20 Best Explainer Video Examples Of All Time

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Here are our great picks for video inspiration, bringing together the 20 best explainer videos made by brands from around the world.

If you have been browsing through the internet to find out more about the best explainer videos because you want to get some inspiration for your project, then you are in luck.

This guide is highly aligned to help you not just find out what the best kind of explainer videos are available out there but also understand why a business would use an explainer video and how exactly to get one made?

So, let’s jump right into it.

Why Businesses Should Use Explainer Videos?

Clients often come to us and ask, “Why does my business need an explainer video? Can’t I just write a blog or make an infographic to introduce my product/service?”

“Everyone in the industry is now following this new trend, what’s so special about it?”

Well honestly, these are some really good set of questions. The answer to this question is pretty simple.

A video is a perfect medium in the present time to communicate with audiences within a couple of minutes or less. Hence, it is becoming a highly preferred tool for organizations to advertise their company’s offerings and showcase why they are the best option out there to solve their problems.

If your website includes a video(s), your organic search traffic is more likely to increase by 157%.

People love to watch exciting and helpful videos, which is the main reason why marketers across the globe are now investing in video content.

Now coming back to the main question, as the usage of video as a communication medium has increased so does the need of using an explainer video.

It makes it much easier for you to explain your brand, product, and service in an engaging and compelling way.

Besides, with so many types of explainer videos, organizations have a lot of creative space to customize their explainer videos to match their brand’s personality and cater to what their target audience wants to watch.

Following are some prominent reasons why should you incorporate explainer videos in your business:

  • Improves conversions rates.
  • Drive more conversions by boosting interest rates.
  • Make your service/product clearer.
  • Brings more traffic to your website.
  • Easy to share with audience.
  • A good sales pitch.
  • Helps to build credibility.
  • Enhances your brand’s personality.

These are some of the reasons why we believe using an explainer video to promote your brand is a ground-breaking idea and you must as a company should include this in your plan if you wish to stand out among your competitors.

List Of Top Animated Explainer Videos

  • 1) Tech Insider
  • 2) Amazon Go
  • 3) Chipotle
  • 4) Airbnb
  • 5) PooPourri
  • 6) Dollar Shave Club
  • 7) Mint
  • 8) Spotify
  • 9) Google Calendar
  • 10) Vntana
  • 11) Asana
  • 12) PayPal
  • 13) Purina One
  • 14) Doctoroo
  • 15) Medium
  • 16) Slack
  • 17) Ikea
  • 18) Atoka
  • 19) Adobe CMO
  • 20) Crazy Egg

While there are tons of explainer videos out there made by all sorts of brands to suit all sorts of purposes, but not a lot of them happen to make an impact, except a select few. So how did they do it?

Marketers are making all kinds of videos because every video is unique, and it’s trying to engage a distinct target audience. The specific style of a brand is one of the elements that make its video stand out and successful.

So, let’s get to our top picks and inspirations.

#1) Tech Insider

It’s appropriate to begin our list with a video that simply answers a “geek” question by delivering a fun narrative. Aside from the clever usage of the “Twilight Zone” typeface and the engaging animations, this presentation is an all-around enjoyable experience.

Viewers are enthralled from beginning to end, and they may even pause to Google “dumbo octopus” halfway through. As a result, this Tech Insider video is a perfect example of how to make an explainer video that is both entertaining and educational.

#2) Amazon Go

Everyone loves how Amazon use different strategies to sell their products. they create quite simple and straight-to-the-point videos. When it comes to the creation of videos, they clearly describe the essence of the product and give a complete overview of the problem they are having, and give a fine solution to them in their videos.

Talking about the Amazon Go advertisement so in the start, the company gave a brief brand story and then smoothly connects it with the presentation of the product.

Moreover, the best thing about the video is that the length of the video is short, but the timing is well defined in which the product idea is completely demonstrated.

The unique part of the video is that it helped the consumer to get an answer to all the possible questions and know the use of the product in a realistic situation.

#3) Chipotle

Chipotle is an American chain dealing in fast-casual restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Coming to the advertisement of Chipotle so it is very chilly and funny that any of the brands ever created.

They used small pigs to make everyone smile. The story behind it is amazing as well. The visual style of the video is simple, calm, and captivating designed with a good sense of humor.

If you are a fan of Wallace and Gromit, then you will love this advertisement.

#4) Airbnb

Airbnb shows off the unique (and affordably priced) experiences that can be had by utilizing Airbnb with a cool mix of live-action and animation. This explainer film does a fantastic job of demonstrating the benefits of the Airbnb system while also verbally describing them.

#5) PooPourri

PooPourri is successful for many of the same reasons that Dollar Shave Club is, and their aesthetics are very similar. The advertisement for PooPourri is mostly live-action, but it turns to animation to highlight the complexities of how PooPourri works (no one wants to see a live-action load dropped into a toilet).

It’s worth mentioning that replicating this tone of comedy in your advertisement would be challenging; most businesses would be better served by more subtle humor. PooPourri is a wild substance, thus their humor is wild, too.

#6) Dollar Shave Club

In typical circumstances, using risque humor or swears in a product video is a big no-no. Most marketers will advise you against it, but when done right, this provocative approach can completely change your brand’s journey. DSC pulled it off!

This video becomes so viral and successfully gained the notice of everyone that Unilever bought this company for $1 billion.

DSC took a chance. They believed in their understanding of their audience and turned to dry humor to gain attention successfully.

Featuring the founder, Michael Dublin, a bizarre lead, dicey references, and swearing, this video has got it all.

It walks viewers through their factory, talking about why you need to get on board DSC. The idea behind this compelling explainer video is that it speaks to the audiences it is created for. It is a great example for marketers out there because this video represents that thinking outside of the box will always lead to surprising results.

#7) Mint

Here is another software explainer video inspiration for you.

A lot of time, especially when you want to explain to your audience how your product works or how it can benefit your life, more so when you are dealing with the b2b model, you want to keep it easy for the viewer to understand.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this video have made it become a part of our top 15 list.

Mint is a financial management tool, which is a relatively simple concept, but the video leaves no doubts about what the product does.

The video starts with a strong problem statement and goes on to provide the solution.

The video stays true to the brand’s personality, from the designs and animations to the voiceover.

#8) Spotify

Smart marketers know video marketing is all about multi-purposing. With this product explainer video Spotify, very brilliantly, is establishing its brand’s persona stronger and more memorable.

Spotify, a digital music service, has encapsulated its company’s brand personality with this video. You see the brand style coming through the design, colors, animations, music, and everything else.

Staying true to the brand, there is no voiceover, minimal text, and some great music, which is what makes the video get the message across.

Besides, the combination of live-action and pop-art style animations gives the video a personality and unique tone that speaks to the young.

#9) Google Calendar

Short, simple, and effective!

Google shared this explainer video back in 2014 when they first launched the Google Calendar feature.

Let’s start with the narration. I love that it’s conversational and completely avoids unnecessary words. The storytelling and the visuals together keep the viewer engaged with the video.

You see product screens, user interfaces, and walk you through different scenarios along with varying uses of the product.

The effortless combination of simplicity and smart visuals proves that an explainer doesn’t need to be very elaborate or include complicated animations or narratives to be effective.

The entire video is slightly fast-paced with energetic background music. It not only complements the effortless vibe but keeps your eyes on the screen.

The scenarios and context of the video are very relatable and valuable for the viewers, which today’s audiences love.

#10) Vntana

It is a pleasant animated blend of live-action footage and 3D designs in the Vntana explainer video in 3D format. Given that their brand is focused on improving the usage of 3D in design, it’s no surprise that their explainer video does a fantastic job of mixing it with some 2D aspects in order to make the 3D graphics stand out even more.

#11) Asana

Asana is a management tool that helps businesses and teams to organize, track, and manage projects and their work.

If you don’t know what Asana is, don’t worry, 30 to 40 seconds into the video, you will know precisely what the product is and what is their value proposition.

When though screencast approach would be a great fit here, Asana decides to be more creative with their animation.

With some fun animations, a creative storyline, and a smart narrative, the brands zoom in on the new feature ‘Timeline.’

You see a lot of bright colors, vivid illustrations, and beautiful designs that complement the characters and the context the video is trying to build. I have to say that the colors truly stand out in this cartoon explainer video.

The chirpy voiceover goes well with the vibrant and jolly vibe of the entire video.

#12) PayPal

People love music, and a lot of brands have popularly used music to make their brand stand out. McDonald’s is one of the brands that have created an identity for their brand with a specific piece of music.

In this video by PayPal, the brand has adopted the same approach. The video nicely uses live-action, a conversational song, and fun animations to get the message across.

This video is part of the ‘People Rule’ campaign by PayPal, where the company defines how their product helps people get rid of their worries and makes their life better and more convenient in a visually appealing way.

#13) Purina One

Creating a character exclusively for a brand is the most effective method of promoting that brand. However, despite the fact that the voiceover is promoting Purina cat food, the cat and owner are friendly and visually appealing.

In terms of animated explainer videos that use 2D pictures, this is the greatest out there.

#14) Doctoroo

Doctoroo’s explainer video is charming, featuring pastel colors in a restrained manner. It is currently fashionable to show characters in a contemporary style.

Explainer videos like this one are frequently well-liked by viewers because they make them feel good about themselves.

#15) Medium

Videos can be more than a form of entertainment and delivering information. Medium’s ‘Dear Internet…’ is thought-provoking and evokes an emotional response from thought leaders and influencers.

Medium, an online publishing platform, is trying to improve its company’s brand positioning by calling out to the knowledge enthusiasts and information geeks of the world.

In this video, you see an animation style that reminiscent of the 1960s, a great way to make your explainer video stand out.

One of the significant purposes of your product videos is to stand out, and marketers need to find the best way that can make their video capture the attention of the right audience, just like Medium.

#16) Slack

Did we already cover how videos allow you to be creative? Well, here is another example of it!

There are several types of explainer videos, and within each kind, you can adopt a different approach that takes your brand on top of the competition

This live-action video by Slack is full of humor, subtle promotion of the product, and it does a fantastic job of explaining different features of the product that makes it a perfect communication and management tool for businesses.

The unique aspect of the video is that this no voiceover or narration. With fun music playing in the background, you see characters who are supposed to be actual customers of the platform talking about their experience.

This is a brilliant approach to promote your product, explain its features and the value it drives, without making it sound like a typical sales pitch.

#17) Ikea

More and more big brands are exploring new ways to engage their audiences, with the diversification of their products or services, or finding new ways to increase their value proposition. And what better way to tell your customers about it than a fun video.

Just like Ikea. This animated explainer video explains the new feature by Ikea to provide better pre and post-sale services to the customers.

Your video uses some great dynamic motion graphics and designs. You see vibrant, brand colors everywhere, along with excellent sound and music that keeps the viewers engaged.

The video is simple and effectively defines how the tool functions and offers value for the customers.

#18) Atoka

With the increase in digital and online solutions and business platforms, a lot of marketers are looking for inspiration for software explainer videos.

This 2D animation video by Atoka surely makes it into our top picks.

It follows the classic problem and solution approach. It starts by creating a scenario and explaining data mining problems marketers and salespeople often face. Followed by effectively defining the product and how it’s the solution businesses have been looking for.

From the narration to the animation style, the purpose of this video is to allow audiences to understand associate with the product.

The polished transitions, engaging animations, eccentric music, and subtle sound effects – everything compliments the storyline.

#19) Adobe CMO

The prime feature of this explainer video by Adobe CMO is its visual style and animation.

CMO proved that when done right, concept-driven videos can be most effective in getting the message across.

Through this video, the company successfully explains the software that provides digital trends, expertise, insights, and inspirations for business leaders.

The animations and graphics are the heroes here.

Through some incredible motion graphics, smooth transition, and elegant animations, the animator has given a stunning flow to the video.

Moreover, the perfect selection of the voiceover, and the quick pace of the narrative without ever missing the beat with the screen, is what makes this video part of our top 15 picks.

#20) Crazy Egg

You can see the voiceover’s material come to life in this Crazy Egg explanation film by having one character interact with various areas of it. There isn’t a lot of movement in the scene, but enough to keep viewers engaged.

Vintage-inspired aesthetic and hilarious spirit make for an enjoyable combination.

If you liked this list, make sure to check out our top picks for the best product demo videos.

In a nutshell

After looking at our top picks-up videos, you must have gained a clear idea of what kind of design, visuals, and storyline is working in this domain nowadays.

There is no single approach to creating compelling explainer videos. The right components, styles, and designs for your business won’t necessarily work for some other brand.

The uniqueness and space for creativity are what keep the charm of videos alive. Several elements, like the storyline, designs, illustrations, animations, music, voiceover, context, and so on, allow you to create something different and engaging every time.

You can also create explainer videos by yourself. There are plenty of software to make explainer videos, available at your disposal.

However, if you’re looking for top explainer video companies to get your video project done professionally, consider BuzzFlick, a video animation agency that offers plenty of animation and video production services including demo videos, explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos, etc.

Explainer Videos – FAQs

  1. What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that is typically used for sales and marketing purposes. Explainer videos are created to highlight a business plan, product, or service in an engaging way.

  1. What should you include in an explainer video?

Most explainer videos often add the same components such as:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • How the product/service works
  • A catchy CTA (call-to-action)
  1. How many types of explainer videos are there?

Below are the five types of explainer videos:

  • 2D animation explainer video
  • 3D animation explainer video
  • Whiteboard animation explainer video
  • Motion graphics animation explainer video
  • Live-action explainer video
  1. How much does it cost to make an explainer video?

A 1-minute explainer video can cost you around $3500 to $5500.

  1. How to write an explainer video script?

You can write a good explainer video script in 8 simple steps:

  • Know your narrative
  • Breakdown your story
  • Stay relevant
  • Add some emotions
  • Keep the length short
  • Add voiceover (if required)
  • Showcase your work
  • Test your script
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