What Is SaaS Video Marketing, Best Practices, and Why It Works?

saas video marketing
SaaS video marketing is a need of an hour for SaaS companies now, and that is why we are here with a brief guide on SaaS videos in this article.

If you are a SaaS company and want your products to boom, it must always be on your mind to find ways to scale your SaaS video marketing.

From getting new users to view your SaaS product’s demo to renewing their subscription packages, it requires lots of effort to make them understand the value your product offers. And videos are best for the said purpose.

Well, it is not always easy to keep your users engaged and convey your product’s value simultaneously. Have you ever tried video marketing for SaaS products? If not, you must acquire it and include it in your marketing strategy now for obvious reasons. SaaS videos are highly effective when it comes to conveying your USPs engagingly and memorably.

Well, you will get to learn about the SaaS video marketing for SaaS tools, what are the best practices to execute profitable campaigns, and why they work so well for SaaS companies and products in this article.

So, without further ado, here we go.

What Are SaaS Videos?

A SaaS video is a short-form video content particularly used by SaaS companies for marketing their businesses and products and increasing sales.

Many SaaS companies use SaaS explainer videos to get quality content for the website homepage, social media pages and channels, and also in digital ads as part of their marketing campaigns.

So, What is SaaS Video Marketing?

If we talk about SaaS video marketing, it is the wholesome process of creating videos and animated video content for marketing of software as a service (SaaS) companies. Usually, SaaS ads are helpful in highlighting, promoting and explaining SaaS company and SaaS products in detail through creative use of design elements.

What Are the Best Practices for SaaS Video marketing?

There are many ways to perfect SaaS video marketing. Keep in mind the following few things:

Keep it short and crisp:

SaaS videos usually span around three minutes. Even, the most engaging ones are shorter on average around two minutes. So, if you do not want your audience to get bored of it, keep it crisp, short, yet engaging.

Include a clear CTA (call-to-action):

The purpose of effective SaaS video marketing is clear, i.e., it should make the SaaS product easy to understand for the viewer and persuade them to take a clear action by including a CTA. Good SaaS ads clear everything to the viewer and compel audience to take action you want.

Solving a problem:

The best SaaS videos are the ones that focus on a specific pain point of an audience and address it. These videos explain the audience’s problems and then offer a SaaS solution effectively.

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SaaS Video Marketing 101: Keep it Short And Succinct

The key to keeping your SaaS video short and succinct is to answer nothing more, nothing less but the following questions:

  • What problems my audience is facing?
  • How the SaaS product will resolve the issue?
  • Why the audience should trust us for our SaaS solution?

Try to craft your video script revolving around these questions concisely and keep creative elements in the video to deliver a spot-on experience to the audience.


Beware of the most common pitfall;

 SaaS videos often become confusing and do not properly focus on the audience’s problems and the capability of solutions to focus on them. Although the product is explained really well, addressing the problem and presenting the solution becomes vague often.

It leads to failure of effective communication hence your SaaS video marketing is not fruitful. Be laser-focused on solving the problem of your audience.

5 Never-Told Benefits of SaaS Video Marketing

Well, there are a lot more ways a SaaS video marketing helps in your business, but we will address 5 of them below.

Optimize Sales Timelines

In the SaaS business, one of the most important KPIs is sales timeline. The span of how quickly your website traffic converts into leads, and then into customers impacts massively on your SaaS brand ROI.

That is why SaaS videos are considered an extremely efficient tool to communicate your sales pitch in a short time. They are seriously considered as a sales conversation method highly valuable in the initial stage of the sales funnel.

Forge Deeper Emotional Bonds

As videos are best when it comes to fostering a quick emotional bond with audiences, they are notorious for bringing out emotions in people. There is no other medium that can evoke a quick emotional response than videos.

That is why the SaaS video marketing offers an entertaining, educational, engaging, and impactful method to create an emotional bond with the audience. SaaS videos let you set your sales message tone and simplify your complicated SaaS product for the viewer.

Harnessing the Power of Visuals to Showcase Your SaaS Products

The power of visuals cannot be underestimated as people process them faster than words and texts. This is one of the reasons why SaaS video marketing has become such an essential strategy for SaaS companies. SaaS videos explain your product and communicate your message with the help of captivating visuals in a shorter span much effectively and efficiently than you expect.

Give New Life to Your Pre-existing Content

If you are a content marketer, you must know how valuable it is to repurpose the content, especially when it comes to scaling a SaaS business and its marketing strategy. And what is better than a video to repurpose blogs and case studies?

For instance, a blog that is highly performing on your website can be great when converted into a SaaS video. You can create a compelling SaaS explainer video and add it to your blog to witness the massive traffic and conversion growth.

It will be much easier to comprehend the information in video form and make it consumable for audiences.

Not only it will hold your visitors to stay longer on the website, but also make your page highly valuable for search engines like Google. Apply this strategy to give a significant boost to your website to increase traffic and rankings as well.

Capture The Essence Of Your Brand And Convey It

Do you want a robust brand awareness campaign? Video is the way for it. It is a powerful tool to stand out and become unique on your own in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The best example of how you can aware people of your brand or product being beneficial is SaaS case study videos.

It lets you convey the story of your brand with a solid example and from a fresh perspective creatively. Your audience will always remember your message and you get their attention by leading an example effectively. This kind of SaaS video can benefit your business in a most powerful way that no other format can do.

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Best Practices For SaaS Video Marketing

We’ve discussed above that SaaS video marketing is valuable for SaaS companies and their marketing and sales strategies. Now what? Knowing this is not enough.

You have to have a definitive strategy to succeed with any SaaS video marketing project. It helps you come up with the most suitable content and brings you closer to the marketing goals you have.

You should have a detailed plan to move in the accurate direction. Also, you should have a comprehensive creative brief to share with a video agency to provide you with the videos you really want.

Here are five steps to getting started with the Video production project management SaaS successfully:

Set Your Clear Goals

Be ultra-clear while setting your goals for SaaS video marketing and keep an eye on what you want to achieve with your videos. If you don’t set your goals first, your audience will be confused as well. To create a SaaS video that helps you reach your goals, you have to clear out the mind fog so that you can communicate what you actually intend to everyone in the best way.

Define Your Target Audience

Knowing who you’re targeting is crucial. The key to defining your target audience is crafting a detailed, well-thought-out, and comprehensive ICP [Ideal Customer Profile). Only then you will be able to address your audience in a way that resonates with them.

Finely Craft Your Message

If you really need your some one to put forward the best results through your SaaS product, explain exactly what your message is and why it is important. Make sure hire someone professional for SaaS video production.

Once you have your message to be included in your video, you need to stick to its core and don’t need to complicate it. Keep it simple so it can be communicated well. 

Set Your Video Production Budget

Before you even think of your SaaS video marketing, you need to know what budget you are willing to invest in the project. And keep in mind that it is not what you can change at the final stage, i.e., post-production.

And don’t be a penny-pincher while setting your video budget as that price is not much compared to the value and the ROI on marketing video is way higher than you invest.

Partner With A Creative Video Production Agency

Find a creative agency to partner with as in-house development may become time-consuming for you. There are a lot of animated video production companies you’ll be comfortable communicating with, that are professional, and that have a worthwhile portfolio of successful SaaS video projects.

While selecting your SaaS video company, don’t settle for a reel. Ask their team everything you want to. From references to awards, and other things that show the agency is creative and competent.

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What is SaaS video marketing?

SaaS video marketing is an innovative and powerful way for SaaS companies to promote and market their products and services, circulate educational content, increase brand awareness, enlighten an audience, and generate leads ultimately.

What are SaaS videos?

SaaS videos explain SaaS companies, their products and services to help potential and existing users understand how a SaaS company and its products work, and what value it provides. Usually, SaaS explainer videos are used for the said purpose.

What is SaaS content marketing?

SaaS content marketing is a long-term and strategic marketing strategy for SaaS companies to attract, engage, convert, and retain their target audience through content that is created and distributed consistently.

And That’s It…

We hope that you’ve got an idea about SaaS videos, including SaaS explainer videos and animated SaaS videos as well. We’ve explored the optimal practices for SaaS video marketing and why these videos are a powerful tool for boosting your SaaS company’s products and brand. Keep harnessing the potential of compelling video content to drive your SaaS success! Do let us know in the comments about any query you need.

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