VTuber Model Cost: Become a Creator on a Budget!

how much does a vtuber model cost
Want to start with your own VTuber avatar on Twitch? Wait a minute. The first question that’s going to bug you is “How much will it cost to create a stellar VTuber model?”.

Want to start with your own VTuber avatar on Twitch? 

Wait a minute. The first question that’s going to bug you is “How much will it cost to create a stellar VTuber model?”. 

Now, when it comes to art, let’s be honest, value is purely subjective. 

However, when we talk about VTubers, we know that they hold significant commercial value. Rigging the best model is a job that requires time, and diligent effort. You just can’t expect the artist to wrap it up in one go. 

Often the task at hand can be exhausting, and artists may need to roll in multiple revisions of the VTuber model until you’re fully satisfied and confident to go live with your virtual face. 

But, is there a reasonable alternative? And, how much will it cost?

To guide you on creating your next VTuber model on a budget, you need comprehensive knowledge on VTuber model cost. 

So, in this blog, we’ll give you a precise estimate of VTuber model costs. 

VTuber Model Cost: Comprehensive Guide

Know that before we dive into the discussion, VTuber models are rigged in multiple styles, and pricing follows accordingly. 

If you’re not familiar with the Types of VTuber Models, no problem. We’ve got you covered. I’ll break down the cost for each specific type of VTuber model. 

So, you can make up your mind very quickly. 

Why become PNGTuber?

png vtuber model

There are multiple benefits to becoming a PNGTuber. Firstly, you get a lot of freedom to stream as a creator. Secondly, you can keep it private as you don’t have to show your face. No need to worry about using a webcam. So, PNGTuber can be a fascinating choice for anyone who has camera anxiety. 

Pros and Cons of PNGTuber

PNGTuber is not the end of the world. There is a good reason why most people pass the option of PNG, and opt for 2D and 3D custom VTubers. But what is the reason? In this section, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of PNGTuber to help you make up your mind. 

PNG Models are readily accessible Not as appealing as Custom 2D and 3D Models; Could be a turn off for a mature audience
These can be an affordable option for creators on a budgetNot suited for experienced creators with big audiences
PNG Models are also super-easy to get startedAnimation is less, and the result could be a lack of movement, leaving the experience as more static than immersive

What is the cost of PNG Avatar?

The price for PNG Avatars vary greatly depending on what you want to create. It may be on the lower side for icons, whereas if you push through full-body sketches, the price slightly increases from $40 for flat sketches to $60 for shaded characters. This is just a starting point. For custom PNGs, and additional pictures for face emotions, and movements, expect to have a higher budget. 

CTA for PNG Vtuber Model

Should I get a 2D VTuber Avatar for my streaming?

2d vtuber model

It depends upon a number of factors. Mainly it’s the budget. You want to consider this decision based upon your current budget. 2D VTubers models are a nice starting point for budding streamers, who want to explore VTubing. Models are aesthetically pleasing and can be unique in their own way. 

Moreover, working with 2D VTuber avatars also provides you with the opportunity to create characters that resonate with your favorite anime superstars. Thus, you’re likely to draw in anime fans, who especially adore 2D VTuber characters. 

Let’s talk about convenience. 2D VTuber models are perfect to engage, and start streaming on a budget. Remember, you don’t need a motion tracking gear as you would to start off with 3D VTubing. Therefore, the job for creating content becomes a lot easier compared to time-consuming live render of 3D characters. 

Pros and Cons of 2D VTuber Models

The 2D VTuber avatars remain as one of the most attractive factors of the overall market. They’re pleasing to the eye, affordable, and fairly easier to set up than custom 3D models. But again, since this is a discussion that expands on multiple types of VTuber models, it won’t do justice to simply talk about what’s fancy about VTubing. So, here are some pros and cons of 2D VTuber models. 

Highly stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and unique personas2D VTubers could end up on the expensive side of the cost spectrum
Multiple facial expressions to elicit reactions from the viewersCommissioning a 2D Avatar could be trouble too as most of the talented artists are booked with several orders. 
No gears to capture motionSo you might need to wait for months. 

If you’re excited about 2D VTuber models, but have no idea where to start, I would suggest you don’t just buy into what’s pricey, and what will save you from shelling a big dough. It’s best to gain more understanding of how VTubing actually works. So, you might just want to discover How to commission a VTuber Model? Speaking from experience, this one’s a nice starting point for anyone who’s excited about VTubers, but don’t know where and how to start. 

What is the Cost Of A 2D VTuber?

The cost for a 2D VTuber avatar can range between $35 and $1000. Prices generally vary depending upon the artistic talent, and the detailing required in the 2D character.

CTA for 2d Vtuber Model

Is a Customizable 3D VTuber suitable for me?

3d vtuber model 2

Before we dive into the pricing, and creation of your custom 3D VTuber, let’s just know, if it’s really for you. 

So, a custom 3D VTuber might be best for you, if you’ve already found your grip in the VTubing space. I mean to say that most 3D creators were previously successful with PNG and 2D avatars. They know the space inside-out, and had already made a name for themselves, before finally making the leap into 3D VTubing. 

If you feel confident about yourself, and already have a growing following on Twitter and other social media, then it might be the ideal time for you to get your ticket to VTubing. So, in short, some experience with VTubing is always advisable before you venture into 3D VTubing for a full-time gig. 

Pros and Cons of Custom 3D VTuber Model

Perfect for an immersive experienceSits on the most expensive side of the cost spectrum
3D characters can have great detailing, and movement of each partProduction itself is time-consuming; You need motion tracking suit to record movements
3D VTubers are highly-stylized, and could be customized as per your preferencesNot suitable for creators who are new to VTubing

The best part about a 3D VTuber model is that it’s a super-attractive option. There are millions of anime fans, who would sign up on Twitch to be delighted by these fascinating VTuber creators. 

While cost is the only thing that keeps most people, it pays more to know that 3D avatars are worth the money. The benefits of a custom VTuber model easily outweigh the cost you’ll incur. 

What is the cost of a 3D VTuber Model?

The price range for a 3D model can be anywhere from $1,000 all the way to $15,000 depending on complexity and customization. Simple ones will cost in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

CTA for 3d Vtuber Model

Should I get a Pre-Base 3D VTuber Model?

If you’re on a budget, and want to create an eye-gazing 3D model, then this option might just be for you. Pre-base 3D VTuber models are template-based 3D avatars that come as an affordable alternative to purely customized 3D VTuber models. 

You won’t just save big money, but more importantly also the hurdle of working with artists, who usually require several hours to rig a 3D character model. But, if you’ve opted for a pre-base avatar, no rigging is required. 

You can easily recreate your 3D VTuber model with the templates given in the VRoid Studio. However, if you want to take this game to another level, you can always consider Blender and 3D Studio to rig the full character. 

To help you decide with ease, I’ve also included the pros and cons for having a Pre-base 3D VTuber model. 

Pros and Cons of Pre-Base 3D VTuber Model

You can rig multiple angles of your 3D avatar.Wearing your tracking gear for long-hours to render movement in real-time could be a hassle. 
It is highly affordable for people who adore 3D avatars.Limited degree of customization available
It can help you create a more immersive experience. Hard to carve out your own authentic VTuber persona

Most people adore these pre-base VTuber models, but some tend to avoid them completely. They argue that these software are not good for anything other than regurgitating those copycats of other readily available models. As a result, you don’t get to create an authentic VTubing face. 

So to help you discover the sbest, and create something that’s truly out-of-the-box, yet authentic, I suggest you take a step back, and fill your mind with some beautiful inspiration. Evolution of VTuber models will walk you through some of the most famous, and widely successful VTuber models. So, make sure to check these out for inspiration. 

How much is the VTuber model cost for Pre-Base 3D Avatar?

The cost for a Pre-base 3D VTuber model can vary between $50 and $5000. Prices tend to go up as customers demand more customization, and want customizable 3D elements with the VTuber. You can get exquisite detailing for a higher price, but only expect limited customization if you’re on a tight budget.

CTA for 3d Vtuber Model


Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog, we walked you through VTuber model cost. We gave you a sneak peak into what factors may determine pricing, and the three VTuber types, and their respective costs. 

To make the discussion interesting, we also expanded more on why you should opt for each specific type of VTuber model. You can refer to the pros and cons, if you like to skim content. 

Moreover, the price estimates given here are precisely accurate, and the objective is to guide your decision to get the most out of every dollar you spend to commission your next VTuber superstar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you become a PNGTuber?

Becoming a PNGTuber doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Here are five simple steps you can take to become a PNGTuber in 2024:

  1. Define your goals, and write the concept for your avatar
  2. Setup your production (Webcam, microphone, computer, and VTuber)
  3. Commission or create your VTuber character
  4. Finalize your PNG images for emotion, and movements
  5. Start Streaming
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