12 Excellent Examples of Software Demos

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Software demo videos can help you demonstrate your software and product to your audience. check out some of the best software demo videos for businesses.

A quick precap – you are about to see 12 striking examples of best software demos and learn how to demonstrate your software’s features in an understandable way.

Software production companies need to demonstrate their software to make the audience familiar with the features and convert viewers to clients/customers.

The software demo video let the audience know more about your software’s features and how these features will resolve their issues.

Software demo videos help the potential customers understand the benefits they will get after utilizing the software and make new customers understand what makes this software different from the rest of the relevant software.

So, if you want to see some examples of software demo videos for inspiration and ideas, then this is an accurate blog to read.

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Top 12 Examples of Software Demos

For inspiration and creative ideas for your software demo presentations, here are the 12 best examples of software demos.

#1) SurveyMonkey

Momentive Inc., formerly known as SurveyMonkey Inc., was founded in 1999 and rebranded in 2021 with a redesigned product.

SurveyMonkey is a digital data collection analysis and experience management company that has been providing cloud-based software to support service solutions for so long and has proved its name in the business.

SurveyMonkey launched a software demo video to announce their rebranding and represent business-to-business product suite to the world.

The demo video has elaborated the brand elements with sparkly colors, graphics, and 3D demonstration – a killer software demo.

SurveyMonkey has wrapped up all the information, software features, use cases, and software integration in less than two minutes.

#2) Square

Software demo videos are suitable for product launch, software feature demonstrations, and highlight users’ benefits.

Square has used the software demo technique for its payment and e-commerce business tool and elaborated how it can help the user.

Square is the payment system for businesses and helps users perform all the business tasks with one device in hand.

In the demo video, Square has demonstrated the tool interface with a voice-over explanation that explains all the features and working of the app in detail.

Square is overlaying the product and educating and inspiring the audience to utilize the app for their business.

#3) Project.Co

Project.Co is a project management system where teams and companies can track their projects and activities in no time.

The management system made it a lot easier for clients and the teams to work together, communicate their points of view, discuss ideas, manage activities, and perform payments.

It has many features that a company might look for in a project management tool, and to showcase all those features, Project. Co has launched a software demo video.

Interactive music and tool walkthrough made it pleasing to watch and easy to understand for the audience. They demonstrated all the important features in less than 190 seconds. This demo video lets the user learn about the tool integration.

#4) Office 365

With storytelling and demo video, Office 365 has addressed the audience its importance and features.

The story of Ms. Coleman (a teacher) before and after Office 365 has pointed out how vital it is for education, teachers, and students.

The demo video shows how Office365 has changed the life of Ms. Coleman and helped her overcome the work challenges.

The illustration and color pattern made this demo video pleasing to watch, and storytelling made it easy to understand for all age groups.

#5) QuickBooks

QuickBooks has shown an exemplary software demo video that highlighted the user’s invoice management and payment tracking problem.

QuickBooks launches product and interface upgrading due to its regular app updating process, so they have used graphics instead of the actual screens for a product demo to prevent the making of demo videos again and again with every new feature.

They have squeezed all the information in a 50-second software demo video and displayed all the essential features with catchy colors and graphics.

#6) SEMrush

Tracking website traffic is a pretty challenging task, and if the analysis is not done correctly might cause the website downfall.

SEMrush is an SEO tool to track KPIs, CTAs, CPCs, and KDs and demonstrate the work process on it, and they have released a software demo video.

#7) Archilogic

Archilogic has shown in its software demo video that how one should be creating its demo video. They started the video with the motive of sharing floor plans, and models have become more manageable.

This video demo software addresses how Archilogic has made it quicker and easier for users to share their architectural models and plans.

If you are looking for a great example of a software demo video for your project and software, then this video is a perfect example for you.

#8) Sprout Social

Sprout Social is addressing all sorts of business to show how their social communication platform make business easier.

In a 15 seconds demo video, Sprout Social has explained the product’s key features. Indeed, that creative team has spent quality time on scripting and portraying it on the screen – great work.

Sprout Social is favorable for mega and even small businesses and empowers them to build a strong social relationship with outstanding social marketing.

#9) Xero

Xero is an accounting software business tracking and bookkeeping. You can pay bills, claim expenses, accept payments, and track projects.

The video highlights the platform’s core features that make daily business tasks convenient and make the user’s life easier.

Xero made a compelling demo video that explains the working of the platform and defines the benefits users will get.

After watching this demo video, even a new user or audience will know how to use the platform. They have clearly defined every feature briefly and clearly.

#10) Crello

This example demonstrates that how a new user can create designs using Crello. The creator has used on-screen text and screen recording to showcase the working of the software’s features and how one can use them.

Crello has more than 40 formats and 20 thousand plus templates, making them more attractive for the users.

The software demo video has covered all the quality and updated features of the Crello and nicely portrayed them in 80 seconds.

#11) eBay

eBay is a world-known e-commerce customer-to-customer business platform.

This question must strike into your mind that why does eBay need a demo video?

eBay has made a demo video to demonstrate a step-to-step guide on how to sell a phone on eBay. This demo video actually helps the newbies in buying selling business and allure them to become a part of eBay.

This video encourages users to make money by selling the old goods through eBay at a handsome price.

#12) Grammarly

It’s been years to remember what the grammar and language teachers have taught us!

Whatever you do or whoever you are, there are certain times where you need correct grammar. Either you want to write an email or a document, it is necessary to have command over grammar.

This is a software demo video by Grammarly. They demonstrate how misspellings and language errors can cause you problems while communicating with people and how Grammarly is here to help you out.

The video shows how you can easily plugin it to your browser or download it to the computer for your daily tasks.


You can choose an example for your software demo video and amaze the world with your creativity and business features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of demo video?

The purpose of a software demo video is to showcase your SaaS product or software tool in an engaging and thoughtful manner. Software demos can be ideal to educate a prospect, and enumerate the benefits of your tool to them in a simple, and convenient manner.

What is a software demo?

In simple words, a software demo video is your visual journey into how the software works, and how it can help you tackle your daily challenges with its easy-to-operate functionalities. Thus, a software demo is marketing media, which in itself is versatile to drive interest in the product, by demonstrating its functions in a useful way.

How to prepare a software demo?

Preparing a software demo doesn’t have to be stressful. However, you need to know where and how you start. Make sure to have an organized approach to preparing your software demo. Here’s the anatomy of an effective software demo.

  1. Make sure your video has an exciting intro
  2. Resonate with the audience and their painpoints
  3. Don’t go overboard with painpoints
  4. Write a quality script that carries the message in a succinct way
  5. Showcase the product
  6. Make use of animation and motion graphics
  7. Include a powerful CTA
  8. Follow-up with the traction you get
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