just beautiful about this incredibly but unfortunately banned ad.

They narrated how humans on the earth are causing destruction in the forests just to get the palm oil through a cute, naughty character Rang-tan.

Aired in 2018, this could have become the greatest commercial ever if not labeled as “too political” and stuck in a plethora of controversies. Although it was featured on so many news sites, it’s unfortunate people did not get a chance to get its glimpse on TV. According to the BBC, the issue arose because of Greenpeace’s political focus.

Iceland on YouTube wrote in the ad’s description that: 

“You won’t see our Christmas advert on TV this year but we want to share our ‘No Palm Oil’ story with you this Christmas”

The message of this ad is clear, and straightforward and kicked off a new debate about Palm Oils being used extensively. 

From animation to poetic voiceover in the background, this ad is worth watching with a powerful, strong message.

17. Budweiser- Frogs Bud… Weis… Er…

“Bud”… “Weis”… “Er” – 

The whole ad has these sounds that are compiled together to Budweiser.

The clever, outstanding, and creative idea makes this ad to be featured in this list of best commercials of all time. 

Play this ad and you can hear frogs in those swamp croaking for the beer. Directed by Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean, the animations will remind you of Jurassic Park.

Short, succinct, and creative, this ad checks all the points if we have some good commercials to analyze. This ad by Budweiser clearly showcases how one can grab audiences without doing much.

18. Chobani- Dear Alice

How we eat today, feed tomorrow…. The powerful message of this Chobani brand commercial is worth watching due to its amazing story.

The voiceover of this ad is a letter from a grandmother to his granddaughter Alice who is instructing her for an optimistic vision of the farming future. 

The animation of this ad is vivid, and a finest work of art. You can see backgrounds beautifully crafted, with a completely unique background score. 

From characters to story, and voice-over to brand’s message, this ad is the best example of how animated visuals can make something out of the world and extremely captivating. I love it and you’ll definitely love this well-known commercial too.

19. Viven Health- Sepsis, Betrayed By Best Friend

This is too creative to be a public awareness commercial and that is why we are including it in the best commercials of all time list. This ad is about Sepsis, a fatal medical condition in which your immune system becomes too sensitive.

The concept of this ad is really captivating and presents the body’s immune system as a loyal dog, a human best friend that becomes lethal for you in a certain condition.

As you all know how perfect animation can work when it comes to storytelling and here is the case of a boy and his dog. 

The creator cleverly infused 2D animated characters, cel animation, and textures to communicate a story dramatically and compellingly. 

Everything in this famous commercial is spot on be it colors, sounds, and emotional appeal that led it to 2 Emmys!

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Best Live-Action Commercials Ever

Commercials with real people and real-life situations are more relatable and extremely helpful when it comes to connecting with the audience on an emotional level. It makes commercial ads more engaging and delivers them effectively. 

Let’s go through some of the best commercials of all time in live action category:

20. Dove- Real Beauty Sketches, You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Do you know why this ad has 70 million views? Because it strikes an emotional chord. this is one of the best commercials of all time by Dove which has a long history of including emotional appeal in its ads. 

The ad tackles real issues efficiently and you will never feel it’s a commercial due to its vulnerability and authenticity. Dove has done a great job here by delivering the message “You’re more beautiful than you think” through a compelling, emotional, and engaging way and creative storytelling. 

This way, they enable audiences to form a deeper emotional connection with the Dove by seeing their reflection in the message.

21. Johnny Walker – Dear Brother, Keep Walking

With emotions, curiosity, a tale, and cinematography, this is one of the best ads ever by directors Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz for Jhony Walker. 

The ad named Dear Brother takes you through the Scottish Highlands through the journey of two brothers. Filled with beautiful and scenic views of wide valleys and rugged mountains, you will see the bond between two brothers with cords and jute. 

The surprising ending of this ad will make you cry for sure. Both directors filmed this ad for their school assignment and guess what; it garnered millions of views online and went viral all for a good reason. 

Watch this ad for the artistic brilliance and an emotionally connecting storyline.

22. Burger King- Scary Clown Night

Captivating, outstanding, and spooky, this ad is all about a Halloween deal from Burger King.

We all know how amazing the marketing team of Burger King is as they have consistently delivered creative and inventive commercial ideas. They have made tongue-in-cheek jibes often towards their biggest rival Mcdonald’s through their cheeky commercials and this ad is no exception. 

You will see a terrifying clown in this ad (looks like Ronald McDonald) with a really creative promotion. This ad has a very compelling call-to-action asking viewers to dress as a clown and visit Burger King for a free Whopper.

This ad is the best example of how to offer your audience a deal by capturing their attention immediately. So, take notes if you want your campaign to be successful just like Burger King.

23. Giorgio Armani – Acqua Di Gioia

Being a perfume enthusiast, I have always had a passion for fragrance video ads. There is something about them that is extremely creative and one of those aspects is selling a scent to the masses through visuals only.

Because of successfully fulfilling this very difficult challenge and eye-catching aesthetics, the Acqua di Gioia commercial for Giorgio Armani captured my attention.

This is not just another great TV commercial you see every day. This is a visual fairy tale that transcends sensuality, softness, and freshness that you’ll absolutely adore.

The cinematography, the locations, the vibe, the music, everything is spot on in this ad. I watched this ad for how beautifully the model Emily DiDonato is featured in it. 

I love it, and you’ll too.

24. Google- Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Google Assistant

Do you want a trip down memory lane? I know you love it, and so do we all. 

This Macaulay Culkin-starred Google Assistant ad is here to tap into ’90s nostalgia. This ad is a prime example of how to craft an entertaining commercial using iconic characters and movies that all love. 

You will definitely revisit the iconic Home Alone and witness how the movie could have been enhanced if the character Kevin had access to Google Assistant for deploying his traps and defense strategies. 

This is one of the commercial ads examples that not only evokes nostalgia but also incorporates playfulness and imagination into the familiar storyline, making it more engaging and memorable for viewers.

25. Guinness- Swim Black

A passionate story and incorporation of a legendary sports figure is what makes this ad among the most powerful commercials ever.

In an effort to persuade consumers about the value of a meticulously poured pint of Guinness, the brand arranged a unique challenge. 

They pitted an aging Italian sports hero against the time it takes for a pint of Guinness to be perfectly poured at his brother’s seafront bar. The challenge not only advertised the product efficiently but also added a competitive and entertaining element by involving a seasoned athlete. 

The narrative cleverly creates a compelling story woven together with precision, tradition, and friendly competition, presenting the viewers with an amazing commercial.

26. Apple Music- Drake VS. Bench Press

Apple ads are always impressive and the brand nailed it with this 2016 ad for Apple Music too.

This ad hits all the right notes with slapstick humor, a story we can all relate to, and timely nods to pop culture. 

The ad setting is simple with a gym, Canadian pop star Drake and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” as the music. 

The result sums up in the tagline “Distractingly good” where a hilarious disaster happens as he loses control during a bench press, slipping off in defeat.

This ad is among the best commercials of all time as it is a prime example of how one can use a popular celebrity with a touch of humor to make a product more influential.

27. Mini Cooper – The Faith Of A Few

Most of you must have bought a Mini Cooper as your first car, and the brand must have a special place in your heart, I am sure.

Mini Cooper is considered a wolf in sheep’s clothing and this inspiring commercial ad beautifully represents that concept.

It is almost a two-minute ad cum short film that gives a message that you only need a big dream sometimes, lots of self-confidence, and an out-of-the-ordinary approach to achieve epicness.

I love how this ad is made with the echoing audio quotes of disbelief and the car rally we all love watching.

28. AT&T- Nightmare

AT&T goes beyond creativity to stand out with this commercial.

You will just feel how a commercial is transformed into a trailer for some thrilling horror movie. 

I consider this adding to the list of the best commercials of all time because the story of this ad is out of the box and you will never expect AT&T to come up with something like this. 

Suspenseful music, a relatable scenario, and an uncanny voiceover create curiosity and you keep speculating about what this ad is all about until the very end.

This is a daring concept that marketers usually cannot think to consider. And look at this ad video; does not it make you go crazy through creative and memorable ideas?

29. Volvo Trucks- The Epic Split

With one hundred million views, this ad is viral for a reason; Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famous epic split.

Volvo demonstrates their truck’s dynamic steering stability and precision in a quite different way by featuring Van Damme and I can’t agree more that this brilliant idea makes this ad among the best commercials of all time. 

With a motivational speech of Enya in the background and a famous celebrity, this ad is the symbol of video marketing perfection making it Volvo’s most famous commercials of all time.

30. Le Trèfle- Emma

“Paper has a great future”; the message can not be delivered more perfectly than this ad has done.

This is the best ad ever that proves that even the most basic product in this tech-obsessed world can be elevated through a brilliant idea. 

The French toilet paper company Le Trèfle gives a message that paper can never become obsolete no matter how much you push technology.

Fun, humor, a story, and a simple idea come together for a brilliant ad that impressed me so much that I added it to my list of all-time best commercials.

31. Berlitz – German Coastguard, We Are Sinking

With only two characters, a bit of humor, and a brilliant idea, this ad has my heart. 

You will definitely have tears of laughter the first time you will watch this ad. This ad proves that you don’t need much effort to deliver your brand’s message.

You can take a minimal approach and, yet you can be so good at communicating the importance of your brand or product. 

With over 2 million views, this ad is worth your time. Just loving it.

32. Sony PlayStation- Double Life

Back in the 90s, advertising of gaming consoles was full of sugar-rush colorful and vibrant characters bouncing here and there. Then, in 1998, Sony PlayStation’s ’Double Life’ came along.

This is the PlayStation’s best commercials of all time with plenty of colorful characters beautifully portraying the idea that video games are a captivating escape from the monotony of everyday life. 

With the creative direction, Frank Budgen used the one-liner vignettes to break new ground with creativity and impact.

The scenes of these ads played a pivotal role in making the advertisement not only visually striking but also resonant with the audience.

33. Android- Be Together, Not The Same

Who does not love watching adorable animal videos on the internet? It’s what we all do, right?

And Android leveraged these cute videos by compiling them all together and creating a visual experience you cannot expect from a technology brand. 

But the point is, they have delivered their message very efficiently and effectively. People went gaga over this ad and embraced the fact that they do not need the same tech and the same gadgets to be together.

Not only does this ad take a jibe at Android’s main competitor, i.e., Apple but also engages the audience cutely and persuasively.

34. Ikea – Red Lamp 2002 and 2018

Ikea’s top commercials of all time, the Red Lamp ads are a classic of modern advertising. 

The unique thing about these ads is that they establish an emotional connection between their product, i.e., a lamp, and audiences in less than a minute, with a hilarious yet surprising ending.

They made you feel bad for a lamp that was thrown away in 2002 and a person in the end said that don’t feel bad for it as it has no feelings. 

He was right because the lamp got his happy ending in Ikea’s 2018 follow-up ad. Watch this ad for the brilliance of storytelling.

Best Live-action and Animation Commercials Ever

On one side, animations are engaging and creative, and on the other hand, live-action ads connect with audiences quickly. Ever wondered how impactful will it be if one leverages the best of both worlds by combining them?

Well, we have curated some of the best commercials of all time that leveraged this fantastic approach to create something epic for audiences.

35. M&M ‘s- They Do Exist!

This ad is one of M&M’s greatest commercials of all time that aired on TV for more than 25 years. Isn’t it enough to make it the best advertisement ever? 

I’m sure you must have seen this ad before and not many commercials stay as relevant as this ad. That’s exactly why this ad is in this list of best commercial ads of all time. 

Now let’s talk about the impressive things about this ad. First of all, this ad achieves its purpose in just 15 seconds. It has used the brand’s red and yellow mascots so well that you will be amazed. It has a story relevant to Christmas so people love watching it on TV during the Holidays. 

Anyway, I can’t say much about this ad as I want you to see it yourself. It delights all kinds of audiences and that’s the beauty that will make it the most memorable commercial ever produced.

36. Guerlain – La Légende De Shalimar

This one seems the most expensive fragrance commercial on this list and I even don’t really care how much Guerlain spent to make this EPIC perfume commercial come to life.

Take some chips, recline your chair, and relax, because you are going to watch an Indian fairy tale here that will take you to the Mughal era of the Sub-Continent.

I will not say much but one thing. What a stunning cinematic masterpiece it is! 

Chevaliers De Sangreal soundtrack compliments this ad under the musical guidance of Hans Zimmer. Directed by Bruno Aveillan, a French director, this ad has distinctive visuals and unique use of prism glass and split dioptres.

This is an almost six-minute short film cum commercial, with real-looking animations, beautiful characters, stunning locations, and mysterious storytelling enough to hold viewers’ eyes on the screen efficiently. I personally love it although it’s a bit long.

37. Ikea- Recipes for Delicious Kitchens

This inventive ad is among the best product commercials by IKEA.

The brand goes super creative by showing how people use their products to make the perfect kitchen through ingredients.

This is a fun, engaging, and creative way to highlight how independent people are when they construct their kitchen with IKEA. With a catchy and memorable idea, it’s such a different ad that I am compelled to tag it as best commercials of all time.

38. Nike- Hare Jordan

Directed by Joe Pytka, this ad features Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny together in the original Space Jam. But in actuality, this commercial is older than the movie itself.

Released in 1993, this ad was something different and fun and both parents and children found it catchy. Due to the popular figure Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, this ad became people’s favorite instantly with real-life props and scenarios.

39. Sony Bravia- Paint

This “Colour Like No Other” campaign from Sony Bravia is a visual masterpiece full of a rainbow-splattered romp. 

Filmed in the south of Glasgow’s housing estate, this ad is nothing ordinary. Sony with its most stand-out-of-the-crowd approach to selling TVs won people’s hearts with this best advertisement of all time.

Watch it to treat your eyes with the colors of nature splattering here and there everywhere!

Funniest Commercials Ever

Bored with this long list? Ok, let’s get on the lighter side now.

I am sharing some of the funniest best commercials of all time to make you laugh. Honestly, I have seen all these ads, and every single time I watch them, I burst out with laughter.

According to HubSpot, video content is shared 52% more frequently than any other type of content. If the ads have a fun element in them, they become an immediate success because they’re shared extremely.

Ready to laugh now? Scroll down!

40. IRN-BRU- New Fella

“IRN-BRU gets you through”

The whole idea of this ad is to justify this tagline and for that, the brand has used the England-Scotland rivalry cleverly.

This IRN-BRU ad features a Scottish father who is being introduced to his daughter’s English boyfriend.

Every time he feels annoyed by that fella, a sip of IRN-BRU makes him feel better. With 2.7 million views, this ad is for sure here to make your mood lighter. 

IRN-BRU created a series of ads with similar concepts and different humorous scenarios, all resolved by characters enjoying IRN-BRU. 

Here’s a bonus video for extra laughs!

41. General Motors- Evil Is Back for Good

Everyone’s favorite movie villain came back to with this one of the famous TV commercials. 

Without being overly promotional, General Motors highlighted they are all going electric and put forward the vision to reduce the carbon footprints. 

The beauty of this epic funny commercial lies in how they have chosen the people’s favorite character to elaborate their narrative.

I have included this ad in this list because it is equally entertaining and delightful to watch for all kinds of audiences.

42. Delta Lloyd – Life Insurance

This Life Insurance TV commercial clearly deserves to be the best commercials of all time in its category! 

The ad revolves around a man who attempts to remain a loyal citizen of his oppressive state but fails again and again and does not live up to expectations. 

The commercial was shot in Shanghai and is considered to be a mockery of North Korea. Even the North Korean embassy in Berlin requested the removal of this spot from TV.

Watch it for the funniest idea associated with Life Insurance in the most creative way.

43. John West Salmon – Bear Fight

“John West endures the worst to bring you the best.”

This ad showcases a John West employee fighting with a wild bear to grab the freshest salmon for you.

This John West ad opens in a faux nature documentary style and takes you on a journey of laughter and creativity through an amazing idea.

Created in 2000 by London-based agency Leo Burnett, this ad went viral for all the right reasons. With 5.9 million views on YouTube and 360 million views as of 2006 according to marketing company The Viral Factory, this ad is for sure to be remembered for the good laughter it provides.

44. Zazoo – Condoms

Although I saw this funniest commercial many years ago, whenever I watch it again, I still go crazy laughing.

This is the brilliant and best commercials of all time for a condom brand. Although Zazoo is not a real brand, I believe this is the most effective commercial highlighting the importance of using condoms. 

Ok, I will not say enough, watch it yourself and come back laughing out loud.

45. Snickers- Mr. Bean You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry

When I am talking about fun elements in commercial advertisements, how can I not mention Mr. Bean?

Anything with the great Mr. Bean becomes hilarious automatically, and this ad is a prime example of it. 

His presence, his facial expressions, his body language; all things from Mr. Bean are more than enough to turn this video into the funniest commercial of all time by Snickers.

Here, a Kung Fu master is portrayed as Mr. Bean who forgets his training because he is hungry. He returned to his originality as he had a Snickers. 

With such an iconic character, there is no doubt why this ad has 18 million views and why it is so well received.

46. Dollar Shave Club- Our Blades are F***ing Great

This Dollar Shave Club’s iconic and funniest commercial is worth remembering.

Dollar Shave Club was a tiny, and anonymous start-up before this ad launched. Now with 4 million subscribers and almost 30 million views, I can claim that this video is the reason Dollar Shave Club is on the map.

Every frame of this video commercial includes humor. From the impulsive dialogues to the strange props like tennis racket, and teddy bear, this ad garners attention easily. 

One more thing, it was only created with a budget of $4,500. Isn’t it amazing?

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47. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The ad started its journey with an impressive 5.9 million YouTube views and now it has 61 million views. 

Can you imagine now why this ad is so successful? A slapstick humor of course!

Featuring the former football star of USA, Isaiah Mustafa, the ad steals all the spotlight with witty dialogues and impeccable concepts. 

By the year’s end, this advertisement secured the position in award-winning commercials league with prestigious Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix award and had emerged as the top-selling men’s body wash brand in the USA, experiencing a remarkable sales increase of 125%.

Best Commercials Of All Time- Most Emotional Ads Ever

Consumer choices are heavily influenced by emotions.

It is famous in the advertising world that if you can’t make your audience laugh, try to make them cry. And sometimes it works wonders.


Because a great ad connects with the audience by making them feel something. Humor, pull out the heartstrings, or something else.

That is why I am sharing some of the most emotional ads ever that will tug on your heartstrings.

48. Volvo – Moments

In my opinion, Volvo’s marketing department is outstanding and understands how to use the storytelling approach to create commercial ads that hook the audience.

This Swedish car brand again and again comes up with ad campaigns with exceptionally beautiful stories.

Hear out all car brands! You have to watch this Volvo’s greatest commercial of all time and learn how to connect with your audiences emotionally to sell your product! This is how you nail it!!

Watch a brilliant portrayal of life in this ad with two intertwined storylines, emphasizing the importance of the things that never happen. 

Hats off to the creative minds behind this impactful emotional journey!

49. John Lewis-She’s Always a Woman

This ad is so brilliantly emotional that you will end up crying watching it. 

This sentiment-evoking ad from John Lewis shows important moments in a woman’s life, making us feel connected.

The is among the great TV commercials with smooth camera moves, making it all look like one continuous story and a familiar soundtrack. It fosters brand loyalty even more. 

One thing that will make your jaw drop about this ad is that it takes £6 million to create this cool masterpiece. Surprising, right? 

50. IAMS – A Boy and His Dog, Duck

IAMS claims that this ad was the strongest performing commercial advertisement in their brand’s history.

Moving on to the ad’s story, it’s amazing how a pet and boy love each other. You will be blown away by how this ad tells a heartwarming story of a strong connection between a young boy and his pet dog. 

The ad resonates and connects with pet owners and animal lovers, making it a perfect way to target the audience of the pet food brand.

51. Anuncio Loteria de Navidad, Spanish Lottery- Justino

This ad has a Christmas theme but I am sharing it here because it has a strong emotional story.

Standing out during Christmas, particularly in the UK, requires a unique ad because British people are very emotional about holiday ad campaigns. 

In 2015, the Spanish Lottery managed to break through and arguably created the best commercials of all time that dominated the season.

The animated film, “Justino,” narrates the story of a security guard at a mannequin factory, working the graveyard shift with minimal interaction with colleagues. 

Justino uses creativity to connect with them, creating amusing and touching scenarios with mannequins. His coworkers appreciate his playfulness, reciprocating his generosity.

‘Justino’ exceeded 1 million views on YouTube within a day and a year later at the Cannes Lions Festival won the Grand Prix in the Cyber category.

Watch it at your own risk, you might end up crying in the end.

52. Proctor and Gamble, P&G- Thankyou Mama

Launched alongside the 2010 Winter Olympics, this ad, almost like a short film, highlights the sacrifices and dedication mothers put in every day for their children.

This most effective, and powerful commercial resulted in spiking up PG sales for up to $500 million globally, with over 74 million views, and 370,000,000 incredible Twitter interactions!

So why was this ad so hyped up?

Well, whether you’re a parent or a child, this video evokes a range of emotions upon viewing, making it relatable to everyone.

Business-wise, this ad allowed P&G to tap into its global reach, making it the most successful campaign in the company’s 175-year history.

Weirdest Commercials Of All Time- Best Ones Listed

Every other brand tries to incorporate humor and emotional elements in their commercials to stand out.

But upon asking, what are the best commercials that make you stand out?

They answered: We Get Weird 

In the world of advertising, the rapidly growing genre is “Oddvertising” which means adding weirdness to ad commercials.

Now here are the best TV commercials of all time that I find most weird but they captured my attention wonderfully…

53. Poo-Pourri- Girls Don’t Poop

The brand name itself is enough to give you an idea that something weird will happen in their commercial as well.

And yes, Poo-Pourri owned up to its weird name, used it really well, and made this incredibly viral ad with 44 million views on YouTube right now.

The striking contrast between the sophisticated, well-articulated lady sitting on a toilet seat and what she is discussing is quite hilarious. 

It became so popular that the brand developed a series of videos in a similar style.

54. Calvin Klein – Obsession

So ridiculously weird and campy. Only in the 80s could you get away with a commercial like Calvin Klein’s Obsession.

CK’s “Obsession” ads from the 1980s were inspired by artsy films like those by Ingmar Bergman. The result is a video ad that looks cool and interesting but is a bit hard to understand. 

Some might say this is on purpose to create curiosity and get attention. However, the concept is too vague for the audience to understand.

55. Mountain Dew – Puppy Monkey Baby

Mountain Dew combined three of the Super Bowl’s most popular ads, i.e., Puppies, Monkeys, and Babies to come up with the weirdest ad on this list.

Aired in 2016 during the Super Bowl, they stand out from the rest using one character that acted as a puppy, monkey, and baby. As in 15 years, it was their first in-game ad spot, and the brand definitely achieved its purpose. 

The reactions to this ad are so polarizing with some people categorizing it creepy and weird and some are in awe of its brilliance. And that’s the reason for the immense attention this ad has got. 

Although, people denied any logic behind this ad, However, the creators Monty Pera and Don Marshall Wilhelmi claim that they snatched the idea from the gag that Super Bowl commercials feature Puppies, Monkeys, and Babies mostly.

So, they combined three of them to represent their product which has Dew, Juice, and Caffeine.

With #puppymonkeybaby, it became the most talked about commercial ad that year.

56. Levis – Doctors

You will not be able to understand this ad until you reach the end employing “Levis Wide Leg Jeans, It’s Wide Open”

Directed by Spike Jonze, this unusual ad from Levi’s starts in an emergency room with an injured patient. As doctors work to save him, a twist unfolds when he spontaneously starts singing. 

The scene is accompanied by the rhythmic beats of a beeping heart monitor and IV. Surprisingly, the medical team joins in, taking pauses only to restart the patient’s heart. 

Despite its oddity, the commercial succeeds by employing techniques that resonate with a young audience, including unexpected storylines, humor, and retro music.

57. Cadbury Dairy Milk- Gorilla and Eyebrow Dance

The next in my list of best commercials of all time with weird concepts are actually two ads from Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Gorilla is the first one that was aired in 2007 and is one of the most well-known ads of all time. The British public voted for it as their favorite ad

The weird concept of a gorilla playing Phil Collins’s “In The Air Tonight” has nothing to do with Dairy Milk chocolate and still, it managed to win the masses. The success of the ad is evident as itincreased Cadbury’s sales by 9%.

Cadbury’s marketing director Phil Rumbol states that “the hardest thing I’ve had to sell in my career.”

Similarly, the second ad I was talking about is the Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance ad. 

It is weird and cute at the same time. It will make you groove and will compel you to move your eyebrows in a weird style.

The commercial showcases two kids, a boy named Samuel Hugggett and a girl named Georgia Wake, seated in a photographer’s studio against a gray background.

As the photographer steps away to answer the phone, the boy presses a button on his watch, initiating the playback of “Don’t Stop The Rock” by Freestyle. 

Watch both of these ads and decide which one is the weirdest one.

58. Little Baby’s Ice Cream- This Is A Special Time

The last on our list is the best commercials of all time for how weird it is.

The commercial is not a bit but a lot weird with an ice cream creature eating its own head with a spoon. I’m sorry for sharing this strange ad, but I thought it should be included.

I will not say much about it. Just watch it on your own and maybe you end up in awe of the creator’s weird brilliance.

Best Christmas Commercials Ever

Although I have added some of the best Christmas commercials to this list, there are so many to share separately. I am listing a very few (if not many) here so that you can enjoy them watching this Holiday season.

59. Coca-Cola- Holidays Are Coming & The Letter

Coca-Cola’s “Holidays are coming” ad ruled all the Christmas ads long before holiday ads were hyped. 

Even in 2020, “Holidays Are Coming” and “The Letter” commercials were declared the most effective Christmas ad of the year.

Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming:

Coca-Cola The Letter:

In England, people say “It’s not Christmas until the Coca-Cola ad is on TV.” 

Both of these ads are successful due to the nostalgia, and emotional connection they have with the audience. Watch them this season to evoke the best Christmas Joy in yourself.

60. Aldi- Long Way From Home

Featuring the cute character of Kevin the Carrot this heartwarming Christmas commercial was gifted as the first cinematic masterpiece from Aldi.

Having a soundtrack theme of Home Alone, you’re shown a festive journey home of Kevin the Carrot with several other appearances.

The description of this ad on YouTube says: “Kevin’s out in the cold. Will he get home in time for Christmas?”

In the end, Kevin joyfully joins his family for dinner, while Santa reads aloud: ‘The magical moment was finally here, Christmas together with those you hold dear.’

With an amazing story, stunning visuals, and an enchanting Christmas setting, this ad is for sure the best one to watch this Holiday season.

61. John Lewis- The Bear and The Hare Christmas Commercial

As Christmas has just passed, this list of best commercials of all time must have a heartwarming Christmas ad that you will never forget.

John Lewis’s The Bear and The Hare is the best commercial ever tells the tale of interspecies friendship. It is considered the best commercials of all time from John Lewis despite it not showing any product.

The animated campaign of 2013 features a hare buying an alarm clock for her bear friend so he would wake up in time for Christmas from hibernation will surely warm your heart this season. 

The ad ends with a powerful message “Give Someone A Christmas They’ll Never Forget” makes this ad one of the most effective commercials ever with 2.7 million views on YouTube.

62. Kmart – I Shipped My Pants

With over 5.1 million views, this ad of retail chain Kmart is actually the promotion of their Ship to Home service. 

This ad is among our list of the best commercials of all time because of its wordplay and humor used in a very creative and unique way and that is why you can see how the video went viral. 

I Shipped My Pants ad of Kmart was so well received that they were compelled to release another A Christmas Carol novel-based hilarious ad.

Watch both of them and It will surely remind you of the good times when TV ads were not annoying af.

63. John Lewis- Man on the Moon

When it comes to how seriously one can take video marketing, John Lewis wins the game. With always unique and cutting-edge ads, they never lag back to make a lasting impression on viewers. 

This is also among the most famous commercials on Christmas, telling the story of an adorable girl who spots an old man living alone on the moon. She fails to communicate with him so she decides to send a Christmas gift to an old man; a telescope.

Now they can see each other and share Christmas joy.

This ad has a heart-touching story with a clear, simple message “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas” emphasizing to include others in your festivities. 

I could have included this ad in emotional ads, but due to its storytelling, uniqueness, and Holiday theme, I think it is the best fit here.

64. WestJet-Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving

With 50 million views, this ad is so great that I would regret it if I did not share it here.

This ad is so great that it will become the most popular commercials of all time on YouTube soon. It has many elements from the Christmas movies people watch every single year.

All the Christmas things like Shopping, Music, and a Christmas Miracle are featured in this ad making it close to people’s hearts.

Honestly, I got goosebumps while watching it and without a doubt, it has fostered a huge increase in brand loyalty for WestJet.

Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

A question to all the brands out there. Is there a more sought-after video ad spot than the Super Bowl? 

Certainly not!

For 2023, Forbes reports that a 30-second Super Bowl commercial commands a record-high average cost of $7 million.

Indeed, it’s evident that brands securing a Super Bowl spot invest a considerable amount of effort.

Here are some of the best commercials of all time aired during the Super Bowl event.

A question to all the brands out there. Is there a more sought-after video ad spot than the Super Bowl? 

Certainly not!

For 2023, Forbes reports that a 30-second Super Bowl commercial commands a record-high average cost of $7 million.

Indeed, it’s evident that brands securing a Super Bowl spot invest a considerable amount of effort.

Here are some of the best superbowl commercials of all time aired during the championship game of the NFL event.

65. Volkswagen- The Force

This one is among the most adorable of all the best commercials of all time list. With a humorous touch and a Star Wars reference, this ad is just perfect to grab the attention.

Volkswagen created it for a Super Bowl and it had to compete against giant automobile companies with huge budgets, so they released it online to “test drive” it. 

And for surprise, with over 17 million views just before the Super Bowl, this amazing commercial went viral making it just perfect. 

That is the reason we are including it in our best live-action commercials category because it deserves it.

66. Amazon- Alexa Loses Her Voice 2018

With star power like Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeff Bezos, this is Amazon’s one the best commercials of all time for the Super Bowl. 

The idea of this star-studded commercial of Amazon replaced Alexa’s voice with all these celebs. It has garnered 1.2 million views and was the most-viewed Super Bowl ad on YouTube in 2018.

It is creative, effective, powerful, and one of the most influential commercials of all time.

67. Budweiser – Puppy Love

Studies indicate that Millennials are inclined to spend more on experiences than tangible items, and that is why making an advertisement with a compelling story is a wise marketing decision.

Budweiser knows this and that is why never disappoints with a Super Bowl commercial, and the 2014 ad is no exception.

According to TiVo, this is the most popular Super Bowl ad in 50 years to have been aired. Budweiser’s emotive storytelling approach rather than jumping on to humor and heavy-handed marketing is a clever idea that works wonders here. 

It successfully captures the viewers’ attention with the agrarian setting, emotional angle, and power of friendship. I really love this commercial and can watch it again and again.

68. Tide- It’s a Tide Ad

You know Super Bowl ads are super important for brands—they eagerly await this annual event and invest significant money due to intense competition. 

Even if they believe they’ve created the best ad, a rival’s video outshines it in creativity, humor, emotion, or uniqueness, leaving all the efforts to go into the vein. 

But here, Tide cleverly sidestepped all this pesky scenario by humorously mocking various ad tropes, including the typical beer, car, and perfume commercials.

Look the result is here; the most memorable commercials of all time for Tide. It’s a Tide ad.

69. Snickers- Betty White, You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

This is Snickers Super Bowl best commercials of all time. 

It features the comedian Betty White playing the alter-ego of a man who is hungry and having a bad day on the football field. 

Snickers bar helps him transform back into himself, all the while Betty White humorously taunts the teammates with a series of amusing insults. 

The ad makes you laugh and has an intelligent and creative idea with an effective delivery of the message “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”

70. Doritos & Mountain Dew- A Song Of Ice And Fire, Peter Dinklage Vs. Morgan Freeman

This Doritos & Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial was epic and became the year’s most talked about commercial.

Released in 2018, the ad successfully delighted Game Of Thrones fans with an epic lip-sync rap battle.

The ad starts with Dinklage lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes’ “Look at Me Now,” surrounded by flames. Morgan responds with Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On,” dousing the flames with precision. 

This ad showcases PepsiCo products with undeniable entertainment, featuring renowned figures in a lip-sync battle with popular rap songs. 

The unexpected pairing of Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage lip-syncing to the audience’s favorite songs adds significant appeal, ensuring the commercial’s lasting impact during the Super Bowl.

It’s my personal favorite with creative ideas and mass appealing approach. What are your thoughts on it?

71. Apple- 1984 Macintosh

Apple’s Macintosh computer commercial “1984” is the controversial Super Bowl ad directed by Ridley Scott. 

Created by Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas, and Lee, the ad aired during the 1984 Super Bowl and once more on KMVT in Twin Falls, Idaho, before the 1:00 am sign-off in December 1983. 

However, it faced copyright issues with George Orwell’s estate, and after a cease-and-desist letter, it was never aired as a commercial again.

It also screened in movie theaters before previews from January 17, 1984, for a few weeks. Anyway, it is a cult classic and among the best commercials of all time by Apple. For sure an ad to remember.

Best Commercials Of all Time, The Most Creative Ones (Bonus)

The video marketing landscape of today is really competitive and making the best commercials of all time demands you to be more creative and embrace uniqueness to stand out.

I have gone through about 100 ads and listed four of them as the most creative ones.

72. Coca-Cola- Happiness Factory

I am speechless…. 

This ad has some jaw-dropping gorgeous 3D animation.

Coca-Cola never lags behind when it comes to the most memorable commercials. This is one of the best and coolest commercials in advertising history showing the imaginary journey inside of a Coca-Cola vending machine.

The 3D style is spot on with magical effects that will mesmerize you. It was the party of the visuals that entertained you to the fullest.

73. Bodyform- Womb Stories

The target audience of Bodyform is women and by using an eccentric mix of different animation styles, this ad tells their stories with intricacy and creativity. 

Bodyform picked the womb stories that are often never told in this beautiful short film in a more memorable way. 

Imaginative creativity, art and animation, and storytelling; this ad touches all the high points impressively. 

Isn’t it amazing?

74. Audi- What Do You Want In A Car

Just look at this ad; you’ll realize that Audi has not spent money creating it, yet it is so such an effective commercial that I have to include it here. 

There is nothing in this ad except four keychains having keys from four different keys of other car companies. They all are hanged together to make an Audi’s brand logo. 

This is called the power of creativity.

75. Sony Bravia- Color Like No Other

Did you know?

To film this captivating and make it the best commercials of all time, Sony Bravia used one hill in San Francisco, over 2.5 lacs bouncy balls, 6 takes, and 23 camera people working over 4 days.

And I am thankful to them that they have shown us how to sell a TV using creativity.

Sony focused on their USP i.e., color and they nailed it presenting it uniquely and creatively.  This is the brand’s most successful commercial as it grabbed a lot of attention when it was aired.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does a commercial become “the best”?

A commercial becomes the best when it communicates with the audience clearly by providing valuable information. Be it an ad for any product the audience needs, a service, or any leisure activity, advertising is a primary channel of communication between brands and their audience.

What are some of the best commercials of all time?

We have shared some of the best examples of greatest ads of all time, but here I am naming some again with a few more I could not list:

  • Apple: “1984”
  • Budweiser: Whassup.
  • Coke: Share A Coke.
  • Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man In The World.
  • Motaur: Do you Mind | Progressive Insurance Commercial.
  • Nike: Just Do It.
  • Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
  • Sony Bravia: Bouncing Balls.

What makes a TV ad memorable and popular?

Things that make a TV ad memorable and popular include keeping in mind the objective that you have is to create a lasting impact on your audience. The commercial ad should align with their perspectives, and be persuasive enough to take them the action you intend. An effective and memorable TV ad makes the audience feel the brand, and its message, and remember its idea.

How do companies and businesses measure the success of a commercial?

Companies measure the success of their commercial through conversion rate and return on Investment (ROI). You could simply track the number of people who become customers by counting those who click on the ad and complete the desired action, like subscribing or doing what you’ve asked them to do.

How does creativity contribute to creating the best commercials of all time?

Creativity can be converted into memorability. A creative copy for any ad is remembered by audiences for a long time. That is why the demand for unique and creative content is on the rise because it leaves a lasting impact on viewers and your brand becomes memorable when people make their purchasing decisions.

Wrapping It…

Ahh.. What an amazing ride it was. 

75 different ads, 75 different stories, all are amazing on their own.

I hope sharing with you the best commercials of all time helps you a lot for your inspiration and you’re now ready to create your best ad ever.

However, if you need BuzzFlick’s help to turn something into epic, no problem. We’re here for you. We are experts in creating animated ads and commercials with a plethora of brands on board from all over the world. For sure we’ll love to make the one worth remembering for you as well.

Check out our work here.

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