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best saas explainer videos
Marketing SaaS products is not easy. But here are some great examples of SaaS explainer videos for you to get an inspiration how to do it in a right way

As a SaaS company, you must find it so hard to capture the right audience and keep them invested in your products or services. Well, you must have tried video marketing for SAAS social videos, but you know what is the best way for it? SaaS explainer videos. Yes, studies suggest that 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a product or service, and 89% of them are persuaded to make a purchase decision.

That is why SaaS companies find explainer videos extremely beneficial for them when it comes to showcasing their SaaS products and services to customers compellingly.

Explainer videos for SaaS prove highly effective in presenting your concept to potential investors and users. Crafting a high-quality video for the launch of your SaaS product, one that succinctly elucidates its essential features, advantages, and a captivating value proposition, can significantly enhance conversion rates and drive up sales.

SaaS Explainer Videos You Should Watch Right Now

We have gone through a lot and a lot of research and list out seven of the best companies with really great SaaS videos. The examples of SaaS videos that will definitely inspire you include:


Hootsuite’s explainer video we are exemplifying here is the perfect blend of charming, vibrant illustrations with a lively tempo. This basic SaaS explainer video is brief yet it effectively conveys a piece of important information comprehensively in a limited timeframe.

Not only you will witness how effortlessly and beautifully the information is imparted in this video but also you will find it enjoyable and engaging at its peak. For individuals who do not want to use screenshots to explain and define their products, this SaaS marketing video is an excellent reference point for them.


Do you what is the key to a successful and impactful video? It lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. AutoDraw’s SaaS explainer videos combine a clean and minimalistic visual style with a cleverly delivered sales pitch, making it a prime example of a top-tier SaaS marketing video.

The strength of this video example is its ability to convey its message effortlessly and directly, following the best practices for creating effective explainer videos. That’s how one can capture the audience on the first go without making much effort. Kudos.


Do you think that crafting engaging and concise SaaS Explainer videos is an intricate process? Well, not really. It can be a straightforward approach to help you capture your intended audience most effectively.

Look at the case of a brief animated SaaS video of BookSync. They have produced their SaaS explainer videos by employing a clean, sleek, and thorough style. The key highlighting points that make these videos stand out are:

The primary message conveys: “Enhancing your team can be as uncomplicated as launching a company book club.”

These videos maintain synergy with the minimalistic design and animation.

The SaaS video script and voiceover are straightforward, to the point, and crisp. No drama, no stories!

Pineapple Payments

Explainer videos are versatile. They are being used for delivering a concise and comprehensive product introduction as well as for explanations of features and integrations in detail. The team of Pineapple Payments elucidates the advantages and benefits of their offering through a comprehensive series of B2B SaaS marketing videos.

Their approach is straightforward; i.e., using animated explainers to educate their audience and provide visual clarity on various product facets. The example we are referring to is the six video series, effectively used by Pineapple Payments as a SaaS marketing strategy for both inbound and outbound efforts.


We find Mailchimp’s delightful animated explainer video as one of the best SaaS explainer videos in this list. It sets a new norm for short, engaging, and best SaaS promo videos that convey primary messages effectively.

This video is the complete package that includes everything to capture the audience. From captivating illustrations to great storytelling techniques and a concise and straightforward script to visual appeal through colors, Mailchimp nailed its game in this video. The best thing is that the message is easy to understand and memorable. Target achieved, right?


Well, who says that a tight budget cannot deliver the best results? We are proving the point by quoting Asana’s explainer video below that might be the best outcome when you have no budget but you have to create an effective explainer video. Maybe this example of SaaS video you may find the most underwhelming, but it gets the job done rightfully.

You may categorize this video as a SaaS product demo video as it shows the product interface with a simple voiceover. Asana explains how valuable their product is in a quick, simple, and straightforward way for their users. A win-win situation!


A common misstep made by numerous SaaS companies in their explainer videos is failing to establish a unique element to stand out among others. Often, companies take “explainer” in SaaS explainer videos so seriously that they forget to add uniqueness and character.

But StoryChief was smart enough and realized it. They prove that Marketing a SaaS product can be fun and creative by crafting visually captivating designs, using typography at best, and featuring distinguishing gradient colors. StoryChief’s bold and one-of-a-kind visual approach is reflected in this example of SaaS videos. We have curated this video as it is an excellent inspiration for SaaS companies holding them back from using creative elements.

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Final Words

As a SaaS company, not only do you have to win customers, but get them onboarded and keep them engaged in your products and services. That is why videos are best and can help you for the said purpose. We have shared some great examples of SaaS explainer videos to inspire you. We hope you will go through them and create awesomeness you and your customers really need.

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