Best Whiteboard Video Animation Examples

20 Best Whiteboard Animation Examples For Businesses

What Are Whiteboard Animation Videos

Videos marketing has emerged as an incredible tool for marketers in the digital age. According to Animoto, 88% of marketers are happy with the ROI their video marketing efforts generate through social media.

Video animation comes in different styles, be it 2D explainer videos, or whiteboard videos.

In this article, we will be focusing on, what is whiteboard animation, what makes for a great whiteboard video, and look at 20 best whiteboard animation examples

What Are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are animated videos that utilize a style that shows viewers the live drawing of texts and graphics. Traditionally, the visual includes the hand of the animator, a whiteboard marker, and the board.

This allows the video to invite the viewers towards an educational experience, the kind of which we are used to in our schools and colleges. A whiteboard video uses familiar elements to create nostalgia and to attract users and to market products, services, or explain complicated concepts using texts and drawings.

For marketers, these videos play a crucial role in expanding the digital presence of a company. Be it your website, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns; these videos help introduce your business or product with the kind of engagement value that a salesperson can never do.

For businesses, leveraging whiteboard animated videos can be a great strategy to provide value to their customers.

Factors That Make Up An Excellent whiteboard Video

If you look at a top whiteboard video example, you’ll find that there are 3 main factors that contribute to the quality of a whiteboard animated video.

  • Clarity
  • Script
  • Style
  • Voiceover quality

In animation style, the animators have to identify the correct balance between using textual data, characters, and images to create an exceptional visual experience. Overdoing text can make the video hard to engage with, while too much graphics and too little text make it harder to emphasize important content.

Like all videos, in animated whiteboard videos, the script plays a key role in making the video compelling. The story your video narrates has to be well thought out and discuss the relevant pain points of your target audience and showcase how your product or service solves that problem uniquely.

When we talk about clarity, it is crucial for your video to use simple and accessible language that is easily understood by laymen. If you use too many jargon and complicate things, viewers might lose interest in the video. It is important to keep your message easy to understand and clear.

Lastly, whiteboard videos are heavily dependent on the narration or voiceover. The voiceover must be done by a voice professional and must be clear, well enunciated, and appropriately paced. This is to ensure that your audience can flow with the video without any difficulty while absorbing as much information as possible using both audio and visual cues.

Now that we know what whiteboard animated videos are, and the factors that make them successful, let’s take a look at our pick for the top whiteboard animation examples that you can find, learn from, and use as a template for your own animated whiteboard video production.

20 Best Whiteboard Animation Video Examples For 2021

#1) DC HomeBuzz

Category: Real Estate Whiteboard Animation Example

DC HomeBuzz is a great example of a whiteboard animated video example that focuses on showcasing their unique value proposition to gain user traction. Their flat fee full-service model is exactly that, and when coupled with swift and smooth animation and a convincing script narrated in a crisp and clear voice is what makes this a great whiteboard animation example.

#2) Where Good Ideas Come From

Category: Education Whiteboard Animation Example

If you’re looking to get a strong idea of how to take a complex idea and deliver it to your target audience with absolute simplicity using both the script and the visual cues, then this video is a remarkable resource for you. The video does a terrific job of presenting its message in an engaging and crystal clear way for the audience to absorb information, which is essential for any customer to be converted into a sale.

#3) Elevations Credit Union

Category: Finance Industry Whiteboard Animation Example

In animation, it’s crucial to keep things light and breezy, and sometimes even funny to make sure your viewers feel like their time is worth the watch. This video is a prime example of an animated video that adds a bit of humor through its visual experience within an industry that is generally considered boring. Take a book out of their page, to integrate a bit of humor into your videos for increased engagement and high chances of social shares.

#4) 23 and ½ hours

Category: Healthcare Whiteboard Animation Example

While these kinds of videos are usually for educational and lecture purposes, they are an incredible example of how to ensure that complex information can be simplified using animated whiteboard videos and with the help of drawings and physical representation, it can turn boring content into easy to watch lessons or videos, regardless of the nature of the topic. The challenge is to be creative in the production and scripting process, and this animated video example shows just the right kind of creativity.

#5) Coca Cola 2020

Category: Brand Whiteboard Animation Example

Talk about adding value to the community with the help of an educational video. Despite being one of the biggest brands in the world, the Coca Colas content initiative video showcases all the right qualities of an animated whiteboard video. From scripting to animation style and voiceover quality, this video is a perfect example of complete content and animation synergy. Take a page from Coca-Cola’s book to produce a whiteboard video that is clear and aesthetically pleasing to watch.

#6) Weeds Season 8

Category: Entertainment Whiteboard Animation Example

If you think whiteboard animation is a low-return investment, then you need to look no further than this whiteboard video example that exhibits its commercial value. This animation style was picked up by the show Weeds for its trailer for season 8. This is the prime example of how a simple animation style can be made into an engaging video that depicts the right kind of information that your audience is looking for.

#7) ESPN – Marshawn Lynch Interview

Category: Sports Whiteboard Animation Example

Packed with entertainment, informational, and promotional value this animated video by ESPN is considered to be one of the best in the sports category for its hilarious depiction of the interview that draws the attention of the audience and a script that is created around the intrigue of the audience, making it a great overall production.

#8) Weird AI Yankovich

Category: IT Whiteboard Animation Example

This is an exemplary animated whiteboard video that packs a lot of information in a short time frame. It is important in most cases to keep your video as short as possible, based on the kind of product and service you are talking about. Smooth animation, a great script that highlights a USP, and great overall message quality, put this video on our list.

#9) Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Solutions

Category: IT Whiteboard Animation Example

A great product intro video in the whiteboard animation style showcases the power of Oracle’s warehouse management solution. This video makes our list for its simplicity and basic approach to whiteboard animation. Sometimes going to fancy can become too much, and staying simple and classy can produce incredible results, and that’s exactly what this video is all about.

#10) Banner

Category: Explainer Whiteboard Animation Example

No product is boring. It’s the explanation and presentation of products that make them sound and come across as boring. Want to make sure your product isn’t one of those boring appearing ones? Then check out how Banner positions itself as a value-intensive, easy-to-use, and engaging solution that ensures that at each moment of the video, the user is learning something new to keep them hooked until the end.

#11) Socratic Investments

Category: Financial services animated whiteboard video

If you want to learn how to condense tons of information, this whiteboard animation example will provide you with great inspiration on how to do so. Socratic Investments, the video introduces their entire business setup, infrastructure, and services without overwhelming the viewers. With a simple script and supporting limited whiteboard animation, this video makes it to our list for its minimal yet effective approach.

#12) Newman Medical

Category: Healthcare Whiteboard Animation Example

Introducing a frame-to-frame approach in whiteboard animation, Newman Medical’s whiteboard video establishes their service with relatability in mind, which is obvious from their character design and animation style. The video introduces their Astro XO exoskeleton which helps patients deal with lower leg gait deficiency while maintaining mobility. This is a whiteboard video example you need to follow for your product’s whiteboard video.

#13) PalmerHamiltion Design

Category: Branded whiteboard animated video

PalmerHamiltion’s video establishes with extreme clarity in their script, their values, and work ethic by highlighting that they help you navigate the entire journey from design to installation. The company specializes in providing dining solutions to businesses and uses its experience to highlight unique problems and creates immediate impact by explaining their solution. This helps them establish expertise, which is a crucial element of any video marketing strategy’s success

#14) Pegasus

Category: Mobile App Whiteboard Animation Example

Pegasus brings potential hotels closer to its potential clients by creating long-lasting relationships and helps customers find the best hotels in towns and cities where they are traveling. The video highlights their entire process, making sure that people understand why they need Pegasus for a comfortable traveling experience. A great script, engaging animation, and prominent brand colors – that’s what makes this video a pick in our top 20 whiteboard video examples.

#15) Adobe Echo Sign

Category: Designing Whiteboard Animation Example

Nybytt’s animated whiteboard video is a great example of how to divide your scripts into different parts if you have more than one kind of target audience. Since Nybytt targets both buyers and sellers, the script targets each of them individually and explains the benefits of using the app in a personalized manner while showcasing how to use the app using rough whiteboard sketches, which makes for an engaging video. That’s why this video makes it to our list of top 20 animated whiteboard videos.

#16) B-Seal

Category: Product Whiteboard Animation Example

Now, this is what we call a complete video, with a great voiceover, clear script, and an element of humor with the help of additional sound effects. B-seal presents its use case and uniqueness by introducing a character that viewers can relate to, which is a smart video production strategy. Coupled with a script that qualifies B-seal as a suitable solution to your garage problem, this video does what a video should.

#17) UPS

Category: Brand animated whiteboard video

UPS takes a unique approach to whiteboard videos, with a combination of its elements with a live-action style video. UPS created many such short 30 seconds commercials to position itself as the best shipping solution for both local and international shipments. This is one of the earliest million-dollar investments that really gave rise to modern-day whiteboard videos.

#18) The Best Teams

Category: Education Whiteboard Animation Example

This animated whiteboard video explores different factors that businesses should consider when creating teams and the kind of environment in which teams thrive based on examples from leading companies such as Google. The video’s script delivers expertise and trustworthiness, while the animation provides visual engagement for the audience to really buy into the content that’s being delivered with regards to the psychology of successful teams.

#19) Health Mart

Category: healthcare business management Whiteboard Animation Example

From great metaphorical representations of the script to the bold animation style, this is a model whiteboard animation video example for everyone to see. The video exhibits a great script, a fantastic voiceover, clear messaging, and a background tune to set the feel of the video, which can help the audience zone in and get hooked into the video. The video makes a compelling case for pharmacies to leverage its educational and managerial functions for success and tops it up with a CTA to drive action.

#20) Mountain Might

Category: Health product Whiteboard Animation Example

Mountain Might is a health supplement that increases red blood cells, improves hemoglobin concentration, increases lung capacity, and ensures that athletes gain the benefits of high altitude training at sea-levels, with the help of the fast-acting, and legal alternative. The video does a better job of explaining all the benefits, and why it’s better than depending on extensive high altitude training for improved aerobic performance.

Key Takeaways For Whiteboard Animation

There are 5 key takeaways that you should keep in your mind when looking to get an animated whiteboard video produced.

  • The script needs to be well planned and accessible
  • Balance text and graphics for a smooth visual experience
  • Use your brand colors within the video for maximum impact
  • Try to simplify information to engage your audience
  • Always centralize your Unique Selling Point in the video.

By keeping these things in mind, you ensure that your animated whiteboard video is of the best quality and provides you with a positive ROI. For brands, video marketing is the future, but it is also essential to know how to do it right.

If you’re looking to get your whiteboard animation project started, the first step should be to pen down all the information you want to be included in the video and then reach out to professional whiteboard animation studios or freelance animators.

In the hiring process, you should look for expertise and a clear understanding of your business, industry, and target audience before investing in a company to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of production.

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