How Much Does a 30-Seconds Commercial Video Costs?

commercial video costs
Commercial videos are quite expensive these days. Learn how to manage the cost of a 30-seconds commercial video wisely.

There are some important factors that you need to keep in mind while beginning with commercial video production, and the top factor over which the whole production is dependent is the cost.

You must need to evaluate your budget and should know what are the costs of different commercial video types.

In order to calculate the cost of an animated commercial video, this read will be beneficial for you in multiple ways.

Let’s not wait, and jump right into it!

In this article, we have covered all the vital information and most frequently searched questions on the internet:

How Much Does an Explainer Commercial Video Cost?

The answer to this question depends upon another question, how much do you want to/can spend on creating an explainer commercial video? If you are ready to spend a handful of amounts of money, then the game is yours, but if you are a little tight on budget, we have tips that can make the game yours!

It is surprising to know that companies hire big production studios and spend an enormous amount of money on their video projects to get them done splendidly.

The average cost of a 30-seconds commercial video starts from $100 to $1100, and multiple according to the requirements.

Why Are Videos Important for the Business?

Marketing has turned 360-degree in the past few years from offline marketing to digital marketing, making video content an essential marketing tool for any business or industry.

Video has a wide range of audiences, from conference presentations to social media stories, people prefer watching video content over written information.

According to a recent stat, 94% of marketers have reported that customers like to ask for video content from their favorite brand to understand the product or service better, and a marketing video can engage up to 300% of traffic and potential leads.

Over 57% of marketers pick videos for advertisements and 47% use explainer videos in marketing campaigns.

The human brain responds to visuals and understands information ten times faster than written text, and smart marketers hold this point and design their entire marketing campaigns around it.

Companies even run video-embedded email campaigns to reach their audience directly. This strategy is always a win-win game for marketers because people admire those companies who make them feel valued and prioritized and embedding video into the emails is a one-on-one approach.

In the past five years, the number of businesses using videos as a marketing medium has doubled and the reason behind this change is that video engages and communicates ideas efficiently.

Here are some statistical benefits that you can enjoy through video/commercial marketing:

  • A video on the website can potentially increase traffic by up to 86%.
  • It can increase the customer stays on the website by 83%.
  • Videos are surprisingly useful to generate effective leads and improve conversion by up to 84%.
  • Videos help to increase sales by 78%.

Wow! Impressive statistics! It clearly states how much video content is beneficial for marketing and sales.


Where to Use Videos for Maximum Engagement?

Before knowing how much will a 30-seconds commercial video cost, it is best to know where to use them to get maximum eyes on your objective. Here are some platforms where you can post your commercial video to compel your audience:

1. Website/Landing Page

Google’s algorithm appreciates video content on the website or landing pages. It ranks those websites on top of the search result that has video content on their pages.

As soon as your website is visible on the top search result of Google, you definitely going to get

Adding videos to your website or landing page can directly attract the audience to watch it and roam around on the website.

When the audience visits your website, they aim to get all the vital information about your business without roaming much. While visiting a website, visitors don’t pay much attention to the reading materials and search for video content that tells everything.

You can place 30-second explainer videos on the various sections of your website, which collectively help your audience understand you as a company, your products, services, and your credibility.

2. Social Media Networks

Social media engagement is the most effective way to drag the audience’s attention toward your product or business.

Companies’ presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram is very important to stay in touch with your prospects. If you do not have a presence on social media, you lost the connection with your targeted audience.

It is a general practice among people that the brands they like, they want to follow them online through social media platforms and read news, save posts, and watch videos about their products.

3. The Team Communications

Communication with your internal team is as important as communication with customers or prospects. During the pandemic, people have found videos as a medium to communicate their thoughts, talents, and information from different parts of the world.

Videos give you the freedom to convey your ideas, concepts, and thoughts to your audience. It can be used for presentations, marketing videos, training & educational video production, and even in corporate emails.

Where to Find a Team for Commercial Video?

The first thing that comes to mind after knowing the cost of 30-second video production is where to find a badass video production team for commercial video.

If you search a little on the internet, there are tons of video animation and production companies out there who claim to be the best in the business, but you cannot trust everyone with your time, money, and project.

Other than video production companies, you can also hire a freelancer who might come at a cheap price than a studio. But this has a risk of 50-50, over hundreds of fraud cases are reported on a daily basis of freelancers. They get hired but never deliver on time.

Let’s suppose you are lucky enough to find a trustable and expert freelancer for your project, but he only has a specialty in animation and knows nothing about post-production, then what will you do? Hire another freelancer for post-production.

This whole process will cost you more than hiring a complete team. But hiring the best team is not child’s play. If you are looking for a pitch-perfect video project, then you need to find a team that knows what they are doing, what you want them to do for you, and what suits your business niche better.

If the team catches your goal and objective as a company, it will be a lot easier to put them in a picture that not just engages but effectively convert.

Here are some tips that you should consider while hiring the team for commercial video production or any other type of video:

· Check The Company Review

While searching for a video production studio, the first thing you should do is to look for the client’s review about the studio and work.

It will help you choose the best company for your business, if you found any negative reviews and unsatisfied clients, you can easily switch to another studio before wasting your time and money.

· The Portfolio

Many companies prefer to work with a video style they are perfect at. You can check the company’s portfolio and see whether they deal with the video style you prefer or not.

If you find your video preference in their portfolio, you are good to go, otherwise, you should start looking for a company that is a master in all sorts of video styles and animation.

· Begin with The Communication

Once you are satisfied with the work and reviews, it’s time to evaluate the team through communication.

Before you sign the contract with the company, you need to make sure that the company understands your vision and needs.

You need to see how the team responds to your requirements, whether are you comfortable with the communication or not, and whether are you both on the same page. If you get positive answers to these questions, you are good to go.

· Have a Cost Talk

The cost of a 30-second commercial video depends upon the length and complexity of the video, as well as the team’s skillset, pre-and post-production details, and the video style you prefer for your video.

You should keep your budget in mind while negotiating the cost with the studio, and if you can get the best results with a little high cost, then you surely go for it.


What Elements can Vary the Cost of a 30-Second Video?

Well, videos aren’t always sequenced images, there are many other processes that make the result looks perfect and vary the production cost.


Voice or audio is said to be the spirit of the video. Have you ever noticed that whenever you mute the video, it becomes hard to understand the story that is happening inside the video? And the moment you unmute the sound, the video automatically improves and guides you through the story.

The voiceover plays an important role when you are creating an explainer video and aim to demonstrate a complex idea to your audience. If you mess a little bit with the voiceover, the whole video will be nothing but trash.

To achieve quality voiceover, companies usually rely on hiring professional voiceover artists. Even the best animation studios outsource the voiceover to provide their clients with top-notch audio quality.

Sound Effects

Video requires sound effects and music whether it has narration or not. Sound effects are important for the story, they create an atmosphere of emotions.

While creating a video, you need to make sure that appropriate sound effects have been used within the video. Suppose, your video is about sad events and you have incorporated rocking sound effects, it will clash with the emotion of the video.

You wisely need to choose the sound effect or background music according to the nature of your video and story.

Video production company use licensed sound that not just suits the story but also give a customized effect to your video.


These days, the animation is one of the most popular and engaging video styles that companies use in their marketing campaigns.

The cost of the animation depends upon the type you have chosen for your video project. For instance, 2D animation is quite cost-friendly than 3D animation.

The animated videos are a little more expensive than live-action videos. If you hire a freelancer for animation, they charge you hourly which ultimately increases the cost of the project.

When working with animation, it’s vital to use best practices and trends. It enhances the quality of the video and helps you to engage more.


Graphics are used in the video to highlight vital information or to illustrate complex concepts. A storyboard is one of the most common sorts of explainer marketing video graphics that companies use.

It uniquely blends animation and typography together to make video captivating and enjoyable. Storyboards are sometimes integrated with live-action videos.

In the case of live-action videos, visuals are used to support the overall story. With its assistance, all numbers, vital information, tables, and pictorial demonstrations are presented in the video.

Addition VFX

Every video is unique. Businesses are currently hesitant to invest in template videos. They want to make something one-of-a-kind that will speak for themselves.

Many ideas emerge during video production, and many of them necessitate the use of additional tools, video effects, or the invitation to new artists that are skilled in specialized techniques.

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Well, there is no clear answer to how much a 30-second commercial video costs. The cost of the video depends on multiple elements like animation, voiceover, sounds, graphics, special effects, and additional features.

The size and complexity of the project also play an important part in calculating the cost of video production.

Hopefully, you have found this read helpful in considering all the crucial aspects of commercial video production costs.

So, Happy Animation!

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