Top 40 Innovative Video Content Ideas For Your Business

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People love watching videos! Explore 40 engaging and fun video content ideas you can use to create compelling and enjoyable videos for your business.

Watching videos on YouTube – the most common guilty pleasure which all of us often have. Losing track of time while watching videos on YouTube has happened to all of us.

But there’s a reason behind it. In general, videos are very addicting, easily accessible, and strikingly entertaining.

Studies suggest that 78% of us view movies online at least once a week, while 55% of us do so every day.

So, it’s no surprise that YouTube is also the world’s most prolific overnight success story. When working on a video project, it’s possible that you’ll come up with an innovative concept that ends up becoming viral.

For creative enterprises, video has a lot of opportunities for contact, engagement, and sharing. As a result, it is an excellent visual marketing tool.

Creating videos, on the other hand, might be a bit intimidating. Despite useful video tools like Animoto, many of us have difficulty coming up with basic ideas for video content that our audience would be interested in seeing.

Best Video Content Ideas You Must know About

We’ve compiled a list of 40 simple, compelling video content ideas to inspire you. We hope that some of these suggestions will be useful to you and help you gain greater visibility for your company.

1) Share a big announcement

Your company has made a new achievement, and you want to flex about it; how would you do that? You might share the news via a graphic or tweet. But that’s what everyone does. Go out of the box!

Instead, you can make a short video to announce the big news and share it with your audience (don’t forget your competitors) via social media.

2) Create a whiteboard video

Whiteboard videos are another outstanding video content idea that is commonly used nowadays by businesses for promotion.

Famous publishers like AsapSCIENCE, Moz, to name a few, make use of it. On the whole, whiteboard videos are just like explainer videos that use animated or hand-drawn illustrations to educate the audience on how a particular product or service works.

These videos are precise, crisp, and often end with a clear CTA.

To learn more about whiteboard animation in detail, check out: 20 Best Whiteboard Animation Video Examples.

3) Share a customer testimonial

Among other video content ideas, this one is the most outstanding.

Almost every company asks for customer feedback, but only a few know how to benefit from it.

Gather all the customer feedback and film a short interview. First-person testimony is not only more captivating, but it is also a lot more human and relatable than a third-party testimonial.

4) Film a parody

Creating a witty parody of a popular music video or film clip is all you need to do. Use your business’s innovative spins on new and current issues to your advantage. Be quick and seize the moment if you decide to pursue this way.

5) Create an explainer video

There’s more to life than just words. Instead of describing how to do something, show your audience with an explainer video.

These short videos help to convey complicated ideas in simple, relevant, and exciting ways. Using an explainer video may help your company generate leads, minimize bounce rates, create brand awareness, and boost conversions.

6) Film a BTS (behind-the-scenes)

Everybody enjoys having a firsthand look at what’s going on. A behind-the-scenes peek into the making of your new product is an excellent way to build trust with your audience.

7) Host a QA session

Hosting a QA session is an excellent video content idea. Having one-on-one discussions allows you to communicate in a better way with your customers.

You can use platforms like Slido, Pigeonhole, Periscope, and webinars to live-stream sessions.

8) Share the product making process

Create a time-lapse film of your product’s creation to demonstrate how it came to be. It is possible to exhibit snippets of your work and share the finished product if you are providing a service.

9) Create a stop-motion video

It’s common for people to associate stop-motion animations with over-the-top concepts, but they don’t have to be. Using a video maker like Animoto, you can create a stop-motion effect by taking a series of pictures and combining them into a single film.

10) Film a product demo video

Think about making your video a little more amusing by teaching them what not to do instead of providing a conventional product demo or how-to video with your audience.

11) Introduce your teammates

Being a one-man-army is too good to be true. Every company has a good number of employees who have been working day and night for its success.

Introduce your teammates to create stronger personal connections with your customers and clients by introducing them to the people that run your company. Ask them to respond to some amusing questions or tell a tale.

12) Conduct corporate interviews

Invite a peer or an industry expert to your event and ask them questions that interest your audience. If you ever wanted to become a news anchor, it’s the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dream.

If you’re looking for inspiration on making entertaining yet professional videos, check out the 10 Best Corporate Video Examples.

13) Show product unboxing

One of the most impressive short video ideas is to show the unboxing of a product or tool. It’s a great marketing idea as it excites customers because they enjoy watching such type of video content.

14) Share a product review

If you’re short of creative video-making ideas, go for this one. Film an honest review of a product, tell about its features, what you like most and what you don’t.

15) Film a before and after

When you’re in the transformation process, film the whole process and share it with your audience.

Whether a client project or your workspace renovation, capture the before and after moments and share them through a video.

16) Thank your valued customers

Did you win an award, or the launch of your product was successful? This could not have been possible without your audience.

We know as a big brand have a lot on your plate to finish but take some time out from your busy schedule to thank your audience, without whom your success was not possible.

You can either do a live session on platforms like Periscope or record a session and share it with your audience through all the social media platforms you use.

17) Tell your tale

Is there anything regarding your business you feel can be shared with your audience? You can make an animated video to share your story. You can add some spice to it to make it more exciting and engaging.

18) Recap your previous blog post

If you’re searching for creative ideas for short videos, you can go for this one.

Select a blog post with bulleted steps and create an infographic for each step. Now compile all the infographics in a simple yet enticing video.

Once it’s ready, share it on all your social media channels not just to keep your audience but to boost your conversion rates.

19) Record office tour

People love seeing creative spaces. They have this weird curiosity to see how the spaces look like where all the creative and talented folks work.

Give your audience a quick office tour and show them what the infrastructure looks like.

20) Respond to FAQs

Reading a FAQ page is a pretty boring thing. Mostly they are very dull and ordinary pages.

Try to liven up things a little more by answering your audience’s question through a video. You can either make animated videos or share your screen to answer their queries in the most unique possible way.

21) Animate a commercial/advertisement

For some, this can be the most complex video content idea to produce, but genuinely it has the most potential for engagement and shares. Because who doesn’t like funny, cute animated characters like the ones we saw in the Red Bull commercials?

22) Capture a-day-in-the-life

Being humans, we all have this curiosity about what’s happening in other people’s life. Whatever you do throughout the day, film those moments, compile them, and show them by creating a video using a video maker.

Video blogging helps to build connections with your viewers like no other blogging format. You can create & share a collection of your favorite moments & events with your viewers to tell the story of the day.

23) Introduce your company

Long gone days when brands used to write long and tedious blogs to introduce their company in the market.

This outdated method has been replaced now. Create videos to give a brief overview of your business, like how you started the company, goals, missions, etc.

Adding videos, especially animated videos, on your website about us page or home page is a great idea to capture your audience’s attention.

24) Do a voiceover

Another exciting video content idea we ever came across is to find a pre-existing video clip and make it relatable to your business. Play around with the words.

To make sure you don’t land in hot waters, check for the copyrights.

25) Share your views on a hot topic

Has something massive happened in your industry, or is something big happening across the globe related to your business? If yes, you must have your views or opinions on it as others but don’t keep them to yourself; share them through a video.

26) Create a time-lapse

People often work on creative projects that take plenty of time to get complete. Another excellent video content idea is to record the whole journey, speed it up, and showcase it on various platforms with your audience.

27) Record a publicity stunt

If you want to capture people’s attention, this could be the way to go. When you’re out in public, find creative methods to get people’s attention and record it.

28) Prove or disprove facts

When a skepticism or rumor is going around regarding a theory, service, or product, you can conduct demonstrations or experiments to give your take on it and film it.

29) Record a competition

If you’re organizing challenges or competitions in your company, film it to share those fun moments with your audience. Even if you organize a giveaway on your blog or social media, film it and share it to entertain your audience.

30) Share a thrilling news

If you’re planning a launch or something exciting is happening that you want to announce, consider uploading a video with a hint to pique your audience’s interest.

31) Make a statement about an event

Just like a sportscaster might report on the happenings of a football game, commentate on a particular topic. Meetings and conferences, as well as lunches with coworkers and clients, are all possibilities. There are countless options.

32) Share a handful of tips & tricks

Have you discovered any valuable tips & tricks? Make a brief video of them and share it on social media with your audience.

33) Perform an act of mimicry

You can think of it as a Saturday Night Live skit and be creative with this one. Impersonating a celebrity, colleague, or competitor can be a great way to connect with your audience and keep them entertained.

34) Organize a public poll

Do you require feedback on a particular subject? In public, solicit feedback from random people and record their responses.

35) Create a cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs are static frames with a single moving element. This idea builds on the stop-motion animation concept discussed previously. It is a simple, interesting method to summarize information or illustrate progress.

36) Hide a camera and capture an audience reaction

If you want to surprise someone or obtain an honest, firsthand consumer reaction to your product, consider concealing a camera and filming it.

However, use caution with this one and ensure that you have the consent of anyone you record before posting or sharing the video.

37) Share a brief list

Have you compiled a lengthy collection of concepts, tools, or tips? While this information is effective in a blog article, it is equally effective in a video.

38) Create pitch videos

You must be quite familiar with this. Often brands create pitch videos to share them with investors to get financial aid for their idea.

But that’s not it. You can use pitch videos even if you’re not pitching them to any investor at the moment. You can include them in your content arsenal.

Make sure it should be note-worthy, engaging, informative, and short. Plus, your pitch videos should demonstrate your product(s) and also ensure to throw some light on its features and benefits.

39) Share survey results

Perhaps your firm has previously performed a survey. Rather than keeping all the gathered survey results to yourself or including them in the body of a blog post, be creative and show them in a video.

40) Seasonal videos

Take advantage of seasons and holidays without getting cheesy. You can record holiday greeting videos on behalf of your company or make a comic-horror film when Halloween is just around the corner.

Just be a little careful while planning content for videos like a comic-horror because it might be fun for you but not for others.

Before you release such a video, show it to someone and ask for honest reviews.

Taking everything into account

All set to use these compelling, effective, and budget-saving creative content video ideas? We know they may seem pretty daunting, but believe us, these are simple and fun ideas to carry out.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised to see the reaction of your audience.

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