How To Boost User Onboarding With Explainer Videos

boost with explainer videos
With explainer videos, increase user onboarding and engagement. Uplift the spirit of your brand, improve your SEO, and mark a higher ranking in SERP.

Want to know why an explainer video can help you boost engagement rates? You have landed on the right article.

In this article, you will learn how you can boost use onboarding and engagement through explainer videos.

So, without any further ado! Let’s Dive In!

If you are running a business, an e-commerce website, or a blog, you should know that textual content is an outdated marketing strategy.

The present and the future of marketing are videos. Not just in marketing but everywhere on the internet, video has taken over.

The video content even helps accelerate SEO and increase the position of your website on SERP. Pages with video content reduce the bounce-off ratio and increase traffic. Even Google’s SEO algorithm ranks those websites high that have video content.

People prefer to watch videos for better understanding than reading dull and dry text blocks. Explainer videos effectively increase user engagement and conversion because they provide to the point and beneficial information to the audience.

So let’s evaluate why and how an explainer video improves traffic.

What Are Explainer Videos?

The name of this video type says it all: Explainer videos explain the complex topics briefly and effectively in an engaging manner. Moreover, it can explain complex concepts in an easily understandable format.

Companies use explainer videos to convey their business ideas, goals, and information to the audience. Some great explainer video examples may include videos from Dollar Shave Club and Spotify. An explainer video can help you portray:

  • What did your company do?
  • What product are you launching?
  • What services do you provide?
  • What your brand reflects?

Explainer video not only tells about the company, product, or services, it raises brand awareness and helps the business stand high among the competitors.

Some companies use animated explainer videos to make them more aesthetically pleasing to watch.

You can create an explainer video according to the tone of your business; it will help to reflect the personality of your business. Although, we’d recommend you to look out for some of the best explainer video companies before you hire one that suits you the best.

The Benefits of Explainer Videos

There must be a thought in your mind, that why you should invest in an explainer video instead of other video styles. Here are some benefits that make explainer videos beneficial for business:

1.  Attention-Grabbing

The people on the internet have an attention span of only eight seconds, and after that, they either go for the CTA (call to action) or leave the page.

Explainer videos are engaging and hold the audience’s eyes longer and reduce the bounce rate on the page.

2. Help to Increase Conversion

If your audience has stayed longer on your website, it is more like hitting the conversion. Research has stated that explainer videos can increase the conversion rate up to 50%, which is 65 times more than a simple video.

3. Compelling

With powerful content and an explainer video, you can hit a compelling sales pitch to your audience. Explainer videos help you turn business ideas into engaging visuals, which attract the audience more toward your brand.

4. Reflect Your Brand

Explainer videos allow you to connect with your targeted audience with the brand’s reflection. Explainer videos convey the core objective of your company and help the audience bond with your brand.

If you are looking for a video production company, then BuzzFlick – one of the best video animation studios in Vancouver – is here to help your brand stand out with its top-notch animated explainer video services.

5. Increase Customer’s Confidence to Purchase

People watch videos first before investing in anything and prefer transparency to ensure authenticity. An explainer video helps your audience build trust and confidence in your brand and buy products without a second thought.

6. Make You A Leading Brand

Explainer videos show your audience that you are the perfect source of information. When the audience understands things better from your end, they will not just connect with you but bring more people to your brand. It will help you become more popular and give the tough time to your competitors.

7. Connect With Emotion

People like it when companies value their emotions and issues. Explainer video addresses the audience’s pain points, and it helps the viewers connect more with the brand.

You can wrap the video around the problems your targeted audience is facing and end it with your proposed solution.

Placement of the Explainer Video

To be most effective, explainer videos should be placed carefully. That’s why videos that appear on homepages, landing sites, and social media platforms are the most popular and generate the greatest engagement.

It is typically best to have a single explainer video on your site that provides a brief and broad introduction to your business rather than irrelevant videos.

That’s because when a visitor comes to your homepage for the first time, they probably look for a short overview of your company or brand; they don’t want to be flooded with the information. Too many videos with overly narrow topics can actually boost your bounce rate.

Share Your Explainer Videos on Social Networks

You may already be aware of the effectiveness of social media marketing. According to Wordstream, video content is 1200 percent more likely than text combined with images shared on social media.

There is nothing more to say to establish that social media combined with an engaging explainer video is a powerful marketing combo that can help a brand reach new heights.

On the one hand, an animated explainer video will creatively introduce your services or products to your target audience. On the other hand, it will increase brand awareness quickly. You can promote your brand or business with an animated explainer video.

You can post your explainer video on various platforms like:

1. YouTube

YouTube is aptly referred to as “the world’s video player.” It’s massive: every minute, 300+ hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. On mobile devices, YouTube videos are watched by 18 to 49-year-olds than any cable network in the United States.

In addition to being a vibrant and active community, YouTube serves as a research tool for millions of people looking to buy items and services online. It provides reviews, advice, and tutorials to assist them in making purchasing selections.

As a result, YouTube is unquestionably one of the most effective platforms for posting your explainer videos. You may quickly build your own channel and begin uploading. You can upload various brand videos to YouTube, embed them in your website, and share them with the rest of the world.

Your channel becomes a location for your audience to come to see the explainer video you post. You can turn viewers into leads and leads into customers using annotations and links.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, but it is also the second most popular video-sharing platform after YouTube. So, if you really want to make a memorable impression with your explainer video, Facebook should be at the top of your list.

In fact,  posting your explainer video to Facebook rather than uploading it to Youtube will engage more potential customers and increase conversion. When deciding what to show in user feeds, Facebook knows what to do.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a valuable platform for you if your explainer video is about fashion, design, beauty, travel, luxury, or housing. It’s a terrific place to find product and category-specific explainer videos.

Furthermore, compared to other online platforms, your audience on Pinterest is more likely to favor and purchase fantastic products. Pinterest will only work for your explainer videos if you make an effort to give your boards a unique feel and appearance.

4. Instagram

When it comes to millennials, there’s no better platform to exhibit your explainer video than Instagram. A short explainer video may be all you need to stand out on this social media platform.

However, to make this process work, your Instagram account must have a consistent look and feel. This means you need to invest some time and thought to set a sequence of the videos. It is better to keep the videos in series rather than treating each separately.

Also, make sure your explainer video contains a gripping story that the viewer can relate to. In addition, to maximize your explainer video’s reach, use as many relevant hashtags as possible in your video posts.

5. Twitter

When it comes to uploading videos online, few people think about Twitter. However, it’s a platform that’s ideal for explainer videos about marketing, sales, and new product releases. This is especially true if you tweet your video several times.

The Twitter feed is similar to a live newspaper. The more frequently you tweet your explainer video, the more likely it will be discovered and watched.

If you’re concerned about sharing the same video numerous times in a day or week, just make sure each time you share the explainer video, share it with a different description or message.

There’s no better place to promote a service or product that follows the current trend than Twitter. Just like Instagram, you may use hashtags in your tweets to keep your business relevant to the users who choose to follow you. You can even customize them for special promotions, seasonal specials, and local trends.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the beneficial social platforms but is highly underrated. Tumblr should be an ideal choice in online platforms if your target audience is interested in design, photography, art, and fashion.

You can be anyone:

  • A real estate agent who wants to create a trustable track record in business.
  • A designer who wants to build a professional portfolio.
  • A beautician who wants to organize tutorials and tips into storyboards.

Tumblr is what you are looking for.

Tumblr is not only a terrific platform to share your animated explainer videos, but it’s also a great place to meet other creators. You will get the inspiration you need to create even better and more interesting explainer videos for your company or business.

8. Quora

Quora is used by many entrepreneurs, teachers, students, trainers, businesspersons, and influencers to reach their targeted audience. The question-and-answer platform can be a great location to not only obtain helpful information but also to share your own thoughts and links to your explainer video and website.

It’s an excellent approach to advertise your brand and business, but you should remember that your first rule should be to be inconspicuous on Quora. If you don’t, a platform will mark you as a spammer.

You should provide beneficial information that does not appear to be a sales pitch. Because Quora is such an extensive resource with so many topics, it would be simple to locate your specialty and add to it by answering questions about the subject of your explainer video.

Editor’s Choice

If you want top-notch explainer video services, then BuzzFlick is the perfect choice as a 2D animation studio.

BuzzFlick is one of the award-winning animation studios in New York that is a master in animated explainer videos, whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D modeling services, video editing services, motion graphics services, educational video production, and post-production services.


  • What will be the cost of an explainer video?

Every production company has unique price plans and charges extra if additional requirements are added. In short, the price depends upon the project requirements. For more insight see: How Much Does It Cost To Create An Animated Video?

  • How does an explainer video help to boost your SEO?

Your explainer video must be search engine optimized. Make sure the title and description contain your target keywords and clearly describe the content of your video. This will assist both Google and customers in determining where to place your explainer video and ensure that it will be worth their time.

Finally, make sure your thumbnail is appealing. Create a high-quality thumbnail with a catchy title instead of just using a random frame from your video.

These practices will ensure an SEO boost.

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