17 Best Product Demo Videos to Inspire You

Product Demo Video
Want to create a product video but don't know how to get one made? Take inspiration from these 15 Best product demo videos of 2022.

Products need to be viewed through the solution they offer and the value they deliver to their potential users. Every company is trying to push out its own product or services in every way possible.

Still, most advertising and branding formats are not that good in pushing out the narrative on what the product actually does. Product demo videos are the perfect demonstration video to get the word out and how your product performs and solves real-time problems the consumer is facing.

So, if you have a fantastic product that offers real value, you need to get a product demo video made for it as soon as possible. We have lots of video demonstration for products in this blog for your inspiration.

Let’s get started:

Trend-Setting Product Demo Video Examples

Now it’s time to move on to every product demonstration example that we have listed here for you to get some inspiration and create an amazing demo video for your product as well.

Let’s look at our top picks of product demo videos that are nailing it in no specific order.

  • 1) Google Translate
  • 2) Slack
  • 3) Lip bar
  • 4) Airtable
  • 5) Survey Monkey
  • 6) Zendesk Sunshine
  • 7) Headspace
  • 8) Salesforce
  • 9) Pipedrive
  • 10) Apple Card
  • 11) FridaBaby
  • 12) Todoist
  • 13) Western Union
  • 14) The Origins of Nike Free
  • 15) Duolingo
  • 16) Craftsy (formerly known as Bluprint)
  • 17) Gusto

#1) Google Translate

A couple of years back, Google introduced a new feature for Android mobile phone users called Tap-To-Translate.

The product feature is easy to understand, but after watching the video, viewers would know precisely how to use it.

With a duration of 1.22 minutes, it’s short, concise, and there high chances that users will watch the entire thing before losing its attention.

The video starts with a problem statement, where it gains focus. Many viewers will find it relatable and would want to find out more.

From the styling to the voiceover, it’s subtle but effective.

#2) Slack

Once again, Slack comes up with a brilliant video. No doubt, they are known for creating engaging visual experiences.

This walkthrough video about how Slack, a workspace communication and management software, works is one of our best videos on the list.

With the upbeat background music, the friendly voiceover, and the detailed information given in easy-to-follow steps, the video takes viewers along for a story.

They have built the video’s narrative around their SaaS platform, and it highlights the benefits of using Slack in a fun and light-hearted manner, which makes the video easy to remember.

#3) Lip bar

The model demonstrates how to apply the product to their face in less than five minutes and discusses the process along the way.

This works because, for example, the demonstration shows how the product will look in real life and how to incorporate it into a regular beauty regimen.

#4) Airtable

Animation is used in this classic product demo video to demonstrate the benefits to users.

This demo video does a great job of showcasing a wide range of applications, which will appeal to a wide audience.

Aside from that, Airtable does something else that’s rather clever. While watching the video, information becomes increasingly specific as time passes and viewers conceivably click away.

People who stay for more than one minute in Airtable’s demo video are more likely to be qualified leads who want to learn more about the product.

#5) Survey Monkey

The product demo video of SurveyMonkey is undoubtedly one of the best examples out there simply because of the intuitive presentation of the product, the engagement factor, and the visual brilliance that the video maintains till the end.

The video convincingly explains the benefits, advantages, product interface, and seamless usability of the product in a powerful and satisfying manner.

With textual content explaining everything going on in the video followed by comforting music – the video is straightforward to understand for everyone, let alone technical folks.

Viewers can easily understand how to integrate SurveyMonkey into their daily workflow and how easy it is to set up and send a survey.

#6) Zendesk Sunshine

Team Zendesk has cleverly addressed their leads’ pain points in this video.

The video narrator explains, “Customer relationships are complicated … made up of fragmented pieces of what you know about your customers … it’s kind of all over the place”. But Zendesk gets it: “What seems like chaos is actually everything you want.”

In a matter of seconds, the viewer feels that Zendesk has their back. Zendesk doesn’t even mention a solution until 50 seconds into the video.

Seeing the platform in action isn’t really what this video is about. That’s why it’s a good demo video.

#7) Headspace

Indeed, there is no more difficult product to promote on the internet than meditation. Headspace’s animated product demo video makes it look like a piece of cake.

A “healthier, happier life” is what they promise, and they demonstrate to you how the software works for a range of people with different objectives and schedules.

There is a lot of information in this video, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the audience.

#8) Salesforce

The product demo video for Salesforce CPQ & Billing tool is highly focused on its target audiences by taking them as the characters of the video.

This video uses the storytelling approach to highlight the product’s features in a specific scenario.

Viewers get to see the product right in the middle of the action, as the sales rep is on a call with the client.

With a bit of humor and a memory of times without the CPQ & Billing tool, it brings more engagement and entertainment for the viewers.

Jumping in with the actual scenarios where the product is meant to be used can be an excellent approach for product videos.

#9) Pipedrive

When building the best product demo video, it is imperative to know your audience; only then you can create an experience that attracts and engages them.

Pipedrive took the same approach. A sales CRM tool, Pipedrive, helps business executives and sales professionals organize and manage their leads through the sales funnel.

It is a lengthy video with over four minutes of duration, but it offers every detail the audience would want to know. Again, it is all about knowing your audience.

Anyway, the video is easy to follow and keeps you engaged until the last second, making it one of the best software demo videos from recent times.

You see, a bit of personality comes in through the voiceover, the animation is smartly incorporated, and the pleasant music effectively delivers the message.

#10) Apple Card

When you see the impressive product demo videos of this caliber about the new feature by Apple, you accept nothing but brilliance. Apple knows how to do product videos right. They are concise, engaging, and have just the right amount of drama.

In this video, Apple introduces The Apple Card, a new credit card.

With a minimalistic design and life-like movements, Apple has created one of the best product demo videos.

The high-tech brand does not disappoint, from the background music and sound effects to the crisp animations.

Apple makes bold statements, like zero service fees and interest-free transactions, significantly increasing interest in the feature.

#11) FridaBaby

The USP of some of the best product videos is they are straight-up blunt and hilarious.

The video is undoubtedly for new mothers and parents, and they surely will it relatable.

However, you won’t be able to avoid a smirk as you watch this funny, candid, and unorthodox video.

It very smartly touches on all the right pain points of the target audience. We are sure millions of parents worldwide will resonate with the video.

The brutal honesty, humorous approach, and without missing out on any benefit of the product in the video is why this product demonstration example is one of our top picks.

#12) Todoist

Personally, and professionally, we are increasingly using software solutions to make our lives easier. This means better platform options and more software product videos.

Todoist is a task managing mobile app, and it helps you organize your regular tasks, chores, and so on.

You see, every frame elegantly shifts to the next in 20 seconds or so, holding the complete attention of the viewers and leaving them mesmerized as the video ends.

The smooth transitions, compelling storyline, and powerful narrative are designed to take viewers on board.

#13) Western Union

Western Union created this product demo video to introduce their mobile bill payment feature.

The lively music and helpful voiceover leave a positive impression on the viewers.

Consistently in the video, you see the brand designs, colors, and styles are followed brilliantly.

The video maintains a persistent minimalistic animation style and background color. It is engaging and gives detailed information that is valuable to the target audience.

This is an excellent example of keeping it simple and to the point.

#14) The Origins of Nike Free

This product demonstration illustrates the narrative of how the Nike Free running shoes came to be.

What works well, in this case, is the context provided by the brand for the product’s concept and vision.

The shoe’s makers discuss the shoe’s design process and highlight perks such as “more natural mobility” and “beautiful, modern evolution.”

At the conclusion, they show a slogan, “Engineered for modern motion.”

#15) Duolingo

Duolingo begins by quoting The Wall Street Journal: “Far and away the greatest free language-learning app.”

What follows is an explanation of how the platform operates, accompanied by other statistics on its efficiency.

If you want to tell about the effectiveness of your product, using facts is a better idea than actually demonstrating the product.

#16) Craftsy (formerly known as Bluprint)

Have you ever thought, what is the most valuable thing someone gives to you? Any guesses? Well, it’s their TIME!

Craftsy is an online learning platform that knows how to get hold of this most valuable asset of the audience.

They begin their video by stating the fact that they have something to offer to everyone. The video narrator says, “Whether you’re just getting started with a craft or looking to advance your skills, our world-class instruction is here to help.”

Then they introduce their courses which customers can take to learn something new. From knitting to baking, Craftsy has seasoned instructors who guide the users accordingly.

#17) Gusto

The best is yet to come. We saved the Gusto product demo video for last because it’s pretty comprehensive.

The demo video introduces the remarkable product at 5 minutes and 56 seconds.

Following is a detailed description of the product, its advantages, and how to choose the best plan.

Successfully navigating Gusto’s sales funnel suggests that viewers are interested in purchasing.

This video is best suited for customers who are farther along in the buying process.

Pro tip: Keep it brief and sweet if you’re trying to reach new people with your product or service.

How To Create a Product Demo Video?

Let’s learn now how to create engaging and visually appealing product demo videos.

So, let’s get started.

Identify your business goals

Identify your goals first if you want to learn how to make a demo video. Brand awareness? Subscriptions? Purchases? Education? First, you need to determine what you’re trying to demonstrate through your video and what message you want to give to viewers.

What action are you hoping your viewer will take after watching your video, and does it fulfill your business needs?

Determine your audience

Has the audience you’re targeting in the video purchased anything from you before? Are you introducing a new product or feature to them? Would it be more accurate to say that this video reaches those unfamiliar with your work? What are the likely concerns of your audience? What kind of target audience are you targeting with this video?

The answers to all of these questions are critical.

Suppose, for example, that you’re going to implement software to adjust the temperature of various regions within your business.

It’s possible that your video could be seen by stressed-out office managers who are continually accepting requests to adjust the thermostat.

Keeping their coworkers happy while not breaking the bank on power costs is a top priority.

Plan your timeline and budget

Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a product demo video? Before you proceed, plan your budget. Think thoroughly about how much budget you have and how much you should ideally spend on the video.

Also, don’t forget to plan your timeline. Think about how much time the video requires and the ideal timeline.

If the timeline is too limited, even spending a billion won’t be of any help.

Choose between agency or in-house

This choice is dependent on your budget. It’s your call with which option you go for as both have their own set of pros and cons.

If you have a lot of money to deal with, interview product demo video production companies that can provide you with innovative pitches and prices.

You can also use your smartphone camera to produce a high-quality film on a tight budget.

Use the recourses you have, no need to go beyond it.

Plan the structure of your demo video

Do you want to tell an interesting story or highlight your customers’ pain points? Are you planning to use text or visuals?

Determine how you want to communicate with your target audience and how you can bring your ideas to life.

A plus point of working with a freelance videographer or creative video production agency, they help you to plan a structure.

If you’re planning to do it yourself, you can consider the following examples if you’re looking for some stellar inspirations.

Also, determine the length of your video. Remember it should not be more than two minutes, and it should adequately convey the message. If you want to explain your product in-depth, you extend the length to 5 minutes.

Decide between live-action and animation

Animated videos are pretty cheaper than producing live-action videos. Choose between the two according to your budget. Narrow down which option is best for you and your brand.

Write an engaging script for the video

The script is also an essential part of a video. It defines your pace, tone, and message.

Begin the process with a project brief. Create your outline and plan your script section by section as it helps determine what information you should give in a particular section.

Before finalizing the script, give a verbal run-through because it will help you determine if anything sounds abnormal.

Make a robust marketing plan

Once you are done with shooting, editing, and have finalized the video, it’s high time to think about a good marketing plan through which you can share your masterpiece with your audience.

Your website, email campaigns, YouTube, campaign landing pages are excellent platforms to promote your video content.

But don’t forget to include your videos in your email signature, sales pitches, and blog posts.

Why Are Product Demo Videos Important For Your Business?

Marketers successfully use product demo videos to provide their existing and potential customers an insight into the product’s benefits, its usage and functionality, and how it adds value to their lives.

Did you know 90% of users say that watching product videos helps them make a better decision? Product videos are beneficial to drive user engagement for leads in the middle of the sales funnel.

Product demo video stand out for boosting business sales conversion rate. These are the times of information and awareness. An increasing number of people do an online search before buying a product offline or through the website or app.

Product demo videos at the correct place, like on your website’s inner product or service page, can boost brand credibility and customers’ trust.

Besides, by creating a product video, you eliminate the need to invest again and again in planning demos for different audiences.

With the right strategy, you can repurpose a video for different platforms and increase viewership to millions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Product Demo Videos Examples

1. What are the benefits of a product demo video?

These are the top benefits of product demonstration video you should be aware of:

  • Excites the audience to entice their interest
  • Improves customer knowledge.
  • Provides a solid proof.
  • Combats audience concerns.
  • Helps you get Instant feedback.
  • Effective brand awareness.

2. How product demonstration video helps to increase sales?

Product demo video helps in increasing sales by allowing you to hook customers in a hands-on experience. It eventually creates excitement and rise their trust and understanding in the product. Additionally, product demonstrations in videos are a chance to represent the product’s unique features and benefits, which helps customers see product’s value firsthand.

What is the purpose of a demo video?

The purpose of the product demo videos is showing your potential customers your product in hands and test it out in front of them. These videos are best when it comes to showcasing your product in action, demonstrate product’s application in real-life, and interpret the benefits for its users.

Incorporate Product Demo Videos Into Your Marketing Plan With BuzzFlick

These videos cover a wide range of styles of creating an impactful video depending on your audience, industry, and brand persona. We hope these examples inspire you in your journey towards creating a compelling product demo video.

If you’re planning to get a demo video to launch your new product or service, consider BuzzFlick, a video production and animation agency that offers outstanding video services, including demo videos, animated video, explainer video, to name a few.

If you have any questions regarding demo videos for your specific audience or if you want to discuss your idea with our experts, feel free to talk to us.

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