101 Technique to Learn Vlogging

what is a vlog?
A vlog is a making-of video where the host talks about a particular topic. Learn to master the craft of vlogging and uplift your career as a vlogger.

Does the thought of becoming a vlogger ever strike your mind, and you do not know anything about it? Then, keep reading, and this blog will help you in every possible way!

If you have knowledge and expertise in something and want the world to know about it, then vlogging is the best way to do it.

There are some best practices that ensure the success of your vlog, regardless of the topic and cause of the vlog.

Today YouTube is a million-dollar generating platform, and people are utilizing it through posting video series, lecture playlists, music & dance video, awareness video, and vlogging.

Sometimes we have seen on YouTube that a vlogger has made a vlog about the beauty of Switzerland, but it didn’t have much viewer’s engagement on the video. This happens due to the lack of information on how to start a vlog.

This blog has all the tips & tricks you will need while making a vlog. These tactics will help you create top-notch vlogs and generate significant revenue through your own video content.

Vlogging is a great asset to engage more audience on your video channel, social media accounts, and even websites.

If you are not fond of writing blogs, then this is the best way to deliver your sanity to the world.

What is a Vlog?

You can call vlog so many things, like:

  • Video Blog
  • Video Log
  • A Vlog of a Blog
  • Or content in video form.

A vlog is a making-of video where the host talks about a particular topic such as traveling, reporting, updating, educating, food, or reviewing a product.

The major difference between a vlog and other video types is that the host (vlogger) is the main topic of the video content.

The YouTubers use vlogs for gameplay streaming, document their lives, give location tours, and more. The vlog revolves around the life of a vlogger.

There are two types of vlogs:

  • Talking Vlog
  • Follow me around

1. Talking Vlog

In the talking vlog with a static camera, the vlogger talks about a subject or topic. The vlogger sits and delivers its insight about a topic and elaborates the process (if necessary).

  • Tutorial videos
  • Cooking videos
  • Experiment videos
  • Motivational videos
  • Tech Videos
  • Music videos
  • Review videos

2. Follow Me Around

In following me around vlog, the viewer sees the vlogger in different locations and gets more of a tour clip.

  • Travel videos
  • Tour videos

How to Make a Vlog?

There are uncountable and excellent platforms where you can post a vlog, but you first need to know how to create one.

To begin the vlog, you will need:

  • Select a topic.
  • Get essential recording equipment.
  • A recording studio or a place where you can shoot a vlog with less noise and a clear view.

Note: must have high-quality equipment for better sound and video content. The bad quality will ruin your viewer quantity. So, do the math.

Before uploading the video, you must do a quality check and perform editing. There are many useful apps that you can use to edit your footage, add/delete clips, sound effects, add a logo, titles, and more.

  • iMovie for iOS users.
  • PowerDirector for Android users.
  • Movie Maker for Desktop users.

Note: if you want professional video editing assistance, you can avail BuzzFlick video editing services for excellent editing & transitions.

What Makes an Excellent Vlog?

There are a few key points one should keep in mind while starting a vlog:

Choose a genre of your vlog:

You cannot cover every genre on your channel or vlog. You must need to be specific about the subject you are going to talk about.

Know your audience:

Before starting a vlog, look around and see what people like to watch. And begin making vlogs on what people desire.

Note: the best way to know your audience’s choice is to post a voting poll or survey form. Create with the input of the majority.

Your expertise:

Try to focus on your own expertise. Make vlogs on the subjects you have command on.

Vlogging Tips & Tricks

We have collected some great tips & tricks for you to create an outstanding vlog for your channel. Practice these tips for best results:

1. A Niche for Your Vlog

For the success of a vlog or video, you need an audience. Unless you are a celebrity, influencer, or renowned speaker, it will be harder for you to engage the audience.

To make space for your vlog among the targeted audience, then talk about what they want to hear – talk about their favorite topics, subjects, concepts, and ideologies.

P.S: do what you like, showcase something you have expertise in, or talk about something you are passionate of, and automatically the quality of your work will get enhanced, which will engage more audience.

2. Talk to Your Audience

After building a niche, you have now filtered your targeted audience. Now think about what type of audience will be interested in your content.

Note: the best way to allure your audience is your script and tone. Keep your tone according to your script or topic of the video.

While making a vlog, make sure your video, audio, animation, graphics, editing, and language must fascinate your audience.

3. Deliver the Value

to achieve the milestone in vlogging or blogging is to provide value. Give your audience a reason to watch your vlog like:

  • What can they learn from this video?
  • What will benefit them after investing their time in this vlog?

Revolve your vlog around a core value. Make sure the value you are setting to your vlog is equally worthy for your audience.

The viewers don’t like to invest time in something that isn’t helpful or shares quality information. So, instead of losing an audience, try to make content that fulfills an audience’s need.

4. Video Quality

The quality of the video matters the most. If your visuals are blurred or glitchy, nobody will watch it. With the advancement of technology, we are surrounded by excellent quality smartphones that can shoot a video with perfect video and audio.

P.S: with a good smartphone, great quality shooting and recording equipment are also essential.

5. Be Unique

Everything you are planning to do, is already done by someone in some other region of the globe. Uniqueness is the key to your success.

While making a vlog, make sure you add your own recipe to it (add a distinctive style) so that the audience will taste your creation.

Adopt different styles that differentiate your content from the rest. Four things can help your standout:

  • SEO optimized title helps Google identify uniqueness in your work and place it on the top of the search list.
  • The vlog tone you set and the way you speak make people fan of your work.
  • The intro and outro of your video separate you from others.
  • The catchphrase you use that nobody else uses.

6. Be Consistent

Out of sight, out of mind is an actual thing; imply this quote on your work. Keep your work consistent and post a video after every short period of time.

Note: There is a tough competition among every vlog genre, and in your absence, who knows who will de-rank your work.

Set a schedule and make content according to it, and keep giving doses to your audience. Once you stop posting content, they will turn to others.

7. A platform for Your Content

YouTube is one the most famous online video website, and it is indeed a great website to use. Due to the frequent use and easy user interface, YouTube is renowned among all age groups.

But there are more platforms where you can post your content and gain more than the expected audience.

You can check out the 18 best video websites like YouTube, where you can post your video content. The included online video platforms are:

  • Facebook Live
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Live
  • Twitch
  • Flicker
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo

These are the ideal vlog platform for vloggers. You can create a vlog channel and start posting content on it.

Note: If you want to start your own vlog production, then start with YouTube. The site is full of vlog posts and content. So, create your vlogging channel with a unique vlog format.

Practices for Quality Vlog Production

Once you have selected your vlog genre, style, and vlog platform, it’s time to move on to the production phase. We have gathered some terrific tips that will help you create a good quality vlog:

1. Right Equipment

As a vlogger, you should understand the importance of quality equipment for your vlog. There is a difference between good and expensive equipment.

Note: you can find excellent quality through simple equipment. You don’t need fancy tools or expensive instruments to make a great vlog or video.

You can even start your vlog with a smartphone and other equipment like earphones, a tripod, and a ring light. In short, you can do a quality vlog without expensive equipment.

Sometimes the requirement of the tools also depends upon the genre of your vlog or video. We have mentioned some that you might need in the future:

High-quality Camera:

While shooting a vlog, you need to focus on the subject and choose the camera accordingly. Choose a camera (Handycam, DSLR, or smartphone) with an external mic port (for better voice capturing), AF system (to focus while you are moving), a rotating LCD screen (to monitor the screen while filming), and 4K quality (so cropping and reframing will be easy).

There are so many cameras available but choose wisely (budget and quality matter equally).

Vlogging Microphone:

A good quality microphone captures the better sound quality and eliminates the noises that make the video perfectly audible and enjoyable for the audience.


The most important for shooting a video is lightning; even high-quality cameras cannot make the dark environment look bright or delightful to watch.

For a natural look, set up around the window to catch the daylight or shoot outside. If you are shooting a video indoor, ensure that you get enough light for better video quality.

Note: your studio light must suit the genre of your vlog.

Editing Software:

Editing is an essential part of vlogging. Add or delete clips and make your final cut perfect. You can edit clips, trim your video, resize to make it platform compatible, add background music and text.

2. Do Branding of Your Channel

If you are putting effort into the vlog’s visual and audio quality, then you must spend some time on your channel branding too.

Represent your channel with a good logo and channel banner, and you can do that easily with some animation tools:

Generate Revenue Through Vlogs

You can start vlogging as a career and actually make money through it. You can work on the content that your targeted audience likes and select a  platform that pays you for.

You can build a content library that can attract your audience and help you generate revenue with the following ways:

SEO Optimization:

Optimize your title and description to rank your video on the higher search page of Google. It will increase the traffic on your channel and convert every view to cash profit.


After uploading your video on an online video website, promote it on other social media platforms to get more audience. once again, more audience will bring more money.


Make sure the video has engaging content to make your audience stick to your vlog. A perfect video script or storytelling can make your audience watch your video till the end.

Some other ways to generate money and optimize your online presence are:

  • Social media ads: add short advertisements to your video, this will help you earn money from the ad company.
  • Get sponsors: you can get a sponsor for your vlog and add a segment in your video that talks about the sponsors’ business. Most of the video makers use this technique to get paid.

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