What is the VTuber model? How To Commission the VTuber Model?

vtuber model and commission
A VTuber model is gaining popularity immensely worldwide and that is why we’re here with a detailed blog on VTuber models and how to commission a VTuber model.

VTubers, AKA, virtual YouTubers are gaining popularity immensely worldwide. That is why it is no longer a fantasy to become a VTuber anymore. Moreover, being a VTuber is quite budget-friendly to your surprise, catering to a broad range of audiences.

Besides that, you do not need to learn complicated software; It is the right approach, and the knowledge of some free VTuber model tools is all you need.

We’ll discuss the VTuber models, how to commission the VTuber model, and all about it in this blog.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

What is the VTuber Model?

A VTuber model is a 2D or 3D digital avatar that depicts a character or an individual and plays a crucial role in virtual content creation. A real person animates and controls it and it is usually used as a representation dynamically in the digital world.

The VTuber model is usually generated by 2D or 3D software and first originated in the year 2010 in Japan as a digital trend. Apart from content creation activities, the VTuber models are also used to interact with your audiences using motion and facial capture technology on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch for live streaming.

Why VTuber Models Are Used By Content Creators?

Content creators use VTuber models to avoid showing themselves on camera while live broadcasting on different platforms. Often, voice changers are also used to change the appearance and voice completely.

There are many examples of successful YouTubers and Twitch streamers who have used this mode and achieved massively. You can take an idea from the fact that the top VTuber has around 10 million fans worldwide.

Although VTuber models are of a basic style that is based on the artists or creator, however, customization of the VTuber model is also popular when it comes to expressing the personality to the fullest in the live broadcast.

It is a fact that most VTubers use famous anime characters as their model and choose a male VTuber model or a female VTuber model without caring about gender.

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What Are The Different Types Of VTuber Models?

There are many types of VTuber model ranging from custom PNG VTuber model, and 2D VTuber model, to 3D VTuber model. Different VTuber models are created through various software.

While 2D VTuber models are created using software like VTube Studio & VUP for live broadcasting, 3D VTuber models are created by using Daz3D, VUP, Vroid Studio, & Blender and rendered through Unreal Engine or different 3D gaming software in real-time and creating them is far more complex.

2D VTuber Model Vs. 3D VTuber Model: The Main Difference

It is really easy to use the 2D VTuber model. Although these models have a very limited motion range, they are still good in their expressiveness. That is why most VTubers use custom 2D VTuber model frequently.

2d vtuber model example

On the other hand, 3D VTuber models are great when it comes to expressiveness and realism. However, they are complex and it requires a lot of work to create them.

3d vtuber model example
2D VTuber Model3D VTuber Model
– Easier to use than 3D models.– Enables greater realism and expressiveness.
– Does not exist in 3D space, limiting the range of motion.– Can be controlled with gestures and facial expressions, similar to 2D models.
– Achieves successful expressiveness despite limitations.– Can be fitted with full-body tracking suits for lifelike movements.
– Less complicated to create, making them a cost-effective VTuber model.– Requires complex work to create, resulting in higher costs.
– Popular choice for novice VTubers due to simplicity.– More expensive option, suitable for creators seeking high-quality avatars.
– Some creators prefer 2D animation style regardless of cost. 
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Are VTuber Models Different In Sizes?

VTuber design can differentiate in sizes. The most commonly used sizes of VTuber models are full body, above the waist, and the chest. The amount of work an artist has to do is directly related to the size of the VTuber model the smaller the size, the less work an artist has to do. Similarly, the cost can also increase exponentially with the increase in size.

What Are The Main Ways TO Use VTuber Models?

There are two main ways VTuber models are used:

  1. YouTube & Twitch Live Streaming
  2. TikTok Short Videos

VTuber Model In YouTube & Twitch Live Streaming

Mostly, VTuber models are being used in live gaming and live chats on YouTube and Twitch.

Live ChatLive Game
We all know VTuber originally belonged to Japan, and the image with animation has attracted a massive fan following. When these fans see their favorite VTuber on platforms like YouTube and Twitch broadcasting live, they directly interact with them.There are a lot of game anchors with amazing gaming skills, but most of them don’t want to show their real image to their fans because of the curiosity factor. That is why a VTuber Model becomes a safe choice for them to keep their fam’s focus on the game itself.

VTuber Model In TikTok Short Videos

We all know how popular TikTok is. VTubers often delight their fans by appearing in live broadcasting and making short videos on the TikTok platform.

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What Are The Popular Professional Tools for Making VTuber Models?


Blender is a 3D graphics software that has an open-source usage model and is free to use. It is best when it comes to VTuber model production with comprehensive solutions that include 3D animation, modeling, rendering, and sound effects.


3DMax or 3D Studio Max is a robust 3D animation software that is widely used in gaming animation production best for Desktops. It is widely popular among VTuber artists for custom 3D VTuber models and a plethora of options and feasibility to create them.


Best known for character animation and creation, Maya is software with advanced features for polygon modeling. It is popular among VTubers due to its dynamic tools that help in the process of VTuber model production.

On What Platforms Can You Commission the VTuber Model?

You’ll come across many 2D animation services for VTuber models. However, it is a fact that customization of the VTuber model is complex as an artist has to invest more time and a lot of energy to complete it. From modeling, and color grading to binding and rendering, the cost of a model can go up to thousands of dollars.

Here, I am recommending some of the platforms that are suitable for novice VTubers as well as professional-level personnel. You can go through these free VTuber model platforms or other websites offering 3d animation services to get customized VTuber model for you.

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Free 3D VTuber Model Platforms:


Free VTuber model sharing platform with a diverse collection of 3D models, hand models, and props. Registration is required for free downloads; ensure legal use.

VRoid Hub:

A platform for sharing 3D characters, animations, and model data. Users can publish and discover models, animations, and more, fostering a vibrant community.

Paid 3D VTuber Model Commission

VTuber studio-Live3d:

Professional VTuber model customization service with over 100 artists. Offers cost-effective customization and support for virtual live broadcasts.


Active VTuber model commissioning service on an online freelancer marketplace. Various artists are available for custom VTuber models catering to different niches.


Customized platform offering detailed model customization, including upper waist and full body. Provides step-by-step communication during the customization process.


Custom-made VTuber models with PSD files are provided for client approval. Prices vary based on design complexity.


Content creation community offering services from painting to animation and model making. Ideal for contributing to engaging live broadcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of VTuber?

The purpose of VTuber is to make an experience for the audience engaging and immersive by using virtual avatars. Audiences can relate to these avatars as these characters are brought to stories of life.

How does the VTube model work?

A VTube model works through technology. An avatar of a VTuber is animated typically through a webcam and software, which apprehend the streamer’s emotions, expressions, motions, & mouth movements to map them into a 2D or 3D model.

How much does it cost to commission a VTuber model?

The cost to commission VTuber model art is around $100 and you can find people on Etsy who can provide you with half-body models in the said price range. A full-body VTuber model will cost around $250 to $500. Besides that, top-quality model art will cost you from $2000 to $4000 depending on the artist.

What is the cheapest VTuber model?

The cheapest VTuber models in 2D can range from $35 – $1,000 depending on the skills of the artist. If you want to go for a 3D, the VTuber model generally costs anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 depending on customization and complexity of the model.

Can you get free VTuber models?

Yes, Adobe Character Animator lets you get free VTuber models. You can simply choose your character, infuse emotions and motions, record audio, and export your animated creation effortlessly.

Wrapping It

Being a VTuber is a viral trend worldwide now, and that is why VTuber model commissions are also in demand. There is nothing complicated about becoming a VTuber as it doesn’t require extensive software knowledge.

We have covered all basic aspects of VTuber models in this blog and the process of commissioning them. Whether you’re a novice VTuber or a seasoned creator, the VTuber realm is not a farfetched thought for you now.

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