Best Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime

best anime download websites
Watch high-quality anime on best sites like,,, Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, and Funimation.

Some of the most popular television content right now is coming from Japan. Anime or Japanese style animations have sustained a growing cult following for a long time even outside of Japan. With the pandemic, demand for anime as well as the production of anime has surged.

More and more people are thrilled to watch anime as OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon have recorded massive traffic particularly for anime. The distinct artistic style, unique musical scores, and captivating storylines have all created a global fan base.

But the issue is that anime are not very accessible. Fans often struggle to find websites and legit services from where they can download anime. Many websites do not offer quality downloads, and are unreliable, and can even have viruses. So, landing on pirated sites can mean risking your personal information.

So, I’m dedicating this article to anime fans that are looking to download anime to watch online in high quality and with ease without harming their own data and the actual owners of the content.

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Best Anime Websites For Downloading Anime

If you are tired of relying on free websites because of sign-ups or ads, poor quality, or just want to stream and download anime with ease then the paid options discussed in this article will be of help.

Plus, there’s no need to run into pirated websites that are filled with viruses and thousands of video ads when you can easily afford small subscription fee to watch your favorite anime in HD quality, download it whenever you want without causing any harm to the owners of the anime content.

Each website has its perks and benefits but also cons. The best part is that you can use the 30-Day Free Trial to figure out which website has your favorite content available in the best quality before you make up your mind.

  1. Netflix
  2. HULU

#1) Netflix

Netflix is already famous as a groundbreaking streaming service that offers click-to-watch content. But recently, the website has also invested in the anime market by signing contracts for original anime series.

On top of this, the website’s anime watchers more than doubled in 2020. This is because Netflix offers a vast range of anime both popular and niche with subbed and dubbed versions for high-quality streaming and downloads.

All you have to do is pick a subscription plan that works for you from the many options and begin enjoying anime downloads.

#2) HULU

Hulu has been in the anime business even before Netflix decided to invest in the market. Over time, the website has not only built a large and diverse collection of anime that are available for both streaming and downloading. But the website has also developed a large following among anime fans who visit the website because of the rapidly expanding collection of anime it has to offer.


Crunchyroll is a top-rated website for streaming and downloading anime. The process is very simple. Download the app and buy a premium membership which is cheaper than its competitors like Amazon. Once on the app, just search to find numerous titles available for download with ease because of its user friendly interface.


Amazon Prime is not old in the anime streaming and download business and does not have the reputation that other sites have. But Amazon has built a large collection of originals as well as classic anime and those that many have missed out on.

It offers a friendly interface to navigate the website. Users can search for the title that they are looking for and even download it in 4k ultra quality. All you need to do is buy the subscription to benefit from Amazon’s anime collection.


Funimation has been popular for a very long time among anime fans looking to easily download convenient content. Users only have to download the app, buy the subscription and begin streaming and downloading anime.

Its unique point is that its subscription is cheaper than that of its competitors. At the same time, Funimation also has many exclusive anime that users struggle to find elsewhere. Its collection is difficult to beat because even bigger companies like Netflix do not offer the content that Funimation does.


The world of anime fans has not been better. With so much content at your disposal, you might want to be careful about the sites you enter to watch anime. It’s best to stick to credible OTT services.

You can buy a convenient subscription to the streaming services that now dominate the world of media entertainment such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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